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Google Nest Protect: Get the most comprehensive smart smoke detector!


In your house or apartment, you should have at least one, if not more, functional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. However, how would you know whether something is wrong when they go off when you’re not there? In the case of an emergency, smart smoke detectors like Google Nest Protect will send you an alarm on your smartphone. However, there are also more reasons why this smoke detector is the greatest smart smoke detector.


Google Nest Protect design

The Nest smoke detector measures 5.3 x 5.3 x 1.5 inches, which is somewhat bigger than the normal model. It has rounded sides and is square. A circular LED in the device’s center changes color based on what’s going on: yellow indicates there’s smoke and carbon monoxide present, but hasn’t yet reached dangerous levels; red indicates that you should leave immediately.  Also useful is the fact that if the light detects motion at night, it will turn on for a limited period of time, allowing you to see your way about in the dark.

If you have a midnight yearning for something sweet, the light may also be used as a motion-sensitive nightlight, creating a soothing, white glow. The Nest’s Heads-Up warning is yellow, and it appears for simple things like burnt toast. When the indicator hits red, it signifies your burnt bread has sparked a fire in your toaster, indicating greater risk. It comes before the usual siren.


working of Google Nest Protect

This smart device can know when you walk into a room and then when you turn off the lights in addition to recognizing smoke and monoxide. Plus, it ignores steam better than every smoke detector I’ve had ever seen in my house.

Too fancy?

Before you hear a shrieking alarm in your ear, Nest Protect utilizes a quiet, pleasant voice to inform you what’s going on. The Nest notifies you about what it detects and where it is detected. You can silence the alert before it sounds as if it isn’t a true emergency. If you have multiple Nest Protects, each one will send out an alarm, alerting everyone in the house.

You may boost the degree of security by combining your Nest Protect with other Nest devices. When smoke or CO2 is detected, a Nest thermostat may shut down the HVAC system to help prevent the hazard from spreading. When you add a Nest Cam to your account, it will begin recording as soon as the alarm goes off, providing you with video snippets of what is going on. It may also be used in conjunction with other smart devices, such as Amazon Alexa, which allows you to operate Nest Protect using just your voice.

You have to use the app

Nest Protect necessitates the usage of the Nest app and necessitates the use of a compatible smartphone. It doesn’t have to be a smartphone; a computer, smart TV, tablet, or smart wearable might be used instead. However, in my experience, when you use Nest Protect with a smartphone, you receive the full advantage. People who are afraid of technology may be frightened by Nest Protect’s app need.

Installation and Setup

Installation and Setup

To install the Nest Protect, first, screw a plate into the ceiling, then attach the smoke detector’s main body to the base plate. Then, using the Nest app on your smartphone, you connect to it, indicating, among other things, where the Nest Protect is positioned. It’s a quick and easy process that lasted me approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The Nest Protect, like other smoke detectors, is available in two versions: battery-powered and hard-wired.

App and Performance:

performance of Google Nest Protect
Google Nest Protect: Get the most comprehensive smart smoke detector! 5

The Google Nest Protect has a split-spectrum sensor used to sense both slow-smoldering and fast-burning flames, according to Nest. It’s a photovoltaic sensor, which would be better for detecting simmering flames, but Nest’s detector has a second wavelength that is better for detecting raging fires. The Nest Protect also contains carbon monoxide, heat, humidity, and occupancy sensors. Nest protection is quite useful in warning people of a catastrophe, but it doesn’t give any other information. Nest Protect is unique in that it also sends out verbal notifications that describe not only the nature of an emergency as well as the room in which it is taking place.

The Nest Protect that everything is running properly; while this does require activating its siren once per month, it’s a useful feature. It’s also helpful that the app offers you early notice.


The Google Nest Protect is among the most costly smart smoke alarms but it’s one of the most complete packages. Not only does it detect a variety of fires and carbon monoxide, but also performs the finest job of warning you of the risk. It would be a lot better if Google re-enabled all of the smart-home device interactions that were previously available within Nest. The Roost Smart Battery ($35) is a wonderful option for individuals looking to upgrade existing “dumb” smoke alarms to smart ones. It’s cheap, sends an alert to your smartphone, and allows you to quiet the alarm from anywhere. Its smart-home connection is restricted to IFTTT, and its smoke-detection abilities are only as strong as the alarm you use it with. In general, the Nest Protect is a good investment.

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