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Nothing Ear (Stick) Review:  Best wireless earbuds on the market!


Nothing company introduced new blasting earbuds that offer good performance at an attractive price. It isn’t easy to pass them, even for iPhone users. It’s simply impossible not to enjoy it because it’s so gratifying, attractive, and enjoyable. Nothing Ear (stick) is a fantastic introduction to one of the most amazingly constructed and painstakingly crafted pairs of true wireless earphones. Its most recent earphones, the Ear Stick, may not be sound-blocking, but they are undoubtedly eye-catching.
 A significant component of the Nothing company  is “design.”  Consequently, the cosmetics industry inspired the Ear (stick) cylindrical charging case. Rotate the earbud in the barrel and make them accessible, which includes a USB-C input and a “Bluetooth pairing” button. We are here with the Nothing Ear Stick review that will help you out.

Overall Summary

Nothing Ear (stick)

The Nothing ear (sticks) exude flair thanks to their translucent design and cloud-like ultra lightweight. Additionally, the transparent design always keeps an eye on your earbuds. Pure Sound, Precisely Tuned: These earbuds' big 11.6 mm dynamic driver allows an immersive audio experience. The content, which has a large air chamber, expands to provide high-quality sound. Additionally, the software and hardware parts have been carefully chosen to guarantee outstanding performance in the bass, midrange, and treble. Because of these earbuds' dependable Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, you won't miss a single note.

  • Improved sense of space, dynamics, and bass
  • Touch-sensitive stems work well.
  • Even stronger aesthetic
  • Clear Detailed sound
  • Minor drop-out anxiety concerning t
  • No ANC
  • Sensitive control panel easy to toggle
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Price and Availability

The Nothing Ear (stick) wireless earbuds was introduced on October 26. It is now available for pre-order, with sales beginning worldwide on November 4, 2022. Retail price is $99 in the United States, £99 in the United Kingdom, and €119 in France and Germany. You can purchase them directly from Nothing’s website.


Ear stick
Design Nothing Ear (stick)

Nothing constantly refines its design and fit and develops new aesthetic integration in its earbuds. The Ear (stick) has a similar design and fit,  with a see-through stalk that allows you to see the inside components, including the magnetic connectors and the antennae. This time, however, the stalk is slightly longer. Nothing moved with a pretty attractive and great cylindrical appearance. The case has a tactile twist motion at the end to expose the wireless earbuds.

The casing has a USB-C connector on one end for charging. Due to its cylindrical shape, adding a wireless charging coil was not an option. Next to the charging connector is a single button solely used to activate pairing mode so that the earphones can be connected to a new smartphone.

The size of the huge great bulb that rests just inside the Ear is almost the same as the one on top of the third-generation AirPods, but I discovered that Nothing’s design fits my Ear more comfortably. The fundamental challenge with open or half-in-ear designs like these is that they have to snugly entangle themselves in your ear’s folds instead of earbuds, which use a mushy silicon tip that you securely cram into your ear canal. The Ear (stick) earbuds were much more challenging to remove from my ears than the third-generation true wireless AirPods. But everyone’s ears are unique in terms of size and form. The Ear (stick) true wireless case is much more massive than the charging box for the third-gen AirPods.

Instead, there is a metal button on the stem for playback control and other shortcuts that don’t actually move but instead sense presses (or, more precisely, cautious two-finger squeezes, assuming you don’t want to knock them out of your ears)

Nothing Ear (Stick) Sound Quality

Sound Quality

Wireless earbuds with silicone or foam ear tips that drive sound directly into your ear canal will sound better than an open or half-in-ear design like the Ear (stick), albeit they may not be as pleasant for all users.

I’ve used the Ear Sticks earbuds for ordinary phone calls inside and outside the house and video and audio calls on WhatsApp and Teams. However, The sound quality is fantastic for me as the caller, with distinct voices and no obtrusive background noise interfering with the conversation. But the person on the other end is more of a mixed bag. It seemed comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live during Teams calls, but it wasn’t as good outside of Teams calls.

Nothing Ear (Stick) Gestures Control

You must squeeze it deliberately to pause, play, or end a call using the gesture controls on the Ear Stick earbuds. Nothing Earbuds Pair has a similar feature to the second-generation AirPods Pro, allowing users to adjust the volume without a phone simply swiping against the earbud stems.

The gestures are pretty good and impressive. You must press exactly for the function to happen, especially for adjusting the volume, which is pretty tough to control. To change the volume in stepped increments, squeeze and hold the right stem and to decrease volume, squeeze and hold the left stem.

Bass Lock is Broken

What Nothing company refers to as Bass Lock. In theory, a digital feature that should offer a  good sound shield over external disturbances replaces ANC. Even at louder volumes, though, I could hear discussions and the audio. However, if you prefer transparent-sounding earbuds and find ANC problematic, they might be the best choice. The Ear Stick also has a problem with sound leakage however, if you intend to use these earphones while travelling, be prepared to hear and possibly see sounds around you.

Nothing Ear Stick review- Connectivity


The Sticks have proper connectivity with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, iPad Pro, Mac M1, and iPhone 14 Pro. They could connect to each device without issues, and the stability was perfect. Compared to AirPods Pro or Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones.

The Nothing Ear Stick supports multipoint connectivity so that it can connect to numerous devices simultaneously, and the connection has been fantastic. I have used them indoors and outdoors and have never encountered a lost connection. There’s also IPX5 water resistance for the earphones, so you can use them in the rain or even quickly submerge them in water without trouble. But that’s the earphones; the casing isn’t water-resistant.

The Nothing X App

Nothing X App

The mobile app for the Nothing Ear (1) earphones was changed to Nothing X. For those who have the Nothing Phone (1), all these options are accessible through the phone’s Quick Settings while the buds are connected. It is not required and is available for iOS and Android. The Ear (stick) performance is unaffected by the smartphone you’re connected to. However, we could not test it with the Nothing (1) phone.

You may program the double-press, triple-press, press-and-hold, and double-press-and-hold motions to advance and rewind tracks, increase and decrease volume, and use the voice assistant on your phone. It would be best to exercise caution when moving your earbuds because the single-press gesture cannot be altered or disabled.
Though it appears innovative, the equalizer is somewhat underdeveloped. 
The graphic EQ is represented as a wheel with three spokes: a bass, midrange, and treble spoke. Since audio frequencies are represented on a linear spectrum, the circle makes very little sense.  There are four presets—Balanced, More Bass, More Treble, and Voicand. They all have blob-like curves that show the sound changes that Nothing made. 
Although you can choose your custom curve, you can only move points along the three spokes, meaning you’ll be sketching an oval rather than a blob. Nevertheless, avoiding the Voice preset is recommended because of how tinny it sounds.

The nothing Earbuds do not include the silicon tips that the ear 1 does. This implies that the background noise would not be blocked entirely. The earphones are compatible with the nothing X app and link easily with the phone. To pair the gadget, push a button.

Battery Life

Each bud has a 12.6mm audio driver that Nothing claims were custom-built for the Ear Stick. The battery life runs for seven hours on a single charge. There are three extra charges in the case for around 28 hours of playing. However, the charging case boasts up to 29 hours of charging.

What is Unique about Nothing Ear?

Pair of Nothing Earbuds uses three high-definition mics and Clear Voice Technology to make you sound like yourself. Advanced algorithms use millions of speech and sound combinations. Including wind speeds up to 40 km/h to isolate and amplify your voice with astonishing accuracy as you speak.

Is nothing ear Water Proof?

Nothing Ear is water-resistant and sweatproof. Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth 5.2.Ear Headphones with 3 Microphone, 34 Hour Playtime IPX4 Waterproof Earphones. Compatible with iPhone & Android, White.

Nothing Ear stick review- Conclusion

We end our Nothing Ear Stick review here.The nothing ear stick is a set of transparent half-in-ear wireless earphones. It comes in a lipstick-shaped cylindrical casing that rolls open and shut. It is suitable for both Android and iOS devices. Wireless charging is not supported. The aesthetics of Nothing’s most recent earbuds are its best feature. These are all specially made from the buds themselves to the case that keeps them safe. In light of this, sound quality can be sacrificed for such aesthetics. The Ear Stick provides reasonably clear audio for $99. They are not industry leaders because they need ANC and sound leakage problems. Nothing makes a compelling case, whether you want to give your fashionable friend or family member. However, go elsewhere if staying current with sound trends is more important.

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