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Roam around with Unagi Model One E500: Electric Scooters!


Unagi means “eel” in Japanese, and it’s a perfect name for a firm that creates one of the most stylish electric scooters on the market. This Unagi Model One E500 ($990) not just slithers through crowds, but it does so with authority and style. Read our whole Unagi Model One review to learn why it’s the greatest electric scooter for getting up or down hills — or elsewhere matter.

Short review

The Unagi Model One E500 is what you’re looking at.

Let’s start with a quick rundown of everything the Unagi Model One has to offer. There are two versions of Model One: E250 and E500. The E500 has two motors, but the E250 has only one motor. The tests in this video are based on the E500 version, however, I’ll make various comparisons to the E250 performance because the E500 may also be used in single-motor mode. Both variants feature a top speed of 17 miles per hour (27.4 kilometers per hour) and a range of up to 15.5 miles (25 kilometers) per charge. It has 7.5-inch maintenance-free rubber tires, as well as an ergonomic thumb throttle and an electronic brake.

The Model One boasts a mesmerizingly elegant aesthetic at first glance, but is it just appearances, does the performance beneath the surface deserve the price tag? Let’s have a look.

Price and availability

Unagi Model One E500 Price and availability

Unagi only makes one scooter, the Model One, which would be available in two different variants. The E250 ($840) is a single-motor model, whereas the E500 ($990) has two motors. Both are available in red, blue, white, and black, with premium and bespoke colors and designs available for the E500 for an extra $300.


One of the sexiest scooters I’ve ever ridden is the Unagi Model One. From the bottom to the handlebars, the front steering tube tapers gracefully from a circle to a triangle shape.

The deck is simple, with clean, minimalist lines. Your feet can rarely be slid because the top of a deck is covered in a gripping rubber.

There is an enjoyable steering tube hinge mechanism, which is one of the most ingenious we have seen on a scooter. Fold the tube down by pulling on 2 options at the base; in this position, the front wheel is likewise locked in place. The Unagi’s handlebar floats over the rear fender, unlike other scooters that require you to secure it to the fender.

Two thumb paddles are used to control the Unagi. The one on the right side of the handlebar is for speed, while the one on the left is for braking. A little button is located above each paddle; the one on the right allows you to select between the three racing modes (which limit its top speed). The scooter’s siren, which is loud and high pitched, is activated by pressing the left button; it’s as if Unagi took the siren from a smoke alarm.

LCD monitors and LED light

Unagi Model One E500 LCD monitor

A large, bright LCD monitor sits in the middle, displaying your speed, distance traveled, and anticipated remaining battery life. You can choose from three riding modes, each of which limits the scooter’s top speed.

LCD light

When riding in the dark, two LEDs at the front provide a good view of what’s ahead. It was more than effective, even if it wasn’t as brilliant as the Glion. The Unagi also sports a huge red taillight that stays lit but flashes when the brakes are applied.

The only serious critique of the Unagi Model One E500 design is that the handlebars do not collapsible, making it less compact than the Glion Dolly for commuters.


The Unagi Model One is available in two versions, each with a different motor arrangement. The E250 uses a single 250W motor, whereas the E500 uses two 500W motors. Despite the increased motor power, both versions have a top speed of 17 miles per hour (27.4 KMH).

Tests of Extreme Speed

You can reach 17.07 MPH (27.47 KMH) in dual-motor gear as a 170 pound (77 kg) rider on a flat and even surface. Also, you can discover a “hidden” setting online that allows the unit to reach its maximum speed capability. You can reach a maximum speed of 19.57 MPH (31.49 KMH) after unlocking the secret mode, demonstrating that the Unagi Model One E500 is capable of much more than claimed on the internet. It’s a welcome surprise in a market where exaggerating performance and staying competitive has become the standard.

Top speed comparison

When compared to other brands in the weight division, the Model One ranks among the finest, only being surpassed by a few E-TWOW models. However, I would argue that on such a compact form-factor scooter, I do not want to go any quicker than the Model One can. It outlasts the comparable Segway and Xiaomi models in terms of speed.

Unagi Model One E500 Acceleration Test

You might be wondering if the maximum speed is that on both versions, why would I pay an extra $150 for the dual-motor version? The contrast between the two is night and day when it comes to acceleration and hill-climbing ability. You have double the power and three times the enjoyment with the dual-motor system.

Speed ModeAvg TimeBest Time
Single  motors7.75s7.44s
Dual motors (Unlocked)4.34s4.29s
Dual motor5.04s4.78s

You are able to speed up from 0 to 15 MPH in 5.04 seconds using dual-motor mode. With enhanced mode enabled, you can also reduce that time just to 4.34 seconds, which would be the fastest time I’ve ever achieved in this weight division. It took me 7.75 seconds to complete the same speed in single-motor mode (which is also the speed that can be expected on the E250 model). The Unagi Model One E500 is a powerful machine that packs a lot of punch into a small package.

Ability to Climb a Hill

The superior dual-motor acceleration is also noticeable on inclines. Putting the scooter to the test on one of the area’s hardest hills, which has an elevation slope of 18.2 percent, it successfully climbed the gradient with a speed of roughly 10 miles per hour while riding in dual-motor mode. The scooter does not have nearly enough power to make it up in single-motor mode.

Motor Performance

Unagi Model One E500 Motor Performance

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much in terms of motor performance, to begin with. I’m pleasantly impressed, particularly by the acceleration, which outperforms larger scooters such as the Zero 10 and is comparable to the Evolv Tour XL-R.

The Unagi Model One E500 is preferred by most of Unagi’s purchasers, and I can see why. In my perspective, the additional speed you get for an extra $150 makes it a no-brainer. Riding in single-motor mode results in lackluster acceleration and significantly reduced hill climb ability, so if you live in areas with even one hill, that’s an excellent reason to upgrade to the dual-motor version. It’s also worth noting that, in comparison to another 250W-500W motor I’ve used, these motors are nearly silent.

Battery life

The Model One is built to support a 15.5-mile range, but like with all-electric scooters, that figure is predicated on the best-case scenario. You are able to get roughly 10 miles out from the Model One’s batteries throughout my riding, which included running both motors and traveling up and downhills.


The Unagi Model One isn’t cheap at nearly $1,000, but it’s the greatest electric scooter, specifically for individuals who need to climb steep hills. It boasts strong motors, a clean and vivid display, and a fantastic sense of style.

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