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Fitbit Aria vs Fitbit Aria 2: Which should you opt for?


Fitbit Aria and Fitbit Aria 2 dominate the fitness market which is as it should be. Interesting to the majority with its ingenious yet available health-tracking gadgets, the company has turned into the go-to brand for the individuals who appreciate keeping in shape but don’t have to think heaps about tech. The Aria setup of smart scales is one of these. Designed to assist you to keep track of your body creation close by your steps, runs, cycles, etc, these smart scales incorporate with the Fitbit ecosystem to give you some indication concerning how you’re managing with your diet close by your exercise routine. Here we will see Fitbit Aria vs Fitbit Aria 2.

Lately, the firm has expanded its points of view as far as fit tech contributions, from a little line-up of simple to-utilize smartwatches to a host of complementary gizmos, all with a similar objective: to assist you with smash your fitness goals.

The thought is that they record metrics over time to calculate your overall weight-related health, and if you’re after the best bathroom scales then these are the kind of components you ought to be searching for.

The Fitbit: are the Aria 2 and the Aria Air With just a year between them, the principal differences you’ll discover are the design and the cost.

Comparison Char:t Fitbit Aria Vs. Aria 2

SpecificationsFitbit AriaAria 2
Power4 AA Batteries3 AA Batteries
Weight20-350 lbsUp to 400 lbs
Users limit88
Wi-Fi connection2.4 GHz 802.11 b2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n
App controlYes, the Fitbit appYes, the Fitbit app
Size1.3 * 12.3 * 12.31.6 * 14.2 * 14
Weight4.7 lbs5.7 lbs
BMI, body fat percentage, and lean massYesYes
Wireless syncingYesYes
Set-upWi-FiFrom smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and app
Operating humidityUp to 95 %Up to 93 %
Personalized Greetings and iconsNoYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


Fitbit Aria vs. Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale,

Colour: White

Fitbit Aria vs. Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale,

Colour: Black

1. Power

The battery necessity of Fitbit Aria is less than Fitbit Aria 2. Aria requires 3AA batteries though Aria 2 requires 4AA batteries. It is on the grounds that Aria requires less power consumption than the last mentioned. So if you need a fitness machine with less power consumption then Aria would be appropriate for you.

2. Display

If we talk about their display and size, Aria 2 is a more noteworthy device that weighs 5.7 pounds with estimations 1.6″ * 14.2″ * 14″. Aria, then again, is similarly little with 4.7 pounds and measurements 1.3″ * 12.3″ * 12.3″.

3. Data Accuracy

A more upgraded version would have better systems for giving the right information of BMI, Body fat percentage and fit mass. Thus, Aria 2 is preferable in information accuracy over Aria.

4. Operating Humidity

There is a difference between the percentages of the operating humidity of the two devices. Aria can work in the general humidity up to 95% and Aria 2 has the impediment of relative humidity up to 93%. This is one of the perspectives where Aria gets an edge over Aria 2.

5. Increased Weight Limit

Fitbit Aria has a most weighing capacity of 350 pounds. Fitbit Aria 2 has a really weighing capacity that is 4 pounds which has an extraordinary effect between the two.

6. Personalized Icons And Greetings

Another element in the upgraded version Aria 2 is the customized symbols and good greetings. You will feel great when you go for a weight check in the morning. It sends a pleasant greeting to you which adds to its general stylish touch.


Fitbit Aria vs. Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale,

Colour: White

Fitbit Aria vs. Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale,

Colour: Black

1. Fitbit App

Both the products have a place with the same brand that is the reason they have the equivalent app. The Fitbit app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. This app offers a lot of interesting components like setting weight, hydration activity, nutrition, sleep, and so on It can likewise make your food arrangement and do calorie coaching if required.

2. Number Of Users

Both devices have a decent number of users that is 8. It is really enough to accommodate all your relatives and close friends.

3. Sensors

Both devices utilize the four load sensors which can undoubtedly quantify the body fat ratio with the assistance of electrical impedance and user information.

4. Wireless Syncing

Both devices can match up to your weight measurements naturally with the assistance of a Wi-Fi connection. You don’t need to stress over entering the information each time on your machine. You can be tension-free that your device can remember your information all alone.

5. Weight, Lean Mass, BMI and Body Mass Percentage

Both Fitbit Aria and Fitbit Aria 2 can measure other significant health data like lean mass, BMI, and body mass percentage. It is an additional advantage in both machines.

Features And Technical Specifications Of Fitbit Aria

Fitbit Aria

  • Aria syncs naturally and wirelessly through your home WiFi .
  • Network requiements: Wireless 802.11b,  WEP/WPA/WPA2 individual security, Automatic (DHCP) IP setup.
  • Aria consequently perceives up to eight different individuals.
  • Your weight information synchronizes to your private Fitbit dashboard, so you can control what information you share.
  • Measurement range: 20 to 350 pounds.
  • To set up interestingly, you’ll need one of the accompanying: Windows XP and later, Mac OS X 10.5 and up, iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. furthermore, later, and leading Android and Windows devices
  • Weight is 4.25 lbs
  • Height is 13 inches
  • Its width is 12.3 inches
  • Its scale has a few elements like glass design, wireless screen, impact-resistant glass stage, and online association.
  • It has users limit up to 8 individuals
  • It utilizes a 4 AA battery for power
  • Offers a 1-year warranty

Features And Technical Specifications Of Aria 2

Fitbit Aria 2

  • Measures weight, body fat ratio, lean mass and bmi. Aria air synchronizes stats wirelessly to PCs and 200+ driving iOS and android devices by means of a bluetooth association as it were.
  • Adjusts details consequently to your Fitbit dashboard utilizing Wi-Fi encryption and keeps tracks on your development with straightforward, easy to-understand graphs.
  • Perceives up to eight users while keeping individual stats hidden. Estimation ranges-4. 5-180 kg
  • It has a LCD
  • Compatible with smartphones.
  • It has users limit up to 8 individuals.
  • Weight is 3.97 lbs
  • Height is 1.3 inches
  • Its width is 12.3 inches
  • It utilizes a 3 AA battery for power
  • Most extreme weighing limit is 400 lbs
  • Its weight units are in-lb, st, kg
  • Its correspondence sources are through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • It offers a 1-year warranty


Both the fitness machines show up with a few arrangements of accessories. These products make their working simpler and more helpful. A portion of the accessories that you can add with both devices are-

  • Fitbit Flyer Headphones– You can combine it with your fitness device and it has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi association. It has a most extreme capacity of 6 hours of play and a fast re-energize.
  • Fitbit Alta HR– It is a very slim and lightweight mix of heart rate monitor and fitness wristband.
  • Fitbit Charge 3- It is a water-proof and swim-proof fitness tracker with development up to 50 meters. It perhaps the best product that Fitbit has to bring to the table. It can likewise collect smartphone notification and sleep information.
  • Fitbit Flex 2- It can work in the ocean. It has a straightforward design that can work even in water. You can likewise utilize it for a morning run.
  • Fitbit Ace- It goes about as a one of a kind fitness tracker for the children. It is appropriate for wrist size from 4.6 to 6.1 inches.

Fitbit Aria 2 vs Fitbit Aria: Design

The huge design difference between the Aria 2 and Fitbit Aria is the thickness. The last has a noticeably lower profile, which means it can all the more effectively slide under furniture like a bathroom cabinet when it’s not being used. In any case, both devices have a smooth, elegant look about them on thanks to a solid tempered glass finish on top and a generally insignificant design.

We especially like the Aria Air’s smooth lines and rounded corners, nonetheless, as it gives it a friendly and welcoming taste. Both scales are additionally huge enough to accommodate huge-sized feet, which means pretty much anybody can utilize them. Notwithstanding, one thing that truly separates them is their respective LCD displays.

The Aria Air has a high-level showcase put at the most elevated mark of the scale, which flaunts a decent contrast, simplifying it to read. The round LCD screen on the Aria 2, notwithstanding, is dated-looking and pretty sub-par quality because of a low pixel check. It appears as though something straight out of the ’90s. It’s likewise poorly backlit, compared with the Aria Air’s really luminous display, which is more clear and simpler to read overall.

Fitbit Aria 2 vs Fitbit Aria: Verdict

Both the Fitbit Aria Air and Fitbit Aria 2 is strong and alluring and gives you encounters of data into your body organization, easily and matching up this information with Fitbit’s ecosystem of wearables and mobile app. In any case, winning more adjusts in our smart scales battle, boasting a significantly better display, and a somewhat more slim and attractive design close by a superior RRP, the Aria Air is the unmistakable champ here.

Should you upgrade?

If you don’t have a smart scale at all and you’re hoping to get one, the Fitbit Aria 2 is as yet a strong decision. It has the whole robust Fitbit app, dashboard, and local area that has been continuing forward for quite a long time, and if you as of now have another Fitbit piece of technology— like one of its wellness trackers — the Aria 2 is a conspicuous decision.

Fitbit Aria vs Fitbit Aria 2-Conclusion

Both are perhaps the best tools to assist with monitoring your weight under control with the powers of the Fitbit app and cloud information storage.

If you plan to buy both of these smart scales, we would suggest picking Aria 2. The weight precision update is truly excessively significant to ignore.

Since the principal issues people had with Fitbit Aria have been handled, spending the extra $$$ or somewhere in the vicinity to have a more exact, better running, more fantastic wifi brilliant scale is an easy decision.

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