H6 Pro Headset: The Headsets you will definitely wish for!

h6 pro headset
h6 pro headset

The pandemic changed the world in many ways. The lockdown was implemented in all our nations. The only thing we were able to do was to play games or watch news/movies. For all that, we required good-quality gaming headsets. EPOS company has newly launched its H6 Pro Headset. These handsets can enhance your sound experience and make your hearing experience better. When we watch movies, the most important thing is video and audio. With the help of a proper sound system, the audio experience is maximized.

The gamer consistently needs that their position ought to increase in front of some other player and their name should see on the first spot on the list. However, if the gear we use is of not great quality, we may wind up an incredible inverse of our assumption. The all-new H6 Pro Headset allows us to achieve the best audio experience whether it’s gaming or a movie or songs, it will never let you down.

Gaming Headset
H6 Pro Headsets

About Headsets

EPOS Company is not well known for its cheaper products. It is famous for its quality products. Clear sound in any environment is important. With modern voice enhancement technologies, EPOS permits you to listen and hear perfectly. EPOS headsets are famous among gamers and enterprise owners. If you want clear sound, no outside noise, and the true feeling of a game. The assurance about quality products is the topmost priority of EPOS company. All new EPOS H6 Pro Gaming Headsets allow you to experience all the waves and miracles of sound. Let it be any 3D or 4D quality sound.

All new EPOS H6 Pro Gaming headsets are best for you. If you want to experience sound in High definition, you should book your EPOS H6 Pro Gaming Headsets today.

While using H6 pro-gaming headsets your ears will not feel the heat. The only heat that you will feel will be the adrenaline rushing through your mind.

Green H6 Pro Headset

Why you should upgrade to H6 Pro?

EPOS H6 Pro is a better quality Gaming headset with better quality sound. It is an upgrade to its cheaper model H6 Gaming headsets. Where the EPOS H6 differs from its less expensive sibling is with the mic department. While the mic is constant at the entry stage model, the Pro model sports activities a magnetic detachable microphone arm -and there’s even a 2nd magnetic cover withinside the box to provide the H6PRO with a clean look when it’s not in use. The sound quality is also different in H6 and H6 Pro.

Closed Headsets
H6 Pro headsets

The popularity of H3 headsets, allowed the company to come up with the upgrade in their H series of Headsets. Though H3 was way cheaper than H3 Pro time is the money and with time, the price and technology both increased at a larger pace with more in technology part and less in price. The all-new H6 Pro headsets come with a more clean design.

Models of H6 Pro

H6 Pro Headset comes in two models. Each model is different from one another. H6Pro Headset is best and exclusively made for gamers. H6 Pro comes with two variants; H6Pro Open and H6Pro Closed. The main difference between both variants is their ear cup material.

H6 Pro Open headsets come with open soft-touch material. This model is specially designed for customers who work a lot on computers and use headsets for a longer period like graphic designers, gamers, etc.


H6Pro Closed headsets come with a close soft touch with leatherette to keep the environment quite effective. With these H6Pro Closed headsets, the external sound is eliminated and we can only enjoy the sound of the game.


Both the variants are very effective for work and play

Specification of H6PRO Headset Open & Closed

H6 Pro headsets come with around the ear coupling with a dynamic, closed transducer principle. The weight of the headset is a lightweight variant as it contains 322 grams pure variant weight. Due to its weight, the burden of the headset isn’t felt. H6 Pro Headset comes in 3 colors; i.e. full black colored design, full white-colored, and green colored with golden boundaries.

The box of the H6Pro Headset contains a PC cable, console cable, H6Pro cover, safety guide, and quick start guide. The length of a PC Cable is 2 meters and the length of the Console cable is 1.5 meters. Headphones come with a frequency of 20Hz with a sensitivity of 117 DB SPL @ 1khz 1V RMS. On the other hand, the microphone’s frequency is 10 Hz with a bidirectional pickup pattern with a sensitivity of -35 dB / pa @ 1kHz.

If you have used or are using EPOS headsets, then you are familiar with their compatibility. It is compatible with PC, MAC, PS4TM, PS5TM, XBOX One, and XBOX Series X.

H6Pro Headsets come with 2 years international warranty.

Review of H6 Pro

There are always pros and cons to every product we use. Similarly, H6Pro headsets have their Pros as well as their Cons.

Pro’s Of Headsets

Sound Quality – H6 Pro Headset comes with great sound quality, EPOS provides us with the great sound quality with Dolby surroundings

Design – Open Back Headset design of EPOS H6 is immersive with great bass. H6 Pro Headset is very comfortable.

Con’s of Headsets

The fundamental concentration while designing an open headset was on the Ear cup’s Soft material as a result of Open back headsets of H6Pro leak audio. The boom mic is of average quality and there is no wireless connectivity which means that every time I have to use the Headsets I need the cables.

H6 Pro headsets are quite very expensive. The price of the H6Pro Headset is £149 / $179

If you want to buy this headset, you can buy them from the company’s website, or else you can buy them from Amazon.


In the end, it can be said that these handsets are worth buying. The price of these handsets is quite expensive. The headsets allow you to hear the gameplay clearly without the disturbance of the outside world. These headsets are specially designed for gamers and office workers who want 100% quality. If you are also looking for quality rather than the price tag, this headset suits you well than any other.

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