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How to get a Dell student discount?


A laptop or PC is a must-have for anyone going to university or the other place of study. They can be expensive, but you can save up to 15% with Dell’s student discount program.

In these Zoom-dependent epidemic times, you’ll not only need a machine to work on, but it’ll also be a terrific method to remain in touch with friends & family. If you don’t require a laptop like the XPS 13, the voucher code can be applied to an all-in-one, a monitor, or whatever.

Who can take advantage of the Dell student discount?

Before getting into the specifics of how to obtain the discount, it’s only fair to state who is eligible. Dell has made it simple by offering a discount to any college or university student, including vocational schools. All they need to do is supply their student email address as well as a copy of their student ID.

If you don’t have a student email address, you may send the application and proof of enrolment in your course (or a scan of a student ID card) to dell advantage, and they’ll be sent a discount coupon after this is verified.

A school certificate or specified letters from the academic organization are also acceptable forms of proof. If you have any questions, please contact Dell at the following email address. A word of caution: an NUS card does not qualify as a verification document.

According to Dell, it’s also available to “Corporate people or Teachers and or Academic staff.”

How could you receive a Dell student discount?

Dell students discount
How to get a Dell student discount? 3

It’s a lot easier than you might expect to acquire Dell’s student discount. Simply go to the Dell Advantage to Students page, type in your student email address, and click Submit.

Dell will then send you an email with a coupon attached. This could then be used to make purchases on the Dell website.

The coupon is valid in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

How can you redeem the Dell Student Discount?

How could you receive a Dell student discount?

You’ll want to put the voucher to good use after you’ve received it. So go to the Dell website to look for the laptop, desktop, or other product you’re looking for.

Add it to your shopping cart, along with the many customization options you need, and then look for the Promotional Code field on the checkout page. Click Add after inputting the offer code.

However, there is one word of caution. Because the code can use only once, sure your order is right before clicking the Apply button.

After that, all you have to do is fill out your information and make a payment, and your new Dell device should arrive in the following few days.

Of course, Dell isn’t the only firm that offers student discounts. So check out the overview of the best student laptops and the chart of the best student laptops. To see if anything else would better fit your needs.

A customized student bank account and an Amazon Prime student account are also available.


Several computers used by students have received discounts from Dell. Students could get these laptops by registering their institute with the Dell account team and taking advantage of Dell student discounts and vouchers. Students must also adhere to certain rules and limitations in order to receive these discounts.

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