Best alternatives to Philips Hue light strips in 2021- Light up your room!


Philips is literally giving us the best of each world, but there is one place where it is facing tough competition. And this one is Philips Hue light strips. You will find a variety of these light strips in the market, but at a lower price and offering the same colour and controls. You can control them with HomeKit, Alexa as well as Google. So if you are looking for good alternatives to Philips Hue light strips, here you go.

1. LIFX Light strip Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Strip

LIFX Light strip Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Strip- Best alternatives to Philips Hue light strips

If you want to fill your room with rich colours, then the LIFX light strip is just for you. You can brighten up any dim space to get things done or just let them glow softly to set a mood. These light strips are flexible, allowing you to fit them in any type of space you want, even the stairs or bed frames. These can be extended up to 33 feet and the Polychrome Technology with 16 addressable zones, allow you to paint or animate many colours along a single strip. You can add effects with the simple yet advanced app you get with the strip. You can even control the app with voice commands, schedules or partner routines. If you are a gamer, then you can fix this light strip to your workspace and get that extra effect beyond the screen.

2. Nanoleaf Essentials 80” Lightstrip Starter Kit

Nanoleaf Essentials 80” Lightstrip Starter Kit

If you want a seamless introduction to smart lighting, then the Nanoleaf Essentials Lightstrip is for you. With this light strip, you can convert your boring and dull workspace into a fun and colourful space. With this light strip, you get an even light glow and endless colours for the backlit illumination. Also, with the NanoLeaf app, you can control and customize this strip. You can wake up with a natural sunrise colour by setting schedules in the app. Moreover, you can control this app with voice commands. Also, you can choose from many colours from crisp white to vibrant playful colours. It even has an adaptive lighting feature that automatically adjusts the colour temperature.

3. Govee TV LED Backlight

Govee TV LED Backlight

The Govee TV LED Backlight comes in 4 pieces that you can easily install on all 4 sides of your TVs and enjoy a vivid lighting experience. You can adjust brightness, change colours and enter music mode with the Govee app or the remote control. You can use the app to dim or brighten the colours and create your own haven. These lights offer more than 16 million colours and have multiple scene modes. The built-in mic syncs the brightness and colour of the TV LED strip lights to the rhythm of your favourite music. Thus, giving you a vivid and immersive TV viewing experience. You can easily install these light strips with adhesive and clips. 

4. Eve LED Lights Strip

Eve Light Strip

With the Eve Light Strip, you can rejuvenate any strong surface with the HomeKit-empowered LED innovation.

You can activate 1800 lumens to light up the whole room, or opt for a lower brightness to have a subtle glow. You even get a vibrant colour spectrum spanning every hue, from warmest to coolest hues. To control the colours and create your own hue you can use Siri or the app. It connects directly over your Wi-Fi network to your iPhone, iPad or home hub. You don’t need a bridge to connect this, so it is easy to set up. You can adjust the colour temperature of the light strip throughout the day with the help of Apple HomeKit and Adaptive Lighting. Thus, maximizing comfort and productivity. After you turn it on it gently self-adjusts as the day passes.

5. Onvis Smart LED Light Strips

Onvis Smart LED Light Strips- Best alternatives to Philips Hue light strips

If you are looking for a strip that will allow you to set different colours in different parts of the strip, then Onvis Smart LED Lights trips are for you. Each part can display its own colour, brightness and saturation. You can decorate your home with this light strip and be ready for any party or holiday celebrations or simply create an ambience. Moreover, you can even set a specific time to turn it on or off, by adding your schedule. You can add the time you fall asleep, and the night is not dark anymore. The smart led strip lights can react to the beat of any music that is playing from the speaker, TV, or your voice.

You can handle these light strips with HomeKit/Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant for basic controls of on/off, colour and brightness.

The apps give you features like Music sync, Paint freely, Stylish twinkle, and much more. You can even set security, polychrome effect, Gradient colour, schedule a timer, independent unit control and 16 million colours.

6. Meross Smart LED Strip Lights

Meross Smart LED Strip Lights

The Meross Smart LED Strip Lights can be cut and set up in any space you want. You can use these strips to decorate your room or workspace and make it full of vibrant colours. It not only works with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Apple Watch, Carplay but also with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings. You can adjust the brightness, turn the lights on or off or change colours using voice commands. You can choose from three lighting scenes from the Meross APP such as fade, jumping, flicker and decide how the colours change. With this, you can create your own colours changing effect and set the mood. Although, remember that the light strip is not waterproof, so be careful while you clean your room.


If you are looking for cheaper alternatives to Philips Hue light strips but want cool smart features, there are other options available. The LIFX light strip is a good choice for you. With the Polychrome Technology with 16 addressable zones, you can paint your room in any way you want. You also get an app with this that you can use to control the smart lights. You can even use voice commands to control the lights like adjust brightness or turn it on or off. Another great choice is the Meross Smart LED Strip Lights. You can choose from different effects and colours to decorate your room. It works with Apple HomeKit, Siri, Apple Watch, Carplay, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings.You can create your own haven with the effects and colours from these light strips.

Which light strip is the best alternative to Philips Hue light strips according to you? Tell us in the comments section below.

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