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Notable and Easy steps to back up your computer!


In daily life, you can lose your device’s data. Therefore, it is necessary to back up your computer. It is essential to back up whether it is your computer or a smartphone. Sometimes individuals keep one copy of their data, which will cause data redundancy on your computer. This will create difficulty for you to find data on your computer. Many people find it difficult to back up their devices; this will cause them to lose their data. But it is not that hard to back up your data on a computer. There are several ways to back up the computer; follow the below-given steps to back up your data. Follow these easy steps on how to back up your computer!

Computer Backup

Backup means copying crucial data files or folders so that if your data is deleted or deteriorated by mistake, you can quickly get back your data without losing any of it. There are many various ways to back up your different devices. But firstly, it is essential to know what it refers to. The process of computer backup refers to the backup of your whole operating system or files so that it can use substitutive if your data is deleted. After File history is configured, backups are performed automatically.

Types of Backup

The standard three types of Backup are :

  • Full backup

A full backup is an exact duplicate of all the data assets belonging to a company or organisation. All files must be backed up into a single feature for this operation. Because it makes an exact replica of the original data set, it is the finest data protection solution in terms of ease and speed of recovery.

  • Incremental backup

A security copy known as an incremental backup only includes the files that have changed since the final full backup.

  • Differential backup

A differential backup only contains the files that have changed since the previous backup.

Necessity for Backup

The backup is to make a copy of data that can be recovered in case of a primary data failure. Backup copies are made regularly to restrain how much data is lost between backups. It is necessary to back up your data regularly, whether for students, office workers, or individuals. It plays a vital role while you constantly work on your device.

Backup your computer through External devices

You can easily back up your computer through additional devices by following several steps mentioned below. However, the method of backup is different in Windows OS and macOS.

  • Connect the hard drive to the computer
  • Then use the backup tool or leave it plugged in whenever you are home.
  • And the backup process will automatically be done.

Steps to backup Windows 10:

Follow the mentioned steps to back up your windows 10 with file history.

  • First, select the Start menu on your windows.
  • Then, select the Settings option.
easy steps to back up your computer
  • Then select an Update & Security option, as shown in the image below.
easy steps to back up your computer
  • Now choose the backup option from the left panel.
easy steps to back up your computer
  • Choose the hard drive or a location you want to back up at the Add a drive option, as shown in the image below.
easy steps to back up your computer

Steps to backup Windows 11:

After connecting your external hard drive to the windows, you can enable file history in windows 11. Follow the instructions listed below if you wish to restore Windows 11:

  1. To back up in windows 11, select the start menu.
  2. And then, in settings, go to the accounts and select Windows Backup.
  3. After opening that backup option, three options will appear. OneDrive folder syncing= It will turn on your OneDrive folder syncing to back up your files and folders. Remember my apps = It will recall all the installed apps and help you restore them from a Microsoft Store. Remember my preferences = Here, backup choices include language, passwords, and other Windows settings. It also syncs device settings like printer, notifications, file explorer, etc.

Steps to Backup your macOS by using Time Machine

To back up using this technique, you must follow several steps to back up your macOS. If you want to start your backup manually, choose a backup from the Time Machine menu.

  1. First, connect your external storage device like a USB or Thunderbolt drive.
  2. Open Time Machine preferences in the menu bar from the Time Machine menu.
  3. After that, select the Backup Disk.
  4. After selecting the name of your disk, then click use disk. Then it automatically begins your periodic backups.

Back up through Cloud Storage Device

Backup through Cloud storage also makes restoring your data on your computer easy. Many backup users find it different from other ways but similar to that. There are various storage services available you can get as per your need and satisfaction. Rather than storing in any storage, use a cloud backup service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and other cloud storage services. They provide almost a similar few gigabytes free of cost, usually 2GB, but you can get extra storage by paying a monthly and annual fee. Moreover, NAS is distant storage that can be accessed online just as it were nearby. Off-site file storage is offered via NAS services.

Automatic cloud backup:

An automatic backup tool gives you the power to back up your servers automatically, virtual machines, files, and other data and store it securely for disaster recovery. The backup ensures your data and company continuity. To preserve files and data accessible in the case of a system failure, outage, or natural disaster, businesses choose to back up.

Steps to automatically restore files to the cloud.

  1. Navigate to the Cloud SQL Instances page in the Google Cloud console.
  2. Select the instance name to bring up the Overview page for that instance.
  3. From the SQL navigation menu, choose Backups.
  4. On the Edit menu, select Settings.
  5. Select a period for your data to be backed up automatically.
  6. Press Save.

Back up through the internet

Individuals will try to do their backup services in this modern digital world. Install backup software on your computer and select any files and folders you want to back up. As backup is online, you can also read files via browsers and quickly restore them in any system. Besides, many online platforms are available through which you can back up your data quickly rather than using any external storage. Backblaze is a well-known online backup service through which you can quickly back up your files. Utilizing Backblaze is simple, which is one of the key benefits. Besides, as a competitor of Backblaze, Carbonite comes into the story.

For a low monthly cost, these programs are run in the background on your computer and Mac, and you can back them up automatically in web storage. Accidently if you lose your file, you can restore them whenever or wherever you want.

When should I do a complete backup?

Vital data should be backed up at least once weekly, preferably once every twenty-four hours. Data backups can be done manually or automatically. You may arrange the data’s backup using various automatic software programmes for a particular time of day or week.

How much time it will take to back up your computer?

The time period is based on what you are backing up, Small files would take more than a few minutes or seconds, and bigger files of 1GB will take 4 or 5 minutes and may be longer. However, if you are backing up your hard drive, it may take an hour to back up.

What is the backup rule of 3 2 1?

The 3-2-1 backup rule entails the following: 3: Create two copies of your information in addition to one primary backup. 1: Keep a backup copy of at least one file elsewhere. 2: Store your backups on two different media.


It is essential to back up your computer regularly; it will save time and work if your data gets lost accidentally. However, many people need help to back up their devices. There are several techniques to back up your windows, like a portable hard drive, external storage, storage services, or restoring over the internet. Each method has different steps to follow to back up your device. If you are backed up through an online service like Backblaze, it will automatically back up daily.

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