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Which Apple Air 4 color you should buy?


Apple’s current tablet looks a great deal like the current year’s Apple Pro. Then again, it’s packed with numerous firsts. However, the iPad Air 4 is the first Apple gadget to include an A14 Bionic chip and Touch ID in its top button. It also presents the first green and blue tablets of the iPad generation. The Apple Air 4 is accessible in five color options: silver, space grey, rose gold, green, and blue. Unlike past models, the Apple Air 4 has a close bezel-less display. The stunning Liquid Retina display is very similar to any model you select. Which Apple iPad Air 4 color to buy?

Some details about iPad Air 4

Which Apple Air 4 color you should buy?
Which Apple Air 4 color you should buy?
Rose Gold
Which Apple Air 4 color you should buy?
Which Apple Air 4 color you should buy?
Which Apple Air 4 color you should buy?
Space Grey

Firstly, the Apple Air 4 launched on Friday, Oct. 23, 2020. It starts at $599 for the 64GB setup, and you can move up to 256GB for $150, which carries you to $749. LTE cell connectivity costs $130 more, carrying the maximum cost to $879.

That value looks excellent, close to the iPad Pro 12.9. However, some might experience sticker shock if they recollect how the iPad Air 3 was $499. Luckily, we’ve begun to see sales rising to this point. Amazon has the best deals, bringing the Apple Air 4 2020 to $569!

Furthermore, the iPad Air 4 looks so much like an iPad Pro that you would consider Apple only released a new color of iPad in the 11-inch size of its excellent quality. It’s available in the green model blue, rose gold, silver, and Space Gray.

Which Apple iPad Air 4 color to buy

Colors of iPad 4

Firstly, the apple Air 4 is available in five colors. Of these five colors, my favorite colors are Rose gold, Cool green, and Space grey. Those are the best colors for any of the users. They are the star products in the selling of iPad Air 4.

If you are just a teenager and you are buying an Apple Air 4 for just a show-off. You should buy the space grey color because it gives a professional look and this is a fantastic choice for show-off.

And if you are an athlete, you should go for the Green color of the iPad.It’s an excellent color for the iPad and is the first time any iPad has a green color. For an outside look, it’s an immerse choice as well.

Then there’s rose gold color. You will not regret your decision if you buy this shade of iPad. However, it’s suitable for all kinds of buyers, and rose gold is the highest selling color of the iPad Air 4.

1. Silver

Silver Apple air 4

Silver is the most formal decision when picking a color for your Apple Air 4. It’s a classic color that never becomes old. An achievement since a long time ago used on Apple’s MacBooks. The reliable color option won’t draw a lot of attention. However, maybe that is most likely the point! It works hard to hide little scratches that appear after some time and carefully hides fingers too.

2. Green iPad Air 4

green shade of iPad

Last year, Apple launches the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro. For 2020. It’s moving to a much lighter green shade for the Apple Air 4. However, because this green isn’t close to as light as the Sky Blue iPad Air 4. This may be a superior decision for anybody hoping to hang out in a totally different manner.

3. Sky Blue iPad Air 4

Sky blue iPad Air 4

The Sky Blue Apple Air 4 could easily be called light blue. However, that wouldn’t sound as close to as wonderful. If you are worried about fingerprints yet have become tired of silver, this is the best tablet for you.

4. Rose gold Air 4

Rose gold shade of Air 4

The Rose Gold resolution found on the Apple Air 4 is unmistakable and upscale. In fact, if you’re sick of silver and space grey and don’t want to switch to green and blue, grab the Rose Gold iPad Air 4.

Moreover, Rose gold is in high demand among the youngster and it is the best-selling shade on iPad. You are not gonna regret your decision.

5. Space Grey

Space grey Apple Air 4

For the people who want to add a dash of class and impressive skill to their iPad Air 4. Space grey is the right shade for you. It’s near as customary as the silver finish was but yet darker.


The Apple Air 4 is the latest iPad of this generation. Apple is also well known for its shades. They create their own shades for their products. However, Apple Air 4 provides five different shades Space grey, Rose gold, Sky blue, Green, and Silver. In these the best-selling shade is Rose gold but if you want something unique you can go for the Green shade. Now you have to decide which one is good for you.

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