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Sony A90J OLED TV: Bring the cinematic experience to your home!


The Sony A90J OLED is a great 4k TV from Sony’s Master Series. Like different OLEDs, it conveys unrivaled picture quality because of its self-radiating pixels, which produce excellent blacks and a relative endless contrast proportion. The Sony A90J is an astounding TV for blended usage. It conveys unique picture quality for films and TV shows, and its close momentary reaction time brings about the smooth movement for sports and video games. While it doesn’t get as brilliant as a LED TV, it’s sufficiently splendid to bring out most features in HDR, aided by its close infinite contrast ratio. Sadly, there’s a risk of permanent burn-in. However, it ought not to be an issue if you watch varied content.

This 4K OLED set mix of another high splendor panel with Sony’s Bravia XR processing system is a perfect pair, conveying probably the most by and large delightful pictures the TV world brings. A couple of key highlights are as yet missing forthcoming firmware updates. Yet, given these show up as guaranteed, the A90J can be viewed as a great TV – and a costly one thinking about the competition.

Sony’s entrance into this new superior OLED is the A90J range, which conveys its enhanced splendor close by another new aluminum heat sink and an all-new Cognitive XR video handling processing system. Extravagant features imply an extravagant cost; however, so is it worth buying this OLED TV.

Design of Sony A90J OLED

Sony A90J OLED TV: Bring the cinematic experience to your home!
Sony A90J OLED TV: Bring the cinematic experience to your home! 4

The Sony A90J seems to be like other very good quality Sony OLEDs however with a recently planned stand that offers greater customizability. With its thin bezels and metal accents, it looks smooth and premium and makes certain to establish a connection in any lounge. Also, they can lift the screen high enough to fit a soundbar beneath it.

The Sony is an impressively slim 6mm deep, but only for a little while, the OLED business as usual. It’s a touch over 4cm because it has to keep its electronics, speaker drivers, and other items. It’s hardly a bloater and will look good on the wall. But it’s worth bearing in mind that both LG and Samsung (with its equally new Neo QLED MiniLED alternative are selling well. 

However, the Sony A90J seems to be like other top-of-the-line Sony OLEDs, with a recently planned stand that offers greater adjustability. With its slender bezels and metal accents, it looks smooth and premium and makes an impression in any living room.

Sony isn’t the only one among TV manufacturers n declining to offer each major HDR standard; however, we feel the absence of HDR10+ here is short of what we feel is the absence of Dolby Vision on some new Samsung TVs. (Philips and Panasonic don’t make you pick.)

Picture Quality of Sony A90J OLED

picture quality of sony

The Sony A90J has a close limitless contrast ratio because of its OLED panel, which can produce perfect blacks. They look deep and inky, particularly in a dim room, ideal for motion pictures.

There’s generally a concern when a TV brand suddenly goes out all the stops with new hardware and processing that its image quality will move forward and two stages back. However, this most certainly doesn’t occur with the A90J. On the contrary, both Sony’s new processor and, particularly, the new high-brightness panel design amplify the brand’s much-cherished OLED picture quality.

Considering that this power has been sloped up without compromising the intense dark tones and pixel-level local light controls for which Sony OLED has been renowned throughout recent years, the A90J enjoys a genuinely marvelous difference range. This brightness help is incredibly punchy regarding splendid features in high dynamic range (HDR) pictures -for example, daylight sparkling off metal or glass, artificial light sources, direct sun, etc. To such an extent that it delivers the most outright HDR pictures, at least at times, that any OLED TV has ever produced.

Sound Quality

Sony A90J OLED TV: Bring the cinematic experience to your home!

The A90J proceeds with Sony’s still-exclusive tradition of utilizing its screen to deliver its sound. It does this by setting ‘exciters’ behind the super-thin OLED panel that can vibrate it to make a sound.

It isn’t easy to accept that such a system could truly function admirably, yet it does. For example, it immediately impresses with how forward its sound is, pushing film and TV soundtracks into your room instead of leaving them sounding like they’re coming from behind the screen.

However, the Sony A90J’s sound quality (excellent. However, by prevailing principles) doesn’t compare to its image quality. So, where we ordinarily say a decent TV requires a half-fair soundbar, the Sony A90J OLED merits a perfect one.

A ton of this is down to how the whole screen is contributing – it implies pictures and sounds are hitched more intently than with different systems. Where dialogue is concerned, the immediate idea of the sound conveyance helps the artistic feel of the presentation no closure. By the standards of TVsound design, the A90J is a remarkably punchy and compelling entertainer. Thanks to that pair of rear-firing drivers, it can create genuine low-frequency impact and is challenging for even the most blast cheerful blockbuster to bother.

Pros and Cons of Sony A90J


Awesome reflection handling.
The picture stays exact—review points.
Google TV stage is smooth and straightforward to utilize.
Excellent Audio performance.
Elegant design.


Hazard of long-lasting consumes in.
It may not be splendid enough for some.
Costly versus some OLED rivals.
As yet anticipating a VRR firmware update – so not. Extraordinary for gamers.
Dolby Vision gaming limitations.


The Sony A90J OLED TV price has different prices for different variants. But according to the information, it is pretty expensive compared to its closest rivals.

The Sony XR-A90J range of OLED TVs is on sale now. It’s available in 65-inch ($3,799 / £3,499) and whopping 83-inch ($7,999 / £6,999) versions.While the 55-inch version we’re testing here will set you back $2,799 / £2,699.


Thus, from the above information, we can say that Sony AJ09 is a unique product. Picture and sound quality is concerned. You can also place your TV according to tour choice in your home. But it is quite expensive as compared to its competitors. But it is one of the excellent options so you can try by its overall performance.





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