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Mechanical Keyboard for Mac in 2020 – 7 Best picks

Mechanical Keyboard
Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboards provide strong physical and, in the case of clicky switches, auditory feedback on every actuation. It allows you to generate the highest possible number of words per minute. And in case you are looking for a new mechanical keyboard in the market, here are our top suggestions of Mechanical Keyboard for Mac.

Mechanical Keyboard for Mac

Razer Huntsman Mini

Linear Optical Switch (Red) – US – Black Body


Razer Mechanical Keyboard
  • Razer™ Optical Switches.
  • 60% Form Factor.
  • Doubleshot PBT Keycaps With Side-Printed Secondary Functions.
  • Lighting changes and keycap “side prints” help you navigate extra shortcuts.
  • Detachable USB Type-C cable.

Branded as a gaming keyboard, the 60% form factor interests minimalist gamers and mechanical keyboard users. If you are looking for more space on your desk, then Razer Huntsmen Mini could be your option.

Logitech G413

Romer G Switches – UK- Carbon body


Mechanical Keyboard
  • Sophisticated clean look.
  • The Romer-G mechanical switch is responsive and durable.
  • Also, the Romer-G is also purpose-designed for precise and clean lighting through the keycap.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body.

The affordable Logitech G413 abandons the superfluous media and macro keys, along with the customizable RGB backlighting system, resulting in a frameless design and a full set of Logitech’s own Romer G switches. This keyboard is not only for gamers but also for every user looking for affordable mechanical keyboard for MAC with a clean look.

Corsair K60

CHERRY Viola- UK- Black body


Corsair K60 Mechanical Keyboard
  • Firstly, it comes with Keyboard shortcuts
  • Per-key RGB backlighting
  • Built with a brushed aluminium frame with black anodization for a stylish, modern look and durability.

The K60 uses the Cherry Viola Keyswitches which are on affordable side of Cherry Switches. If you’re a fast-fingered gamer and typist with a light touch, you’re getting the same feel as the MX Reds but without the cost. This makes K60 a bit more affordable and could be a good everyday mechanical keyboard.

Keychron K4

Gateron- Red-White Backlit


  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.1 Keyboard
  • Compact design with complete 100 keys
  • 15+ types of RGB Backlights
  • Connects up to 3 devices.

A bluetooth keyboard means you are stuck at the same spot for typing. For professional users this could come in handy. The compact yet full key layout makes it an exceptional choice. Although not all might prefer a 96% layout, but for those looking for a style statement mechanical keyboard can opt for it.

HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX Linear RED-RGB


HyperX Alloy Origins
  • HyperX mechanical switches.
  • Full aircraft-grade aluminium body.
  • Compact, portable design with detachable USB Type-C cable
  • Dazzling RGB lighting with dynamic effects
  • Advanced customization with HyperX NGENUITY software
  • Three adjustable keyboard angles.
  • Onboard memory for three profiles
  • Game Mode, 100% anti-ghosting, and N-key rollover functionalities.

The HyperX Alloy Origins™ is a compact, sturdy keyboard featuring custom HyperX mechanical switches designed to give gamers the best blend of style, performance, and reliability. The key switches have exposed LEDs for lighting with an actuation force and travel distance balanced for responsiveness and accuracy. Its sleek, compact design frees up space for mouse movement, and it also features a detachable USB Type-C cable for supreme portability.

Azio Retro Compact Keyboard


  • The design originated from vintage typewriters and crafted with ultramodern features.
  • Genuine wood top plate.
  • The backlit mechanical keys are tuned to be tactile and “clicky”, reminiscent of vintage typewriters.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard

The Azio Retro Compact keyboard is for those who are nostalgic about typewriters and want to relive the typing experience of a type writer. However, the experience would not be 100% but still might do the job.

A similar product is available for UK based customers called Azio Retro Compact Keyboard (Artisan)

Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard

Alps Mechanical Switch

$139.95 / £138.00

  • Designed for Mac
  • For fast typing, quieter version of mechanical keyboard.
  • Built from the same premium key switch technology that Apple used in its original Apple Extended Keyboard.
  • Tactile Pro’s function keys let you control screen brightness, volume, iTunes, and more.
  • 3 port USB Hub

Mac users who crave the feel of the good old Apple Extended Keyboard will love the Tactile Pro. It has traditional sculpted keytops, curved to fit your fingertips, and keep you from sliding out of home position.

Our Top Pick

Logitech G413

Mechanical Keyboard

An all rounder Mechanical keyboard at affordable price. Without any light gimmicks and frills. The Logitech G413 is for professional use, comes with a full fledged keyboard layout, proper spacing between keys and yet no wastage of space. It feels compact yet spacious at the same time.

Top Highlights:

  • Sophisticated clean look.
  • Responsive and Durable Romer-G switches.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium alloy body.


Mechanical keyboards are for those who are either nostalgic about 80s or games/professionals looking for durable long lasting keyboard. Although the prices of these keyboard are way above average, they make up with their durability and high functioning anti-ghosting feature. Let us know your favorite from the list.

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