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Bluehost WordPress website builder: A drag-and-drop WordPress editor!

How does Bluehost's website builder
How does Bluehost's website builder

We have it here in our Bluehost website builder review that describes how the firm combines shared WordPress hosting with such a drag-and-drop website builder for WordPress, making it a fresh entrant to the ranks of the finest website builders.

Snapshot: Bluehost WordPress website builder

Snapshot: Bluehost WordPress website builder

The platform maintains many of WordPress’s finest features while making it easier to get your site up and running with a managed WordPress installation, over 300 built-in themes, and customizable content blocks. You may also pay more to receive a managed WooCommerce setup for online retailing.

While we’d like to see Bluehost’s WordPress website builder give greater flexibility when it comes to putting out your website content, it’s undeniably one of the finest WordPress website builders. We believe it is more user-friendly than other WordPress builders, such as BoldGrid. Furthermore, while producing blog entries, you have access to the drag-and-drop editor, which is a big bonus for authors who use WordPress for blogging.

Bluehost’s WordPress website building isn’t cheap, but the base plan is just a little more expensive than Bluehost’s solo shared WordPress hosting. If you’re already committed to utilizing WordPress to develop your website and want high-quality hosting, it makes a lot of sense.

 Key features:

 Key features: Bluehost WordPress website builder

Bluehost’s website builder plans all feature managed WordPress hosting for an infinite number of websites. That means Bluehost will keep your WordPress website and plugins up to date automatically, so you won’t have to bother about handling updates. You will also receive an SSL and a free website name for a year.

If you need to modify your site’s hosting, you may do it using the cPanel dashboard. Bluehost also provides a dedicated dashboard for WordPress websites, which makes it simple to use time, backups, plugins, and other features.


The website builder on Bluehost makes blogging as simple as possible. You get access to all of WordPress’s regular blogging features, including the option to tag and classify posts and schedule entries for the future.

Notably, you may create posts using either WordPress’s normal post editor or the Bluehost website builder. When producing media-heavy posts, the normal post editor provides a comfortable writing pad, whereas the website builder allows you to drag and drop material blocks.

Media manager

One of the primary benefits of utilizing Bluehost’s website builder is access to WordPress’s media management. You may use the built-in media manager to add photographs, videos, documents, and other files to your website. Files are restricted to 512MB or less in size.

The WordPress media department does an outstanding job of organizing your material. Every item on your website may have titles, descriptions, and alt text, and all of this information is searchable. There’s also a simple picture editor where you may cut and rotate images.


Bluehost’s WordPress website builder includes over 300 pre-installed themes. The Pro and Web Store plans contain an extra 30 premium themes tailored for online sales. At the moment, you cannot import third-party WordPress themes, while Bluehost claims to be working on this capability.

Beyond the usual WordPress choices, the builder does not provide many more possibilities for modifying your theme. These allow you to modify the color scheme, fonts, and menus of your website. You do, however, get access to your theme’s CSS code, which allows designers who are familiar with CSS coding to make nearly endless adjustments.

Bluehost WordPress website builder: What’s new?

Bluehost WordPress website builder: What’s new in 2022?

While Bluehost has traditionally provided devoted WordPress hosting, its new WordPress website builder is unique in that it allows you to design your website by dragging and dropping material. It removes the requirement for you to use a third-party website with your Bluehost WordPress dashboard.


Pricing: Bluehost WordPress website builder

Bluehost’s WordPress website builder is available in three different plans: Basic, Pro, and Online Store. Hosting for an infinite number of websites, blog post-administration, and email campaigns tools are all included in all plans.

The Pro plan includes WooCommerce support and 30 premium themes, while the Online Store plan allows you to book an appointment, sell subscriptions, and generate unique discount codes. You must choose between a 12-month and a 36-month plan. Your first term is eligible for special pricing, which can save you up to 75% off the standard price.

How does Bluehost’s website builder use email marketing?

How does Bluehost's website builder use email marketing?

All Bluehost website builder plans feature free Creative Mail email marketing capabilities.

Overall, you will like using Creative Mail and found it to be quite simple to use. The plugin supplies a customized registration that you can include on your site to begin gathering visitor contact information. You are able to separate contacts into lists that might be used to send emails once we added them.

You can construct an endless number of email campaigns using Creative Mail, which offerss templates for bulletins, product announcements, new blog articles, and more. In addition, you are also able to set up automatic greeting emails for new clients.

Alternatives to Bluehost’s WordPress website builder

Bluehost’s WordPress web builder isn’t the only WordPress drag-and-drop builder. BoldGrid is a popular WordPress website builder that allows you to set your page layout and then insert custom content blocks. It’s slightly more complicated than Bluehost’s builder, but once you get over the first learning curve, it’s pretty simple to use. BoldGrid is distinct from Bluehost in that it separates site creation from hosting. BoldGrid requires you to acquire hosting from a third-party source. In contrast, Bluehost provides hosting with all site builder options. So, which of these two services is best for creating a WordPress website is mostly determined by whether you want to host your site with Bluehost or the other hosting company.

If you are not committed to creating a website with WordPress, you may want to investigate using a website builder such as Wix. It provides greater versatility than Bluehost when it comes to site layout, making it excellent for skilled designers. Wix also has a significantly greater content repository than Bluehost.

Wix provides powerful capabilities for selling items and services online, many of which are equivalent to the eCommerce features provided by Bluehost’s Online Store package. However, Wix’s equivalent eCommerce package, Business Unlimited, costs only $27 per month, compared to Bluehost’s $39.95 per month. Web hosting is included in all Wix plans.


The website builder from Bluehost combines the greatest features of WordPress with high-quality infrastructure and a drag-and-drop page builder. Given that the builder is just slightly more expensive than Bluehost’s standalone shared WordPress hosting, it makes great sense if you’re considering creating a WordPress site with Bluehost. Bluehost’s builder was simpler to use than BoldGrid, a WordPress drag-and-drop builder we tested. Bluehost isn’t nearly as adaptable when it comes to site layout, but it has a larger range of content pieces and more than 300 themes to pick from.

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