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Protect your iPhone 6s from these best waterproof cases!

iPhone 6s waterproof case/cover
iPhone 6s waterproof case/cover

We take our phones with us anywhere we go, even to the pool, the ocean side, ad on boats, which puts our expensive devices in danger for water harm. While a conventional phone case forestalls scratches and breaks, a waterproof case helps keep your telephone covered against unforeseen downpours, spills, and sprinkles. Some waterproof cases won’t just add mass to your iPhone yet additionally influence the rational nature of its earpiece and speaker. The trade-off is essential to guarantee that the device is impeccably fixed and fits withstanding water submersion. So if you have an iPhone 6s as of now and love to click underwater or you are only an ocean-side individual, you may be searching for the best iPhone 6s waterproof case/cover to go with and secure your telephone.

Lanhiem iPhone 6s Waterproof Case

Lanhiem iPhone 6s Waterproof Case

With the Lanheim Underwater case, your iPhone 6 will convey an IPX8 certification … as it were. The case covers all sides of your device, permitting it to arrive at 6.6 feet underwater for as long as 60 minutes, with practically no concern of water leaking in. It accompanies a wrist strap for added security on the off chance that you’re hoping to snap pictures or recordings while you’re swimming. Built-in HD plastic screen protector prevents scratch, damage, and dirt, also won’t affect the touch sensitivity.

An adaptable film spreads across the front of the phone, safeguarding it from any sand or unpleasant particles that float around. The case isn’t thin using all means yet is adequately light not to add an excess of weight to your doused gear when you get back ashore.

Lifeproof FRē Series iPhone 6s Waterproof Case

Lifeproof FRē Series Iphone 6s Waterproof Case

One of the most amazing waterproof iPhone case makers is Lifeproof, which has gained notoriety for conveying reliably trustworthy iPhone cases. The Fre has a scratch-safe touchscreen cover and can likewise be lowered in up to 2 meters of water for as long as 60 minutes. For waterproof cases, Lifeproof is difficult to beat on ease of use and style. You can get this one in a wide range of two-tone color mixes. It will likewise shield your iPhone 6 from snow, soil, and drop damages. Comes complete with a microfiber cloth, and a headphone adaptor. The built-in scratch protector is virtually invisible to the eye and touch. The built-in touchscreen cover for 360-degree protection.

Joto iPhone 6s Waterproof case

Beeasy waterproof case

Assuming your chase after an exceptionally useful waterproof case hasn’t yet been finished, give JOTO a genuine thought to satisfying your assignment. It’s made to fit all the smartphones having 6.0 slanting size.

It accompanies the reasonable window on the two sides that carry more comfort into the play. You can easily get to every one of the elements of your device. There is likewise a wrist strap to allow you serenely to convey it. That is not all; you have eight color choices to browse.

CellEver iPhone 6s Waterproof case

CellEver iPhone 6s

This IP68 certified waterproof case is planned and tried for submersion up to 6.6 ft profound for 60 minutes. It adequately shields your telephone from water and downpour. The Cellever iPhone 6 waterproof case is protected, defensive, and lightweight – ideal for swimming, plunging, and everyday use.

Simultaneously, it can likewise withstand shocks and drops up to 6.6 feet, so monitors your device against scratches and knocks. You can have full admittance to every one of the elements like Touch ID, speaker, microphone, buttons, sensors, and front and rear cameras, in any event, when underwater.

OUNNE iPhone 6s Waterproof Case

iPhone 6s Waterproof Case

This waterproof case/cover for your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S is IP68-appraised, so it tends to be lowered in water for 30 minutes up to a profundity of 6.6 feet without dousing the iPhone inside. It’s produced using adaptable TPU, so it can likewise deal with drops from four feet. It’s really simple to fit and the implicit screen protector is scratch safe. The buttons, touchscreen, and Touch ID all turn out great with the case on and there are plugs for the ports. It is a significant stout case, however, so a few links probably won’t fit. There’s likewise a lanyard hole, so you can fit a strap to keep a tight hang on your telephone.

Temdan iPhone 6s Waterproof Case

Temdan  Waterproof Case

Temdan waterproof case gives full-body security to your iPhone. With military-grade safeguard, it guarantees your device can withstand shock. With front and back covers, you can easily introduce and eliminate this compact case. As it’s lightweight, your smartphone won’t look massive by any means. This waterproof case comes in two colors—beat up.


As you would expect, it can be a challenge to find the best waterproof case for iPhone 6s case/cover. Unless you test the product out yourself, you often won’t’ have any idea of what to expect from the model that you’re’ buying, so we hope that our reviews and the features rating chart below have helped you out.

Things being what they are, which waterproof case/cover have you decided to allow you to fire up your swimming time? You should go with full-body protection and bother-free admittance to every one of the highlights just as buttons that make these waterproof cases class separated. Plus, choose one that offers fundamental safeguards from drops and scratch.

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*Prices were correct as of 15th December 2021





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