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Beats Powerbeats Pro Review: Wireless Earbuds with built-in Microphones!


When they originally debuted in 2019, the Beats powerbeats pros joined Apple’s early lineup of H1-powered wireless earbuds, alongside the AirPods.

Whereas the original AirPods were prone to popping out of your ears at the first indication of activity, the Beats powerbeats pro were created specifically for workouts. They’re sweat-resistant and have an over-the-ear clasp to keep them from falling off your head. Also, they’re comfortable to wear on longer endurance runs, with soft silicone tips that nestle comfortably in the ear canal rather than digging their way into your skull. They’re also fashionable and appropriate for use outside of the gym.

The AirPods pro may have surpassed the Powerbeats Pro as the premium wireless headphone of choice for the iPhone user on the go, but they remain the go-to earphones for people who frequently work out while listening to music.

Design :

At first glance, these may appear to be similar to prior Powerbeats. Beats Powerbeats Pro, on the other hand, seem almost immovable, and the over-ear hooks rest comfortably next to glasses or sunglasses, whereas they tended to wiggle around in my ears and didn’t interact well with spectacles. The buds are distinct in that they push upwards and into the inner ear, while the hooks hold them in place from above. Some may find this intrusive, but anyone who is used to using in-ear buds will find them comfortable and secure. The only drawback to this way of fitting is that you can’t just slide or’ screw’ them in like most other types of buds. I still haven’t found an elegant solution after a week of use.

Design of Beats Powerbeats Pro

Another useful feature of the Powerbeats Pro is that both buds have music/call controls as well as volume controls. There’s no need to remember which bud to use to turn up the music or skip your playlist’s signature ballad.

Because of the hooks, the Powerbeats Pro is noticeably larger than other truly wireless buds. However, the increased longevity more than makes up for it. Beats says 9 hours each charge and a total of 24 hours while charging in the travel case, and that’s exactly what I’ve discovered. You can also charge it for 15 minutes and receive hours of extended playtime. It essentially eliminates battery life as a concern, which is astonishing given how limited most truly wireless buds have been in that regard up to now.

Powerbeats Pro is visually appealing. The colors are appealing, but they do not stand out, and the logo is fairly inconspicuous.


The Powerbeat Pros are works of rubber-clad splendor that come in black, navy, ivory, and moss (green). They’re snug against the side of your head. The adjustable, bending ear hooks provide all the give and grip you require, making them a breeze to wear. They don’t move from their snug-fitting position during our workouts. They’re as comfortable from the first stride to the last, thanks to their sweat and water-resistant build; never hot, never slippery. They come with four different-sized ear tips, but we like the pre-fitted pair.

Battery life :

The Powerbeats Pro’s battery life is a little absurd. With an iPhone XS Max, we played nonstop music at 75dB(SPL) and recorded 10 hours, and 52 minutes of battery life. That’s ridiculous for a pair of wireless earbuds. While that outcome is only possible with a newer iPhone, the Powerbeats Pro outlasts most true wireless devices on Android at 10 hours, 34 minutes.

Battery life of Beats Powerbeats Pro

Whether it’s the H1 chip, the larger unit size, or both, it’s evident from the massive battery casing that longevity was a top priority for the design team. And, given how poorly wireless earbuds typically perform in terms of battery life, this is a remarkable product at the moment. The battery case charges via a lightning connector, which is inconvenient for anyone who does not own an Apple computer or phone. However, it’s not as much of a hassle as it could be because the other end of the wire has a standard USB-A connection that can be plugged into your computer or wall charger.


The Powerbeats Pro, like other AirPod products, works best when coupled with other Apple devices. Pairing the Powerbeats Pro on iOS is as simple as opening the case and placing it near your iPhone or iPad. As with the AirPods, you can open the cover to view how much battery life is left on your iOS smartphone, which adds to the futuristic sense. It would have been good to see their battery life displayed in the top-right corner of the home page, as we’ve seen with other true wireless earbuds, but this isn’t a deal-breaker.

However, the Powerbeats Pro is not limited to Apple and will work with Android and Windows 10 devices – simply hold the pairing button within the charging case and choose the Powerbeats Pro on the device you wish to pair. Because both connections use Bluetooth 5.0, we couldn’t tell the difference in sound quality between a paired iOS smartphone (our iPhone 8) and a paired Android device (our Google Pixel 3a XL).

One of the main reasons to utilize an Apple iPhone is to take advantage of the new H1 Wireless Chip, which was just introduced in the Apple AirPods. You’ll notice speedier pairing speeds and hands-free Siri with it. You can easily get by without features


Powerbeats Pro is good for voice calls, Siri use, and the kind of all-day wearability that many people today look for in buds… However, because of their tight fit, they cannot be utilized in the same way as AirPods. With two Powerbeats Pro installed, you don’t have much situational awareness, though you may choose to utilize only one at a time, which helps.

There is nothing better for video. Minimal delay, excellent sound. If you have the money, get the Beats Powerbeats Pro for the gym, sports, and jogging use. There is nothing that can harm them. It’s difficult to go back to even the most lightly wired buds after using true wireless while exercising, and Powerbeats Pro is by far the most workout-friendly true wireless buds. Because of the way they fit, they cannot fall out and become lost. They will not move when you exercise. They sound appropriately motivating. Fantastic.

But that’s not the end of it. If you’re looking for truly wireless buds with pure audio quality, there’s almost nothing that compares, and that’s a pretty great result. Sony’s and B&O’s fully wireless buds may sound similar, but both have annoying connectivity issues, poor controls, a poor fit, and significantly shorter battery life.

Beats has hit the ball out of the park with this one.

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