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Aura Carver Frame- A high-resolution widescreen digital photo frame!

Aura Carver Frame
Aura Carver Frame

The Aura Carver Frame is a fantastic bitmap image frame with a unique feature: it can display two vertical photographs in a single frame area. It has many similarities with its sister, the Aura Mason Frame, including a full HD 1920 x 1200 pixel display. The sleek appearance of the frame oozes minimalist flair and can effortlessly suit any environment.

The Carver Frame is distinguished by its design as a landscape-only frame spanning 10.1 inches diagonally and providing a huge, cinematic visual display. This frame is ideal for nature photographers or anybody who wants to exhibit two vertical photographs side by side.

Price and availability

Price and availability

The Aura Carver Frame is a high-resolution desk frame with a low-key, minimalist design that will not detract from your photographs or draw unnecessary attention to itself. It is available in two color schemes: white chalk charcoal and charcoal with a white mat. It’s on the expensive side of the pricing range at $179, but it provides a lot of versatility in a widescreen format.

Design: Aura Carver Frame

Design: Aura Carver Frame

The structural back and firm platform of the frame conserve room by sitting immediately on its own solid edge and are substantial enough to not budge. Which is a good thing because the frame is not board mountable.

Because there are no physical controls on the frame, you must manually change a photo by swiping the touch bar just at top of the photo. This is a stylish option since it maintains the glass spotlessly, unlike other capacitive touch frames that collect fingerprints. Because there is no internal storage or memory card port. The Aura Carver Frame requires a Wi-Fi connection to show images and instantly downloads software updates as needed.

Uploading photos: Aura Carver Frame

Uploading photos: Aura Carver Frame

Because the Carver Frame is exclusively for still images. You would not be able to see video or hear sound on it. Aura, on the other hand, is compatible with Apple’s Live Photos.

Because the frame has no internal memory and also no camera card or USB connection, any photographs displayed on the Carver must be transferred to the cloud. Images may be uploaded using the Aura smartphone app (Android and iOS) or a web interface.

Through its own software, the Carver accepts photographs from iCloud, Google Photos, and your Camera Roll. Because all uploads to your frame are routed through the Aura app. There is no limit to the number of photographs you may show. Images are saved on Aura’s remote server, which would be powered by Amazon Web Services and encrypted using AES-256. It may also be set up to communicate using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

 Image quality: Aura Carver Frame

 Image quality: Aura Carver Frame

The image quality of the Aura Carver is among the greatest accessible in a digital frame. Each picture keeps the original shot’s crisp focus and realistic accuracy. It does not oversaturate colors but rather displays the most realistic picture, compatible with your recollection. The Carver frame not only displays images naturally in artificial light, but its 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution allows me to examine photos at unusual angles with no color or image distortion.

The frame’s ambient light sensor automatically changes the brightness of the display. Also, an auto function turns the frame off when the room becomes dark. While you can plan when the frame goes on or off, it will not play in a room in which the lights are turned out. Which is a bit of a bummer if you want to view your photographs in the dark.

Aura uses an algorithm on its server to evaluate your photographs and arrange them together for viewing. It also avoids publishing duplicates and fuzzy images when you upload huge libraries. This also offers the additional benefit of automatically combining vertically oriented photographs into a single wide display view. The Aura app allows you to rotate photographs, allowing you to convert a horizontal image to a vertical. Vertical photographs will be automatically paired by the software’s time- or material algorithm, but images cannot be individually paired. You may also turn off the pairing mechanism entirely.

Can you hang an aura frame on the wall?

After configuring the Aura frame, you can either hang it on the wall or connect a robust metal stand component. You may pick between portrait and landscape mode, and all necessary hardware is included in the package. Aura even provides installation videos to keep the procedure as simple as possible.

Does Aura Carver Frame have internal storage?

Aura digital frames, unlike competitors such as the Pix-Star, lack internal storage. As a result, they are entirely reliant on their connection to the company’s cloud servers to receive and show images. This isn’t a good arrangement because you skip to have connectivity issues at some time.


The Aura Carver Frame renders amazing color & photographic detail directly from the cloud and is being direct via its accompanying app, so aside from a touchpad at the top. You seldom have to interact with the frame directly. This is useful for non-technical family members who simply want to see the most recent images.

The Carver is certain to provide some of the greatest shots of your photos. There is no better widescreen frame if you shoot a lot of vertical shots or specialize in panoramic or dramatic scenarios. Due to the lack of local storage. The frame is equally suitable for family and friends, who may use the app to submit and see photographs on one or several frames, in sequence or two a month. Its large 10-inch IPS display is viewable from all angles, making it a delightful addition to your tabletop memories.

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