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Aventon Soltera E-bikes: Design Simple and Comfortable for Commuters!


An Aventon Soltera e-bike is proof that you don’t need to pay a lot of money to have a functioning, comfortable e-bike that’s suitable for commuting or simply having fun. Although it lacks some of the features found on some of the best electric bikes, the Soltera provides a smooth ride, simple controls, and a no-frills design that keeps the price reasonable.

It also appears to be quite appealing. Because the battery is concealed in the down tube, you might not notice it’s an e-bike at first look. When you pick it up, the trend continues: at 41 pounds, most users would be able to carry it around with relative ease. This is useful for those who do not live just on the ground floor of an apartment building.

The Soltera is a good option if you’re looking for your first e-bike and need something which delivers quality at a moderate price.

Price and availability

Aventon Soltera E-bikes: Price and Availability

The single-speed version of the Soltera costs $1,199. If you want to upgrade to Soltera’s 7-speed version, you’ll have to pay $1,299.

The Soltera is available for purchase on Aventon’s website. Aventon offers free shipping on some items as well as a variety of discounts (military, first responder, government worker, educator).

The website also has a dealer locator for retailers in the United States and Canada. That way, you may stop into a store to test ride, determine which bike is ideal for you, and even purchase directly from the store.



Aventon’s website has pages upon pages of accessories to choose from. Some are Aventon-branded, while others are from third-party vendors. Depending on how you wish to set up your Soltera, prices can vary dramatically. For example, you could get basic racks for roughly $40 to $50, or you can set up your Soltera to tote the kids for around $150 with such a Burley rack mount and a frame mount child seat.

On the Aventon website, you can buy helmets, smartphone attachments, lighting, bike locks, water bottles & cages, or even vehicle bike racks.


Aventon Soltera E-bikes Design

The Aventon Soltera E-bikes are available in two different sizes: normal and big. If you’re between the heights of 5’1″ and 5’7,” Aventon recommends the normal size. If you’re between 5’7″ and 6’4″ tall, the big is the best option. There’s also a step-through option to make mounting and dismounting the bike easier. If you are 5’11” and have a 30-inch inseam, the large frame is ideal.


The seat stays have lights built into the metal frame. In front of the bike, a headlight is situated just below the stem. That’s a step forward from the Swift Volt, a low-cost e-bike with simply a headlamp. The Soltera is available in three different hues. The single-speed Soltera is advertised by Aventon Soltera E-bikes as weighing 41 pounds.


The wheels are also made of aluminum and are paired with Tektro rim brakes. The wheels are bolted on rather than having quick-release mechanisms. This is likely to fit new cyclists who are unfamiliar with the use of quick-release levers.

The Soltera is a Class II e-bike, which means it features a throttle as well as a pedal assist. If you choose, you can delete the throttle and convert it to a Class 1 e-bike. The maximum assist velocity is 20 miles per hour.

Detachable battery

Aventon Soltera E-bikes: Detachable Battery

The detachable lithium-ion battery from Phylion is built into the frame’s downtube. The Soltera does not appear to be an e-bike at first appearance, which is a wonderful homage to Aventon’s battery integration. The battery is physically smaller than other batteries seen on similar bikes, allowing it to fit more snugly inside the frame.

The rear hub engine is Aventon-brands and has a power output of 36V and 350W. This motor, according to Aventon, is “white-label,” which suggests purchasing from another business.

The BC280 LCD Easier Read Color Display uses an integrated backlight enabling easy viewing in low light. It can connect to an app that lets you customize your lighting, measure your miles, see battery life percentages, record rides, or even establish personal objectives.

According to Aventon, the Soltera can carry a maximum of 300 pounds. If a single-speed drivetrain sounds intimidating, Aventon also offers a Soltera with a 7-speed transmission and disc brakes. It will set you back an additional $100.

The kickstand of the Soltera attaches to the chainstay near the back of the bike. It has a sturdy and stable feel about it, which should come in useful if you decide to carry any weight aboard the bike. However, the Soltera doesn’t really come with racks out from the box, so if you want to transport cargo, you’ll have to buy them separately.


Aventon Soltera E-bikes: Performance

The Aventon Soltera E-bikes’ comfy riding position drew me in right away. The Soltera is comfortable to ride thanks to its plush saddle and upright riding position, which is ideal for those who don’t have the flexibility to tolerate aggressive riding positions.

The display on the head unit was likewise impressive. Even in direct sunshine, it’s quite bright and simple to see at a glance. The handlebar controls buttons make it simple to navigate the menus, and the same buttons make it simple to modify the aid amount.

If you rely on the pedal assist and throttle doing the majority of the work, starting the bikes can be difficult. Whether you’re to use the pedal-assist option or even the throttle, it takes around a second or somewhat longer for the help power to come in.

From a complete stop, you’ll begin cycling under your own strength. For most riders, this isn’t a major issue, but if the bike is a heavy load or you’ll be relying on motor assistance to get you moving, the lag can be significant.

The engine kicks in and provides smooth acceleration once you’re up and paddling. Regardless of whether you’re using the throttle or even the pedal-assist feature, it takes a second more than for the assist to engage, and it takes a few seconds or more for the assist to disengage.

In both the throttle and pedal-assist modes, the assist is a little weak and bogs down, especially on hills. If you reside in a hilly place, you will wind up performing more pedaling under your own power.

 Battery life and range

According to Aventon’s website, you may get approximately a 20-mile range by relying just on the throttle and not pedaling. You can reach up to 63 kilometers on a single charge if you employ the pedal-assist modes instead.

If you use the throttle quickly, it depletes the battery. If you use the throttle for much less than 5 minutes at 100 percent charge and reduced it to 97 percent, you can cover roughly 0.6 miles with that. The pedal is best used for short excursions or when starting from a halt, especially if the bike is laden heavily. Otherwise, you should generally use it sparingly to save battery life.

If you only utilize the lowest assist level, you’ll get the 63-mile range that Aventon claims as its outdoor best. At one single battery charge, you may expect 25-40 miles of range in the intermediate settings, where you’ll typically spend the majority of your time.


The pedal-assist system isn’t the fastest, as well as the parts package isn’t the best. The Aventon Soltera E-bikes, on the other hand, provide a comfortable and enjoyable ride in a stylish design with an improvement to a 7-speed transmission and disc brakes for an additional $100. That seems like a good bet, especially if the Soltera will be transporting huge loads.

The single-speed $999 Swft Volt has a 350-Watt motor and a range of up to 32 miles, but its battery is non-removable, and its design, as well as display, are both less advanced.

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