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Protect your expensive Nintendo Switch OLED with these cases!


Nothing is worse than scratching or denting a brand-new purchase, and also because the Nintendo Switch OLED variant has a bigger 7-inch screen, you’ll want to do all you can to preserve it. That’s where a tough case comes in. You’ll be able to travel your Switch more safely, knowing that it’s protected against drops and bumps. Remember that it is significantly bigger than the previous Switch, so it will require a case that fits. So let’s take a look at the top Nintendo Switch OLED cases for you to use.

Fintie Carry Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

Fintie Carry Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

This case offers everything which everyone looking for: a handle, a zipped inside pocket to protect tiny accessories from slipping around, a sturdy shell, and the capacity to hold ten cartridges. Also, it’s available in 23 different patterns so that you can easily choose the appearance you want. It is a colorful case for your Nintendo Switch OLED.

This case is designed to fit the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch OLED Model systems. The pocket secures Switch accessories such as the charging cord and Joy-Con grip.5 game card holders help take your favorite games with you wherever you go.

Tomtoc Slim case

Tomtoc Slim Nintendo Switch OLED case

This lovely case is also one of the thinnest available while still providing hard shell protection. There has no storage capacity, but it can store up to ten game cartridges, as well as the handy straps make it portable. So it’s like a thin case that gives you more protection. The thinnest case for Nintendo Switch OLED.

The Tomtoc Nintendo Switch OLED comes with a Slim Protective Case. With its compact-yet-convenient design, it’s ideal for anybody who likes to travel light.

It comes with a hard shell cover to keep your Switch safe from accidental bumps and accidents. The toned pattern is stylish and comes in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the look that suits you best. There’s also a detachable wrist strap to let you carry your console around when you’re on the road. The zippers are constructed of plastic, and they open and close easily.

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

This hardshell case contains a storage area that can carry 2 pairs of Joy-Cons or even other small accessories and can store a total of 8 cartridges. It is the ideal case for the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

It is designed to increase the portability and travel-friendliness of your new Nintendo Switch Console. Fits the Nintendo Switch OLED system with both Joy-Con controllers connected, and the upper piece has a separate inner pocket for extra JoyCons, Cables, Games, and other minor yet necessary accessories. 

The hard EVA shell protects your smartphone, while the soft interior material prevents scratching. Specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED console.

HEYSTOP 9-in-1 Case Kit- Nintendo Switch OLED

HEYSTOP 9-in-1 Case Kit

Do you want to shield the OLED model on all sides? With this set, you truly can’t go wrong. It includes, among other things, a case, a display cover, Joy-Con covers, and thumb grips.

High Quality and Perfect Fit: The switch carries case effectively protects your smartphone from scratches and falls thanks to its sturdy textured fabric Switch EVA exterior and Soft microfiber interior. 8 compact game card pockets and a separate inside pocket offer safe storage for the Switch Console, cables, game card case, and other minor accessories.

Comfortable and precise: Switch Clear Cover Case is made of a hybrid of soft, shock-absorbent high-quality TPU and damage-resistant material, molded console pocket, and elastic straps that hold the console firmly in place, easy to put on and take off and provide you with a comfortable feeling while playing in handheld mode.

Multiple Protection: The HEY STOP Switch Carry case is large on the inside yet compact on the exterior. There is more than enough strength for daily protection. Comes with a slew of accessories to make your new Nintendo Switch system more portable and travel-friendly.

HORI Protection Case

HORI Protection Case

With its hard shell casing, HORI not only provides excellent protection but also looks fantastic. It features a plush inside and can accommodate up to ten cartridges.

Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) Compact Carrying Case with Nintendo Switch.10 Switch Game Cards and accessories are stored in this case.HORI Protection Case has Materials and construction of the highest quality.

HORI’s Slim Tough Pouch, which is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro, allows you to travel in style (OLED Model). This small, lightweight bag prioritizes protection by being both strong and sturdy.

It feels almost as nice as a pro controller, and can even play smash with it and do quite well. It’s a must-have for everyone who wishes to play handheld comfortably.

Lalumix Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

Lalumix Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

This option lets one take approximately 20 Switch cartridges at once, in addition to gorgeous different designs, a grip, and a protective shell.

The Nintendo Switch protective cover is Shockproof with an outside hard shell that protects from any accident, and an interior soft micro-fiber lining that provides tight and pleasant support for your switch. The double velvet inside protects the screen from scratches and has 20 game card slots for serious gamers.

A huge zippered mesh pouch secures various tiny Nintendo Switch accessories such as a mini charger, charging cable, earbuds, and two spare Joy-Cons. The soft rubber zipper head will not scratch your Switch. For traveling, it is easy to transport and store.

Lalumix is a mature team that focuses on creating a variety of attractive designs to make you happy while traveling. Built-in velcro keeps the Nintendo Switch secure so it doesn’t clash with other items while in the case. The nylon strap at the bottom makes it easy to raise the Switch, and the special groove shape design is ideal for storing the Nintendo Switch.

ProCase Flip Cover

ProCase Flip Cover

This Flip Case and display protector package provide complete protection for your Nintendo Switch OLED. It’s also available in four various colors, so you may pick something you like most.

Made of a soft TPU back cover and a high-quality nylon material front cover, this case is easy to put on and take off and protects your Switch from dust, bumps, and drops. The microfiber lining protects the Switch screen from scratches.

The unique magnetically convertible front coverage provides your Switch Joy-Con Controllers and buttons while also being readily removable when you’re playing.

Comes with an additional pair of Switch glass screen covers as well as an installation kit. Installs simply and without bubbles; High definition with 99.9 percent clarity protects the whole screen.

PDP Gaming Pull-N-Go Travel Case

PDP Gaming Pull-N-Go Travel Case

This is a bundle that includes a Switch OLED carrying case that can also be attached to a bigger case to accommodate your docks, controllers, and other accessories. It is available in a variety of styles, like Animal Kingdom, Zelda, and Mario. With the Removable Slim Travel Case, you get two cases in one.
Interchangeable accessory partitions allow for personalized storage. 

The shell structure is semi-hard, with an adjustable cushioned shoulder strap and a flexible carrying handle. A console, dock, Pro controllers, AC adapter, HDMI cables, spare Joy-Con, game cards, and other small accessories are all stored here.


Because the Nintendo Switch OLED is intended to be carried with you everywhere you go, you need to get a sturdy case. Don’t forget to pick up one of the top Nintendo Switch OLED screen covers.

If you just purchase one case, I recommend getting the Fintie Carry Case. It includes the one you’ll want, including that tough hardshell covering, cartridge storage, and a handle. Furthermore, it’s one of the very few cases on the market with a zipped storage portion, so your Switch won’t be strewn around. As if that’s not enough, this comes in various amusing designs.

Do you need to carry the entire Switch lineup when you’re on a trip? The HEYSTOP Carrying Case is large enough to hold almost anything you could need. It includes appropriate spaces for all your accessories and may be carried over the shoulder.

Finally, if you want a colorful design with one of your favorite Nintendo series characters on it, go no more than a HORI Protection Case. There are several entertaining choices for keeping your gaming machine secure while on the move.

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