iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors for complete protection!


Screen protectors may be a disturbance to get for your iPhone, but they’re main for protective your iPhone’s display from drops and scratches. Here we will speak about the great iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Protectors 2021. An infinite degree of display protectors exist available today, and a big range of them are frustratingly low quality. So we did the difficult work and determined the best that money can buy.

Remember the display protector itself isn’t invincible. Scratches and cracks can anyways display up, however, it’s the protector being harmed, not your expensive iPhone display. It’s expected to be sacrificial, so plan to change it out for any other one in the long run.

iSOUL Tempered Glass Film, 2-Pack

  • Extremely excessive hardness: resists scratches as much as 9H (harder than a knife).
  • Made from high-quality material that can withstand persistent sweating, oils, bubbles, or heavy dust.
  • The iSOUL screen guard will remain clear for a longer period so you can enjoy the screen time.
  • Excellent-quality 0.30mm top-rate tempered glass.
  • High-reaction, transparency, and high contact sensitivity.
  • Ensures the unique beauty of the display screen.
  • Ultra-thin profile.
  • Easy to install.
  • iSOUL screen protectors are 100% scratchproof .
  • It’s going to don’t have any scratches and your iPhone display screen will continue to be brand new for years to come!

Package Includes :

  1. 2 X Screen Guard for iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  2. Dust Removal Sticker.
  3. Guide Sticker.
  4. Cleaning Material.
  5. Instruction Manual.

JETech Screen Protector Tempered glass for iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-Inch. Perfectly suits your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • Made with superb-quality tempered glass. Guard the display screen against scratches and each day put on and tear.
  • This Screen Protector comes with 9H hardness.
  • Made with ultra-thin 0.33mm tempered glass with rounded edges.
  • High clarity, excellent transparency, and high sensitivity touching. Ensures the original beauty of the display.
  • Also suited with Apple Pencil.
  • Easy to install.
  • Bubble-free, waterproof, anti-fingerprints, and anti-dust.

Package includes:

  • customer service card.
  • instructions.
  • dust removal stick.
  • cleaning cloth.
  • 3-Pack tempered glass screen protector.

Ailun Glass Screen Protector

  • Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-Inch. Perfectly suits your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • This screen protector 0.33mm thickness made with instances is reliable and resilient and guarantees complete compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity.
  • Maximum safety from scratches, scrapes, and bumps.
  • HD ultra-clean rounded glass for iPhone 12 pro Max 2020 is 99.99% touch-screen correct.
  • Precise laser-cut tempered glass.
  • Its 2.5D rounded edge glass-designed protectors provide comfort on fingers.
  • Its hydrophobic, and oleophobic coating enables the reduction of sweat, oil, and fingerprints

ESR Screen Guard

  • Designed for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6.7-Inch. Perfectly suits your iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • Easy installation.
  • They’re well suited with any case you get, giving your iPhone whole protection for what it’s worth.
  • It’s exactly reduced to offer a really perfect match to take care of all of the drops and bumps of life
  • ESR’s display protector has a hole for the speaker, however, the True Depth camera is covered by glass.
  • The ultra-clean glass permits for smooth unlocking with face ID.
  • Can withstand 5 kg of load.
  • It affords full-display screen safety with no bubbles and halo effects.

Package includes:

  1. 3-pack tempered glass screen protector,
  2. cleaning cloth.
  3. dust removal stick.
  4. instructions.

QHOHQ Privacy Guard for iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • Made of tempered glass, the screen protectors are quite durable and feature a 2.5D rounded design for precise installation.
  • Keep nosy nuisances from searching over your shoulder with a tinted display screen protector.
  • You get anti-spy, against glare display screen protectors similarly to an installation body in the package.
  • The Screen Protector comes with a 0.33mm ultra-thin display screen protector that can hold the unique response sensitivity and touch impact, bringing you a perfect touch experience.
  • The glass protector is an expert arc design, achieving an arc edge of 2.5D or more.
  • Plasma oleophobic coating treatment, easy hand feeling, and effective anti-fingerprint, anti-greasy, anti-glare impact with super high mild transmittance and optical degree effect.
  • This helps to block out prying eyes when you’re out and about in crowded places.

Arae Screen Guard for iPhone 12 Pro Max

  • This Screen Protector made from the top-class quality 9H Hardness 3-d Round Edge Ultra-thin HD tempered glass, keeps the original reaction sensitivity and contact-display screen accuracy.
  • Area long-lasting display screen protector continuously protects your display screen from scratch, shock, and impacts.
  • Hydrophobic display screen coating protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints.
  • Includes Guidance frame to offer accurate installation.
  • Dust-free, fingerprint-free, bubble-free, one-push super without problems set up.
  • The display screen protector leaves sufficient area for the case to guard your phone.
  • It will not be squeezed out of the display screen by the case.

Package Includes :

  1. 3 screen protectors.
  2. accessory bags.
  3. Installation frame.
  4. Guide Sticker.
  5. Wet Wipe.
  6. Dry Wipe.
  7. Cleaning cloth.


That ends our article here!

Conclusively, by observing and distinguishing between all the above, iSOUL Screen Protector is the best option!

Made from high-quality material to withstand persistent sweating, oils, bubbles, or heavy dust, the iSOUL screen guard will remain clear for a longer period so you can enjoy the screen time. 9H Glass so that you can rest assured that it will protect your phone from scratches and bumps, The 0.30mm thickness of the glass makes the touch smooth.

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