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Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike: A fun electric bike for short commutes!


The Mycle Compact Electric Folding Bike is a strong and easy-to-fold commuter bike that is smaller and lighter than Mycle’s Climber and Classic bikes. It comes with two battery packs that let you ride for 20 or 30 kilometers on a single charge, and its 250w 36v brushless electric motor ensures you don’t get left behind while charging up those hills. It’s light and simple to fold for storing, making it perfect for taking public transportation and storing in tight spaces.

The pedal assist offers you an extra boost for your travel and is easily engaged with a single button press. Longer journeys, however, will be difficult owing to the bike’s compact frame and lack of suspension.

The opportunity to customize the paintwork on the Mycle Compact, on the other hand, was something we really liked. You may have a basic black bike or mix and match colors on the leather seat and the frame, such as brown and cream on the seat with green or yellow on the frame. It won’t be the determining factor when purchasing a new e-bike, but it’ll be a nice bonus.

Price and release date

Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike: A fun electric bike for short commutes!

The Mycle Compact got available in mid-2021, with a starting price of £799. That’s a reasonable price for any electric bicycle, let alone one that folds, and it explains the bike’s restricted range. To put things in perspective, the MiRider One, our current top-rated foldable e-bike, starts at £1,395 and goes up from there.

Design of Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike

Design: Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike

Not only is the Mycle Compact Electric Folding bike well suited for commuting, but it is also well constructed for storage. It has a distinctive and beautiful design, with a lower and smaller frame than the Climber or Classic. Also weight of just 17.5kg (about the same as the MiRider One). The adjustable leather seat also slips in easily and contains a battery, which is hidden from view.

The bike’s paintwork is changeable, with three leather seat color options and five aluminum frame color options. Its emerald frame and brown leather seat, give you a 1970s vibe and ensure that it attracts a lot of attention on the road. The handlebars and tires, which come in black or an earthy walnut brown, may be modified.

The bike’s minuscule tires, which measure just 20 inches in diameter, allow it to recline into an astonishingly small package. However, they suffered on harder terrain (as is typical of many folding bikes).

Mycle says that the Compact can be folded in less than ten seconds. It’s simple to release and swing the seat back into position after it’s been removed, and the handlebar folds down effortlessly as well. Every time you put the battery away, it may be charged by the sea. The right handlebar has an LCD monitor that shows vital riding statistics like speed and distance, as well as a USB port that really can charge your phone while you ride, allowing you to use it for navigation without emptying its battery. We particularly loved the presence of lights, which make riding in low light or poor weather safer.


Performance: Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike

The Mycle Compact arrives completely assembled and going to ride right away. You just need to charge the battery for a couple of hours and you are good to go. The battery may be charged while remaining in the seat post of the bike, or removed if that is more convenient.

The motor on the Mycle Compact, like other e-bikes that are road legal in the UK and EU, can only be activated while you’re pedaling. You may ride this bike like a manual one, changing gears while tackling hills, if you want a real workout.

Its pedal assist, on the other hand, is engaged with only one touch of a button. With five levels, it goes from a rapid push up a minor incline to soaring up the sharpest of slopes with only a few pedal rotations. The bike had a nice engine. Also, it let us cut our five-minute commuting time in half when compared to riding a regular bike. On tough terrain, though, it struggled.

As you ride, the bike feels quite stable, with the frame, pedals, and tires all providing a safe and comfortable ride. The saddle is not only comfy but also easy to adjust and intended for a variety of heights. While the pedals fold away for easier storage when not in use. However, make sure everything is firmly clipped in; on our first ride, don’t make the error of not securely fastening the handlebars into place, because they fold as you take off.


If you have a longer commute to and from work, the Mycle Compact is the bike for you. You may mix up the colors on your dream bike because it is fully configurable. You can rocket up hills with its pedal help triggered at the press of a button, regardless of the grade. When you get home, the bike folds up in seconds and is ready to be stored. On rockier terrains, however, it will be a bumpier ride due to the lack of suspension.

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