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Samsung Galaxy S21 Colours- Which colour to choose?


If you are planning to buy a mobile from the Galaxy S21 series, then you might want to know the different colour options available. Here are all the Samsung Galaxy S21 colours available in the market for you to choose from.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Colours

The Samsung Galaxy S21 line features three different colored smartphones. The basic device, as well as the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, are all available in a variety of colors. The color possibilities aren’t the same for each phone, too, since there are some colors that are exclusive to one phone. Moreover, some of the alternatives are only available at specific merchants in specific regions. So you may have to search around to locate your preferred phone in your preferred color. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is available in four colors: violet, pink, grey, and white, for $799. Blue and black options are both missing from the Galaxy S20. However, the new grey fills up for the black, and the blue has been completely replaced by purple.


Samsung Galaxy S21 colours- Violet

Phantom Violet is a variant of the Galaxy Note 20 with a pastel violet back and a gold camera bump, similar to the regular Galaxy Note 20 color option. This is the only color for the phone that has a noticeable difference in color between the camera bump and the back. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus has this option as well.



The grey color seems more like black color. According to Samsung, the color is Phantom Grey. But if you want a black Galaxy S21, this is the best option. Or you can check the S21 Plus and Ultra, as they come in an even blacker shade.


Samsung Galaxy S21 colours- White

With this model of the phone, Samsung caters to those who prefer white phones. The camera bump is silver, but it blends in with the white rear. However, if you are not careful enough this phone may display marks or stains more than others.



The Phantom Pink Galaxy S21 has the same gold camera bump as the violet model. Although, with a quick glance it might look different. This is due to the different backs, it’s a bit of an optical illusion.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Colours

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus is available in five colors. Phantom Violet (seen above), as well as four more colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Red. Although, two of these are only available on the Samsung website. The phone is available for purchase for $999.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Colours- Black

If you don’t like the color’ Phantom Grey,’ and want a darker shade of black, then this Phantom Black phone is for you. It is significantly darker than the grey phone, but it’s the only dark option for the Plus model. This color is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.



You might feel that the Phantom Silver Galaxy S21 Plus and the white Galaxy S21. It features the same silver camera bump as the iPhone, but the rest of the back is the same color. This color is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.



This royal tone is identical to Mystic Gold on the Galaxy Note 20, but it’s called Phantom Gold for this series. It looks a lot like the pink S21, although it’s a touch darker. However, you can get your hands on this model only on Samsung’s website.



The Phantom Red is a stark contrast to the majority of Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus colors. As most of the phones have pastel hues and softer color selections. However, this is a color change, and thus, it stands out among the other models. Also, the camera bump is of a golden shade, creating a contrast. Moreover, this is also only available on Samsung’s website.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Colours

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has Phantom Silver and Phantom Black color options, and the remaining three are only available on Samsung’s website. This phone is the priciest Galaxy S21-line handset, costing $1,199. Also, it is the largest, which means there’s more space to show off your favorite color.


Galaxy S21 Ultra Colours Titatium

The Galaxy S21 Ultra Phantom Titanium variant is just a grey shade with a different name. However, it is significantly paler than the Phantom Grey hue in the other model. The camera bump is black, similar to that of the Phantom Black.


Adding another shade in the series, the Phantom Navy Galaxy S21 Ultra looks similar to the other grey Galaxy S21 Ultra. However, this time it has a distinct blue tint to it.



The Phantom Brown makes the handset appear to be made of wood or covered in leather. As a result, it has the most premium-looking appearance of the phone shades.


With a wide range of pallets, Samsung has made the Galaxy S21 series quite colorful. For Samsung Galaxy S21, the company has set the series with pastel colors, violet, grey, white and pink. If you are not into these colors and want something more bright, you can go for the Galaxy S21 Plus series. It has options of violet, black, silver, gold and red. However, the gold and red shades are only available on the Samsung website. For Galaxy S21 Ultra, the color options are silver, black, titanium, navy, and brown. Also, for the titanium, navy, and brown model, you will have to go to Samsung’s website.

Which color are you opting for? Tell us in the comments section below.

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