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HP Pavilion 15 (2021): A Touchscreen Business Laptop!


HP is known for producing high-quality products, and its PC collection is no exception. One of these items is the HP Pavilion 15, a mid-range gaming laptop that has been making waves in the gaming market. The laptop was debuted at this year’s Computex trade expo in Taipei, Taiwan, and has already received positive feedback from gamers and critics.

The Pavilion line has traditionally been HP’s popular mid-range brand, and this 15-inch laptop fits right in; it’s a not-quite-Ultrabook laptop with a lot of features. The model we have here is jam-packed with high-end components, including 16GB of RAM, a fast 512GB SSD, a touch-screen 15.3-inch FHD display, and an AMD Ryzen 7 processor from the 4th generation.

For the most part, it performs admirably with those components, yielding performance that, while not quite reaching the stratospheric heights achieved by Intel’s 11th-generation mobile processors, are certainly commendable.


Pavilion design

It’s difficult to define the Ultrabook category. If you define thin as “any laptop that appears to be slim,” this laptop fits right in. HP has slashed the price of the HP Pavilion 15- (2021) significantly. The screen, for example, is quite thin (though the modest protective black rim around the edges adds a little thickness) and far stiffer than we’d anticipate from a plastic-cased laptop. Because it doesn’t have the benefit of a glass front to provide extra rigidity. It’s visibly well-brace from inside.

It may be crammed in, but it isn’t terribly designed. With a USB Type-A plug on each side of the machine, a multi-function Type-C connector on the left, a full-size HDMI output, and a built-in microSD reader, there’s a fair, if not overly generous, amount of port provision.
The keyboard has a full-width ten-key layout that is easy to use, as well as minimal flex and adequate key travel. It is really comfortable with it, though you may struggle in low light due to the lack of illumination. Below it is a good-sized multi-touch trackpad with a satisfying click, as well as a fingerprint reader on the wrist rest.

HP Pavilion 15 Specifications

HP Pavilion 15 Specs
  • Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor (up to 4.7 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 12 MB L3 cache, 4 cores).
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM; 
  • PCIe NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive with 2TB capacity.
  • Windows 11 Pro is the operating system.
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5 are used for communication.
  • HP 720p HD Webcam with Wide Vision.
  • 15.6″ Graphics & Video “Micro-edge FHD IPS display (1920 x 1080).
  • Intel Iris XE graphics are built-in.
  • Audio: twin B&O speakers with B&O audio.
  • Keyboard: Numeric Keypad on a Full-Size Keyboard.
  • 1x SuperSpeed USB Type-C port and slot
  • 2x USB Type-A SuperSpeed
  • 1 HDMI 2.0 port
  • SD Media Card Reader (one).
  • 1x Combination Headphone/Microphone Jack
  • 3-Cell 41WHr Li-ion Battery as a power source.
  • 9.21″ x 14.18″ x 0.7″ Dimensions: 9.21″ x 14.18″ x 0.7″ “H. H.
  • 3.86 lbs. (about)
  • GM HDMI cable Mouse pad and USB extension cord are among the accessories available.

HP Pavilion 15 Performance

pavilion perform

The 15-eh0014na didn’t stutter when browsing, even with several Chrome tabs open, and it’s more than capable of slicing through any coursework or meeting any pressing deadlines.
There’s also the possibility of doing some light gaming – but don’t expect to get too carried away. It works okay in less-demanding games like Minecraft, but loading up a big Football Manager database proved too much for it.
The 512GB SSD in the 15-eh0014na is quite common for Windows laptops at this price point, and it’s adequate for day-to-day work. The 512GB SSD in the 15-eh0014na is common for Windows laptops at this price point, and it’s adequate for day-to-day use. However, SSD read and write speeds of 1633 MB/s and 922.7 MB/s, respectively, lag behind the competition, making saving and writing data a chore.

Given that this machine can’t quite equal its rival’s benchmark scores in some areas, it’s tempting to conclude that it’s subpar, but that’s far from the case. The Ryzen 7 4700U is still a terrific mobile processor, giving it a perfectly snappy feel and allowing it to easily keep up with day-to-day desktop chores. This does not appear to be a budget laptop.
In terms of power, the HP Pavilion 15.6 Laptop, like the finest business laptops, is ideal for typing and other productive tasks, but not much else.

Battery Life

HP Pavilion 15 battery

As with all basic Pavilion computers has limited battery capacity. As a result, average runtimes for real-world WLAN use are only 6.5 hours. Under comparable conditions, higher-end Envy or Spectre models from the same brand can last for many hours longer.
It takes roughly 1.5 hours to charge from empty to full capacity. This laptop can charge with Third-party USB-C AC adapters. There’s no denying that the HP Pavilion 15’s battery life is a major letdown. Given its size, we expected the battery to be large enough to last at least a full day’s work; as it stands, you’d have your work cut out for you to squeeze eight hours out of it.
Sure, it’s not the worst – some gaming laptops’ inadequate batteries can die after a couple of hours, and this is significantly better – but it’s more indication that HP may have run out of space inside the HP Pavilion 15’s chassis or at the very least cut one too many corners. It does, however, quick charge, reaching half capacity in around half an hour.

Price and availability

HP Pavilion 15 (2021): A Touchscreen Business Laptop!

The HP Pavilion 15-eh0014na, also known as the eh0015cl, is the big brother of the HP Pavilion 15 family, and as such, it commands one of HP’s mid-range line’s highest pricing. That’s not to say it’s prohibitively costly; in the United States, it costs $849.99, while in the United Kingdom, it costs £850.
When you’re looking for a mid-range system, cutting back on things like storage space makes sense, and you might be able to get away with 8GB RAM – though we’d definitely recommend 16GB if you can afford it.

The HP Pavilion 15-eh0017na (£499) and HP Pavilion 15-eh0017na (£649.99/$629.99) are two of HP’s most affordable variants. These laptops equip with Ryzen 3 4300U and Ryzen 5 4500U processors, which provide slower speeds but lower prices.


The HP Pavilion 15 is a capable laptop, and I don’t think you could ask for a better price-to-performance ratio. The build quality is usually acceptable, and it looks fairly sleek, but the lid has more flex than I’d like, and you’ll have to take extra care with it due to its all-plastic construction and absence of a 360-degree hinge. The Ryzen processor and very fast NVMe SSD make the laptop feel extremely responsive in both ordinary use and more demanding tasks. If you want to utilize it for heavy-duty tasks on a regular basis, you can upgrade the RAM to 16GB. The fan is a bit noisy, and the screen is a little glary. There doesn’t appear to be much you can do about the fan noise. But if you’re concerned about reflections, you may choose a model with an anti-glare screen at the sacrifice of touch.

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