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Jackery Explorer 1500: A Portable Power Station!


Jackery has built a reputation for providing high-quality generators, energy storage systems, and solar panels. With the proper mix of features, battery autonomy, and inverter power, their Explorer series is a top seller.

In 2012, an ex-Apple engineer founded Jackery, which was the first to develop a portable lithium-based power generator around 2015. Following our evaluation of the Explorer 1000, we had high hopes for their next product in terms of reliability & craftsmanship.

During a power outage, a portable generator might be a lifesaver. It is rapidly becoming a must-have for so many houses due to its capacity to substitute three power outlets and having USB connections for charging cellphones and tablets. capacity

The Explorer range of products has come through several versions, as well as the Jackery Explorer 1500 is the pinnacle of Jackery’s offerings. With 50 percent higher battery capacity, 80 percent more inverter power, and a revamped user interface, it’s a step up from the preceding 1000 series. It also overcomes the shortcomings of prior generations by allowing for a faster charging time and higher input voltage.

Jackery Explorer 1500: Price and availability

Jackery Explorer 1500: Price and availability

Jackery generators are available straight from the vendor for roughly one watt per dollar. The Jackery Explorer 1500 has a suggested retail price of $1,599, with a $150 early-bird promotional code JACKERYE1500 available right now.



The Jackery Explorer 1500 maintains the same design as the other Explorer models. The left side houses a brilliant 5W SOS LED spotlight, while the front panel houses all the action. The smooth finish of the black & orange enclosure complements the rubber feet on the bottom, which attach the 15kg generator to any generator that can be carried aroundastic the box. The generator can be carried aroundlled by air vents on both sides of a generator. The internal temperature is controlled.

The Explorer 1500’s centerpiece is a large high-contrast LCD that provides a fast overview of the generator’s status. When a power connection is made, or even the Display button is pressed, it turns on. After that, the display will be visible for 10 seconds, displaying data such as charging & output power, inverter frequency and voltage, and battery charge in percent. Other information includes the projected charging time and remaining battery capacity. The bottom row has icons that indicate the generator’s overall health.

Each generator’s capability is arranged according to DC inputs, Dc or Ac outputs, a carport, and the display, in the same logical order as previous generations. These are activated by push buttons, which help save energy when they are not in use.

Anderson Connector

Anderson Connector

Because the Anderson design connects solar panels, this generator solar powers use the solar power line provided. They either charge the generator with an AC or a car charger connection. The Explorer 1000 differs from the Explorer 1000 except that the Anderson socket has been replaced with a second DC input jack. For charging the unit, this results in a collective strength of 500W, significantly reducing the charging time.

Through the Type-C port, three USB outputs enable rapid charging of devices connected at up to 60W. Whenever the Jackery battery goes low, a single 12V DC automobile outlet supplies up to 10A and control, preventing any voltage loss. The Explorer 1500 has three 110V AC outputs, with a total max reliable power of 1800W and a peak power of 3600W for a brief duration.

A compact auxiliary backpack, a 300W AC power bank, a car adapter, and a solar power connection for attaching solar panels to a generator, like the Solar Saga, are included in the Jackery Explorer 1500.


Jackery Explorer 1500: A Portable Power Station!
Jackery Explorer 1500: A Portable Power Station! 6

Thanks to a simple yet clear user interface, the generator comes fully assembled, and the ready generator can control without reading the handbook. To use. Thanks to a simple yet clear user interface, the generator can control without reading the handbook. Even though the sample unit charge 80%, it advises that you charge it completely before attaching an

All of the generator’s features can turn on at any time. All of the generator’s features can turn on at any time. Push buttons next to the outputs activate features like the AC inverter and USB ports. The DC parts will not deplete the generator’s 1800W AC power budget. A generator shuts down if the AC power surpasses 1800W during an overload.

An Jackery Explorer 1500 is once at safe temperature thanks to its built-in fan, which kicks on when a temperature limit cross. Internal air circulation is provided through vents. Therefore, it is advisable to leave sufficient room around the generator when it is in use to avoid any heat build-up.

An LCD update and data such as the remaining charge time are there. This allowed the user to immediately learn about the generator’s general condition. In comparison to the Explorer 1000, the refreshing rate has improved. It used to take 15 seconds, but now it only takes three seconds. The LCD automatically shuts off after 10 seconds. However, it turns back on by pressing the dedicated display button.

Jackery Explorer 1500: Solar peak Technology

Jackery Explorer 1500: Solar peak Technology

Solar peak Technology is another enhancement over the Explorer 1000. Thistles, this updated MTTP feature offers a higher efficiency when charging with solar panels up to 30%, reducing the charging time to 4 hours under direct sunlight. The motor no longer favors one form of charging a version without the specific Ander in the prior versions input. It will aggregate both power inputs, resulting in a faster charging period, with two 300W AC converters taking three hours to charge (Max input of 500W).

The Explorer 1500’s combination of a high-power inverter and a huge battery capacity opens up some fascinating possibilities. Some individuals will find it handy as a high-power portable supply for heavy gear, including an electric table or saw, a welding machine, and typical consumer goods.

Its Jackery Explorer 1500 could also use as a continuous power source for a small office with its 300W AC converter. During a blackout, have enough output power & battery capacity to maintain all equipment running for hours. The output guarantees to be less as excellent as that obtained from the electricity network thanks to the pure sine-wave technology. The only drawback is that the blade can become loud because the machine lacks a proportionate come loud.

Jackery Explorer 1500: Competition

With pandemics becoming a constant people investing in financial sensor sources. Many portable generators make financial senses now offer more than 1kW of power, including inverter & battery capacity.

The Yeti1500X from GoalZero belongs to the same category as the Explorer 1500. It takes the same amount of time to charge, but it is larger and costs more. The Yeti1500X’s battery life is likewise different, with fewer charge cycles available.

An EF ECO FLOW Portable Power Station Delta has a faster charging time and more AC outlets than the Explorer. But it has a smaller battery capacity and a system efficiency of less than 80%. It’s also bulkier, and faster charging puts a greater strain on batteries, reducing their lifespan.

Lastly, the MAXOAK BLUETTI EB240 is a generator that is comparable to the Explorer 1500. But it is more expensive, heavier, and has less power for the inverter.


The Explorer 1500 by Jackery is a significant boost over the Explorer 1000. With a larger battery capacity and better inverter power. The price ratio remains steady at one dollar per watt of battery power. In addition, the new display provides more information regarding battery surveillance. Explorer 1500 comes dangerously close to being a flawless system.

An Explorer 1500 comes dangerously close to being flawless. The Explorer 1000’s shortcomings, such as a strange power measurement & input switch-over instead of being continually on, the fan speed might manage better. The generator will pay for itself after time and will continue to be an excellent investment.

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