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The Best clothes dryers you should buy in 2024!

Best Clothes dryer
Best Clothes dryer

Choosing the right clothes dryer is a delicate dance between time and temperature, ensuring your laundry emerges soft, wrinkle-free, and ready to wear after a single cycle. It’s about finding that sweet spot—enough time to dry but not too much to risk damage. Seek out a clothes dryer with diverse settings for various needs, from bedding to delicate fabrics, all while keeping an eye on energy efficiency.

Consider your household’s size and specific requirements, opting for a larger capacity for big families or a space-saving stackable model for tight spaces. Smart connectivity adds a modern touch and built-in sensors help maintain that delicate balance during drying. Our thorough research has uncovered the market’s best clothes dryer, promising the best laundry experience.

Forget the traditional bundled washer best clothes dryer set; mix and match based on your preferences, especially if your laundry setup is tucked away. Our rigorous testing focuses on core concerns: efficient drying without damage, additional features like Steam and smart connectivity, and overall quality.



The Maytag MED7230HW dryer stands out with its dimensions measuring "99.06 x 68.58 x 76.52” (H x W x D), offering a substantial capacity of 7.4 cu. ft. Available in Heritage white or metallic slate (with a $100 extra charge), this dryer not only meets but exceeds expectations. Setting itself apart with features like wrinkle control, steam, and sanitizing, it ensures your laundry emerges not just dry but impeccably cared for. In the realm of matching washers, the Maytag MVW7230HW is its perfect companion.

With an Energy Star rating, this dryer not only performs admirably but does so with efficiency. What makes the MED7230HW truly exceptional is its ability to tackle laundry efficiently. The regular cycle boasts a remarkable finish time—64 minutes compared to the average 71—ensuring that each load emerges 100% dry. The dryer's intuitive design extends to smart features, offering notifications for load adjustments, and eliminating the unpleasant surprise of improperly dried items. Standard smart features include cycle completion alerts, remote start capabilities, and proactive diagnostics, ensuring a hassle-free laundry experience.

  • Solid drying
  • Good smart features
  • Hamper door for easier loading
  • Extended duration for the regular cycle
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Amana NED4655EW

Amana NED4655EW

If you're on a tight budget, the Amana NED4655EW is the go-to clothes dryer. It's super easy to use with a simple dial to tweak settings. While it may not have all the fancy features, it covers the basics well. You get three drying cycles: Automatic Dry, Timed Dry, and Air Dry, plus three temperature options - high heat, low heat, and no heat. There's even an Energy Preferred setting for a more energy-efficient spin.

Just be aware, that it's not the biggest drum at 6.5 cubic feet, so it's better for smaller families. Also, it doesn't stack, so it might take up a bit more space. But here's the kicker - it's only $500, making it a steal. And with the Automatic Dry settings, you can trust it to handle the drying time and heat, no matter what you're tossing in there is solid bang for your buck.

  • Excellent worth
  • User-friendly layout
  • Energy-preferred configuration for energy conservation
  • Restricted capacity
  • Restricted features
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Revitalize your wardrobe with the revolutionary TurboSteam technology. Imagine tossing your shirt into the dryer, activating TurboSteam, and voila—in just 10 minutes, your garment is restored to its prime condition. This cutting-edge feature not only revitalizes fabrics but also remarkably reduces wrinkles in half the time compared to conventional steam settings.

Elevate your laundry experience with the SteamFresh Cycle, a game-changer that refreshes clothing and banishes wrinkles in up to 5 garments simultaneously. In a mere 20-minute dryer cycle, this innovation ensures your clothes emerge rejuvenated and ready to impress.

Dive into the realm of efficiency with 14 diverse drying programs, from Cotton/Normal to SteamSanitary, each catering to your specific needs. Embrace the Sensor Dry system, a marvel by LG that intelligently gauges moisture levels, automatically adjusting drying times for consistently impeccable results.

Stay ahead in the laundry game with SmartThinQ (Wi-Fi), offering remote monitoring and access features. Need troubleshooting? SmartDiagnosis has you covered, analyzing tones for instant problem-solving without the hassle of calling support.

Embodying both style and functionality, the On Door Control Panel with Full Touch Display adds a touch of sophistication. Silence becomes a virtue with LoDecibel Quiet Operation, allowing you to conquer your laundry without the unnecessary noise.

Take charge of your appliance's health with the FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator, prompting you to maintain optimal performance. The generously sized drum not only accommodates extensive loads but also promises efficiency, saving you time and sparing your back from unnecessary strain.

Experience the epitome of convenience with the intuitive full-touch control panel integrated into the door, promising wrinkle-free perfection without the need for tedious ironing. With Sensor Dry technology at its core, this dryer ensures your garments are flawlessly dried, saving energy and preserving the integrity of your clothes.

  • Large capacity
  • Sensor Dry technology
  • TurboSteam feature
  • SmartThinQ Wi-Fi
  • 14 drying cycles
  • Child lock
  • Expensive
  • Not as energy efficient as some other dryers
  • Can be noisy
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LG DLHC1455W clothes dryer


In situations where a vent is inaccessible or energy conservation is a priority, the LG DLHC1455W Electric Dryer stands out as a commendable choice. Boasting a compact size of 33 ½ x 24 x 26 ⅜ inches, this dryer doesn't compromise on performance with its 4.2 cu. ft. capacity and 12 diverse cycles. What sets it apart is the innovative Dual Inverter HeatPump Technology, a game-changer for those without vent access. This cutting-edge feature enables the recycling of heated air to efficiently extract moisture from your clothes, eliminating the need for a traditional duct.

The beauty of this technology lies in its energy efficiency—reusing heated air instead of constant venting. The moisture is efficiently drained through a separate hose, ensuring a seamless drying process. Beyond its functionality, the LG DLHC1455W doesn't skimp on modern conveniences. With app control, you can manage your drying cycles with ease. Additionally, its stackable design optimizes space, catering to diverse living arrangements.

While acknowledging its slightly extended drying time compared to vented alternatives, this electric dryer remains a worthwhile investment for those prioritizing energy savings. Despite its smaller capacity, it packs a punch in terms of features, making it a viable option for households seeking a ventless, high-tech drying solution.

  • The absence of vents enhances its energy efficiency.
  • You have the flexibility to download additional programs through the app control feature.
  • Its stackable design is a space-saving solution.
  • Limited capacity.
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 LG DLEX8900B clothes dryer


For those tackling sizable laundry loads routinely, the LG DLEX8900B stands out as the go-to solution. Boasting an expansive 9.0 cu. ft. capacity and measuring at 29 x 40 ¾ x 32 ⅛ inches, this electric clothes dryer accommodates hefty comforters with room to spare. Beyond its generous size, the appliance offers a plethora of functionalities. From beneficial steam features to speedy drying cycles, it's equipped to handle diverse laundry needs. Tackling wrinkles is a breeze with the Wrinkle Care option, ensuring your garments emerge smooth.

What elevates the LG DLEX8900B is its intelligent design. Not only does it present 12 preset settings, but it also allows additional cycle downloads for tailored drying programs. The appliance showcases its smarts with voice control compatibility through Google Assistant or Alexa, enabling seamless integration into your smart home. Maintaining maintenance is also a breeze; the dryer automatically detects issues, sending timely notifications to your phone. Whether it's a reminder to clean the vent or replace the filter, this dryer keeps you informed.

While its performance is commendable, it's essential to consider its substantial space requirements and a slightly higher price point. If these factors align with your preferences and you find yourself dealing with a substantial amount of laundry, the LG DLEX8900B emerges as a top-tier choice in the realm of clothes dryers.

  • Ample capacity to accommodate sizable households
  • Diverse cycle choices, including a steam option
  • Effective wrinkle prevention feature
  • Space-saving stackable design.
  • The substantial size occupies significant space
  • Comes with a hefty price tag, exceeding $1,000
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Samsung DVE52A5500W/A3

Samsung DVE52A5500W/A3

Introducing the Samsung DVE52A5500W/A3, a remarkable front loader designed to redefine your laundry experience. Standing at 44 11/16 x 27 x 30 1/4 inches, with a capacious 7.4 cu. ft., this dryer not only boasts a sleek appearance but also integrates seamlessly into your smart home setup. Gone are the days of manual controls; now, you can effortlessly manage your laundry cycles through your smartphone, scheduling tasks and receiving timely notifications.

What sets this dryer apart is its intelligent technology. Equipped with a moisture sensor, it intuitively adjusts cycle time and temperature for optimal results. The vent sensor is a game-changer, providing real-time alerts about any potential obstructions in the vent system. With 12 diverse drying cycles and five temperature options, this appliance caters to your specific needs.

But, like any innovation, it has its quirks. Notably, it's not stackable, limiting its suitability for space-conscious laundry rooms. Additionally, the $899 price tag may give you pause, but the investment might be worthwhile for those seeking cutting-edge features. Inefficient dryers, the Samsung DVE52A5500W/A3 stands tall, promising a laundry experience that's not only connected but tailored to perfection.

  • Numerous functionalities, such as intelligent connectivity, steam cycles, ventilation monitoring, and a moisture sensor, are incorporated.
  • Comes with a hefty price tag of $899.
  • Cannot be stacked.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Electrolux ELFE7637AT

Electrolux ELFE7637AT

The Electrolux ELFE7637AT, standing at 38" x 27" x 32", is a drying powerhouse with an 8 cubic feet capacity, available in Titanium and white finishes. A standout in performance, its Normal cycle impressively dries a full load in just 90 minutes, showcasing efficiency. The Bulky and Delicates cycles also exhibit remarkable water removal in a short span. Even the quick 15-minute cycle, while not the top performer, holds its own in rapid water elimination.

Beyond its stellar performance, this dryer boasts a plethora of practical features. The steam functionalities enhance its appeal, offering de-wrinkling, static reduction modes, and quick refresh options. The predictive drying feature elevates its precision, providing accurate cycle time estimates and preventing over-drying damage. Remarkably, it accomplishes all of this while maintaining low energy consumption, earning the coveted Energy Star certification.

Undoubtedly, quality comes at a cost, and this dryer is no exception. Priced on the higher side, it reflects a premium investment for a premium product. The Electrolux ELFE7637AT stands as a top-tier dryer in our labs, offering a perfect blend of performance, efficiency, and innovative features.

  • Rapid and efficient cycles
  • Characteristics of steam
  • A brief cycle does not remove a significant amount of water
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What kind of upkeep does the best clothes dryer require?

To maintain the optimal condition of your best cloth dryer, make it a practice to clear the lint filter after each usage to prevent blockages and minimize the risk of fires. Periodically inspect the vent hose for any accumulation of lint and ensure it is securely connected. Regularly scrutinize and clean the exhaust vent to uphold efficient drying performance.

How much time does it typically take for clothes to dry in a standard dryer?

Best clothes dryers

The drying duration for clothes in a conventional dryer typically spans 45 minutes to 1 hour. Nevertheless, variables like fabric composition, load size, and the efficiency of the dryer can exert an influence. It is imperative to adhere to care labels and avoid overloading for an optimal drying experience. Keep in mind that bulkier fabrics may necessitate a slightly extended drying time, whereas lighter items might achieve dryness more promptly.


Before hastily acquiring the best clothes dryer, assess its compatibility with your doorways and staircases for hassle-free delivery. Gauge the available space to evade unforeseen surprises. Opt for the best clothes dryer with a capacity commensurate with your washing machine, particularly if it boasts a high capacity (5.0 cubic feet or more). Prices range from $500 to $2,000, with viable choices falling within the $800 to $1,200 bracket. Watch for seasonal discounts; exercising patience can result in cost savings.

Take into account your laundry patterns for customization preferences—whether you favor simple or intricate cycles. Explore features like steam for reducing wrinkles, ensuring that your setup accommodates the necessary water hookup. Additionally, contemplate the orientation of the best clothes dryer door in your laundry room; the majority are reversible.

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