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Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery Cases- Recharge your battery!


When you tend to lose your charge quite easily and don’t want to stick with the charger for your phone, then the iPhone 12 Mini battery cover is best for you. But finding a battery case which also protects your iPhone might be difficult. But we have got you covered, here is the list for the best iPhone 12 Mini battery case in 2020 for you to choose from.

JERRS Battery Case iPhone 12 Mini

JERRS Battery Case iPhone 12 Mini
  • Combine your protective case with a power bank, never run out of power with this 6000mAh battery case.
  • This iPhone 12 Mini battery case will Supply enough power to FULLY and SAFELY charge your phone.
  • You can enjoy more talk time, music, movies, and internet surfing without worrying about low battery.
  • Also, it is the best choice for travel and work and is compatible with a wired headphone.
  • The soft top part makes installation easier. You can slide your phone into the case by pushing it to the bottom.
  • When you tightly-long press the back button for 3 seconds or click the back indicator lights for 3 seconds, you can check how much power left.
  • Moreover, you can sync your iPhone 12 Mini to your Mac book, PC or laptop without removing the case.
  • It is compatible with all iOS versions, Apple Pay, and future iOS software updates (Apple CarPlay is not supported).

Allezru iPhone 12 Mini Battery cover

Allezru iPhone 12 Mini Battery cover
  • With this iPhone 12 Mini battery cover, you don’t need to worry about low charge any more.
  • As the back clip encapsulation needs to exceed the edge of the screen to protect the phone screen, you have to put in your iPhone into the case before using the screen protector.
  • Also, there are two screen protector films included with this battery case.
  • It has endurable 5000mAh battery, which keeps power for a double longer time. Add 496H Standby, 110H Music Playback, 32H Talk Time, 19H Video Playback, 18H Web Browsing.
  • Moreover, it is made of high quality soft silica gel material and hard-shell back plate, to protect your mobile from any damages.
  • The soft Rubber Raise-Edge comprehensively prevents your mobile from scratches and daily wear and tear, even protects the screen to some extent.
  • It has no excessive bulk design, making it portable for your daily, business and trip.
  • Also, you don’t need to remove the battery case while charging, you can charge your battery case and mobile simultaneously, directly with the original iPhone charging cable.
  • Compatible with iPhone original headphones, supports wireless Bluetooth headphone accessories, enjoy your Audio & Music anytime while charging.

Idealforce Battery Charging Case for iPhone 12 Mini

  • This battery case has a built-in 4700mAh Lithium-polymer Battery, which provides 100% life to your iPhone.
  • It will extend your phone use time, as you can charge your mobile anytime anywhere you want.
  • Also, with unique raised bezel design and the body made of TPU Rubber, Bumper and hard-shell backplate, it protects your iPhone 12 Mini from any damages.
  • It Supports Lightning Cable and is compatible with iOS versions.
  • Although, it doesn’t support Apple CarPlay and wireless charging function when the case on the phone.
  • It also includes a user manual with the iPhone 12 Mini battery case.

KERTER Battery Case for iPhone 12 Mini

KERTER Battery Case
  • With the built-in 6800mAh Li-polymer battery, your mobile will never run out of power.
  • The big capacity backup case add double your iphone extra battery life. Ideal choice for traveling and work.
  • Also, it promises Protection and charging integrated into one.
  • Made of high quality materials, 360° protect your iPhone, anti-collision with smart batteries, charging up 40% without hurting the phone battery and safer
  • The Charger Case thiness is ultra-thin thus does not add any extra bulk to your hands or pocket.
  • Before use the iPhone battery case, please remove the top cover, then slide the Phone up and down into it, carefully insert the battery connector to the charging interface, and press cellphone into the case, easy to charge your phone by pressing the power button on the bottom for 3 seconds.
  • The 4 led lights to check power level 25%-50%-75%-100%, you could switch on/off the battery case with the power switch button on the bottom.
  • This case comes with and Exquisite packaging, 1x User Manual and 24 month warranty.

GRKJGytech Battery case

GRKJGytech Battery case
  • This iPhone 12 Mini battery case has high capacity 4700mAh rechargeable battery which makes your phone full of energy anytime anywhere.
  • It is made of high quailty plastic soft tpu and hard pc back, and built-in safe chips prevents the power case fromscratches, knocks, drops and bumps.
  • Moreover, it is Lightweight and pocket friendly, and provides comfortable grip.
  • It is easy to carry and the non-slip design prevents any damages from drops.
  • You can use iPhone original charging cable to charge it. It has built in LED indicator light easy to know the status of the battery case

Beseller Battery Case

Beseller iPhone 12 Mini battery cover
  • The Beseller iPhone 12 Mini Battery cover supports Wired headset or any other Bluetooth headphone.
  • You don’t need to worry about the low power of your phone and getting stuck with wires with this Battery case.
  • Also, you can easily carry this for any business trip, travel or flying trip, and charge your iPhone anywhere anytime.
  • The case is made up of Soft TPU with hard Backshell with built-in durable 4700 mAh Li-polymer battery with Smart Circuit protection chip, that can prevent Heat overload or short-circuit.
  • It offers 360° protection for your iPhone 12 Mini from daily wear or tear and other damages.
  • The smooth surface and smart LED lights indicate the remaining battery percentage of the case.
  • You can Sync your data with your Mac or PC without removing the case. Also, Car play and Apple pay supported.

MOSWAG iPhone 12 Mini Battery Case

  • With high capacity 4700mAh rechargeable charger, this case makes your phone full of energy anytime anywhere.
  • You can enjoy extra talk time, music, movies, and internet surfing and can carry it for travel and work.
  • Also, it is made of high-quality plastic soft TPU and hard PC back, built-in safe chips prevents the power case from short circuit or heating.
  • Equipped with a powerful 5800mAh built-in lithium polymer battery chip, more than doubles your iPhone’s battery life.
  • It is Lightweight and pocket friendly and gives you a comfortable grip with non-slip design.
  • The ergonomic design offers you a comfortable grip experience.
  • You can use iPhone 12 mini original charging cable.
  • This charger case is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer built-in battery.
  • It could effectively prevent over-charging, over-discharging, over-heating and short-circuit, guarantee the safety of both you and your device.


Combine a power bank with a protective case with iPhone 12 Mini battery cover. The JERRS Battery Case iPhone 12 Mini is the best battery case with 6000mAh lithium battery to charge your mobile anytime anywhere. Also, it is durable and protects your iPhone from any kind of damages. Whereas the Idealforce Battery Charging Case for iPhone 12 Mini has a 4700mAh battery to let you enjoy your games, videos or movies without worrying about low battery.

Which is your favourite case? Tell us in the comments section below.



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