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Lit up your room with the best HomeKit light strips in 2024!


Because of its adaptability, the finest HomeKit lightstrips are a wonderful way to add a splash of color or light to your house. These light strips, like HomeKit light bulbs, integrate with the Home app and Siri. Allowing you some really unique methods to manage brightness levels and colors via voice commands, scenarios, and automation. We’ve compiled a list of the top HomeKit light strips available to help you determine which is ideal for your requirements.

LIFX Wi-Fi Smart LED HomeKit lightstrips Starter Kit

LIFX lightstrip

The LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip is equipped with Polychrome technology. This allows it to show many colors at the same time. It includes eight separate color zones, brightness of up to 700 lumens, and compatibility with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The LIFX app contains a plethora of helpful functions, such as scheduling, grouping, and accessing a variety of interesting lighting effects and preset color schemes. By setting the visualizer effect in the LIFX app, you really can create a dynamic movie night ambiance. This causes the lights to dance to the beat of a song or the sound of a movie via the microphone on your phone or tablet.

Eve Light HomeKit light strips- Apple HomeKit Smart Home LED LightsStrip

Eve lightstrip

The Eve Light Strip has an incredibly intense peak brightness of 1800 lumens and millions of colors. This 6.6-foot light strip connects through Bluetooth to your iOS device and HomeKit. Providing a safe and private connection that does not rely on a cloud server.

In addition, the light strip is incompatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead, it only works with Apple’s Siri. You may use Siri voice control to change the color, alter the brightness, and switch it on/off. To use Siri to manage these lights when away from home. You’ll need an iOS device that acts as an Apple home hub, such as an iPad, Apple TV, or Apple HomePod.

Onvis LED Smart LED Light Strip Works with Apple HomeKit

Onvis led smart

The ONVIS Smart LED Light Strip, like the LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip, can display many colors at the same time. Colour zones allow you to modify brightness and saturation levels for a variety of regions across the house, and they also enable dynamic sceneries and effects via the ONVIS app.

Nanoleaf Essentials Bluetooth & Thread Smart LED Lightstrip – White and Color

Nanoleaf essentials HomeKit lightstrips

Nanoleaf’s Essentials Lightstrip is the brightest HomeKit light strip available, producing a stunning 2,200 lumens of multicolored light. The 80-inch light strip from Nanoleaf contains the most recent HomeKit capabilities, such as Adaptive Lighting, and it supports Thread networking, which allows for faster reaction times and a wider range if you have a HomePod mini.

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor HomeKit lightstrips

Philips Hue Smart Outdoor HomeKit lightstrips

The Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Lightstrip Plus is distinguished by its excellent color reproduction and ability to show up to 16 million distinct colors. The strip’s capacity to show these many colors works in combination with Hue scenarios, allowing it to operate as a wake-up light, entertainment light, or party light with a single tap. Plus, because it is weather-resistant, you may le Calibri (Body) ave it outside all year.

The clipped piece may be reused and rejoined to other parts of the strip using the Philip Hue connection, which impressed us. This is not the case with the majority of smart light strips. You may connect them to your home theatre system. This is a pretty neat function, but you’ll need the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box to do it.

Overall, we believe this light strip is stylish, easy to use, and full of fantastic capabilities. But it’s ideal for folks who already have other Philips Hue lights at home. Those who are interested in constructing a single smart lighting system owing to the price.

Smart LED Strip Lights for Apple HomeKit

Smart Pro plus HomeKit lightstrips

Thanks to the presence of two 16-foot pieces in the package, the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Light Strip can cover up to 32.8 feet in multicolored delight. This light strip, as the name implies, connects to HomeKit by Wi-Fi without the need for a hub, and once connected. You can change colors via Siri, the Home app, or the Meross app.

Geeni Prisma Plus HomeKit light strips

Geeni Prisma Plus

You seemed to have no issues with the Geeni Prisma Plus during setup or installation. The light strip is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. Geeni’s Strip Lights are weatherproof, so they may also be used outside.

Geeni’s strip lights, like others, may be cut to size or paired with extension parts to reach a maximum length of 9.8 feet. With Geeni’s Prisma Plus Light Strip, you can create schedules, choose colors, lower the lights, and choose from one of nine prepared lighting sequences.

These lights are appealing, somewhat bright, and well-made. However, the humming noise produced by the power adaptor each time you change the color appeared to devalue the product.


The finest HomeKit light strips allow you to liven up your house with vibrant colors with a simple tap or by speaking into Siri. Scenes may give your area the appearance of a natural sunset. Also, automation can turn them on and off at predetermined times via preset schedules. They also work well as Christmas illumination including outdoor alternatives that allow for some unobtrusive installation options that may be left out all year.

The Nanoleaf Essentials Homekit Lightstrip, which combines cutting-edge Thread technology with exceptional brightness in new packaging, is one of our favorites. Thread makes Nanoleaf’s strip very sensitive. If you have a HomePod mini in your home, it automatically adjusts color temperature during the day using HomeKit Adaptive Lighting.

Meanwhile, the flexibility of the LIFX Color Zones Lightstrip to display numerous colors at the same time makes it an obvious winner. The LIFX light strip is simple to install and connects to your Wi-Fi network without the use of an extra hub. If you don’t mind hubs, the Philips Hue Outdoor LightStrip Plus is another great alternative. The Hue light strip is available in millions of hues and white tones. It also works with pre-built scenarios in the Hue app.

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