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Daredevil: Born Again-The Most Awaited Return In the Marvel Cinematic Universe


In this year’s Comicon, Marvel has announced some of the new creations and the most awaited show that was looking for a return in the marvel cinematic universe. Thanks to the fans’ demand, the most awaited character of Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, the role played by Charlie Cox in the series, has a comeback with its new show Daredevil: Born again.

The franchise will be released as a web series show on the Disney+ platform. And adding excitement to it, it will have the most episodes ever released in this cinematic Universe.

The clear number of the episodes is not confirmed yet; it is rumoured and reported between 12 to 14 episodes. And some say it will last up to four and a half months with a whopping 18 episodes. Releasing one episode a week in this Disney series.

The storyline followed in the series.

Daredevil: Born Again-The Most Awaited Return In the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The story of the show Daredevil: born again will rotate around the famous lawyer Matt Murdock who fights against crime in the judicial ways of the day. And On the other side of the night, he is a superhero with amazing fighting and hearing skills who chases the criminals who have sneaked from the punishment.

The new show’s story is in production, and there are no leaks or hints regarding the story. However, the recent reason season of the show, released in 2018 on the OTT Platform Netflix, follows most of the story part of the original comic book.

That is why we hope the story is totally different and more thrilling when it is released.

The Original Story of Daredevil: Born Again Comic Book

daredevil born again

The famous writer Frank Miller wrote the original comic book Daredevil: Born Again. Miller is the person who is known for his best writing skills, and all of his creations its writing are some of the best in the entire comic industry and are very popular among the fans.

The story tells us about Karen Page, who falls into an addiction to drugs and illegal activities and reaches Mexico in search of money and drugs.

After having no money to purchase drugs, She leaks the true identity of Daredevil in exchange for drugs and money. She thought about what would happen to him as he was in America and she was in some village in Mexico.

But somehow, this information reached the Antagonist Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin. The rivalry between these is ancient, and the daredevil puts his nose on and ruins every bad deed of him.

After receiving this information, Kingpin does not kill him immediately but destroys him step by step, his career as a lawyer than his image as Daredevil, then blasts his home, and at last, someone robs him and beats him badly.

He is on his last breath when the church’s nuns save him and treats his wounds. There he finds his mother, who is now a nun, and gets into a conversation with her. After the blast in his house, he gets an idea that for all this is done, only one Kingpin.

Then he starts training to get even stronger and takes revenge like Kingpin. He proves all his innocence and claims its degree of law. As Daredevil, he aggressively destroys Kingpin’s hideout and the illegal business. At last, he succeeds in proving the kingpin guilty and puts him behind bars.

Cast and Production We Know Till now

Matt MurdockCharlie Cox, Daredevil
Vincent D’OnofrioWilson Fisk, Kingpin
Alaqua CoxEcho(Maybe a cameo or reference)
Margarita Levieva to be announced
Michael Gandolfini to be announced
Sandrine Holt to be announced
Matt Cormanexecutive producer
Chris Ordexecutive producer
Rahul Chopracasting coordinator
Zain AhmadMarvel Legal

End Points and Release Date

comicon daredevil born again

As soon the Marvel Confirmed and announced the title and cast of the series take, Charlie Cox was the protagonist, and Vincent D’Onofrio was the Antagonist in the daredevil series. The fanbase for Both Cox and Onofrio’s roles is huge.

This will be the third-season revival of this series and the first of this series released on Disney. All three seasons have performed very well on Netflix. 

Besides Cox and Onofrio, Levieva, Holt, and Gandolfini also play important roles. However, We can see Alaqua Cox also in the series. The Series is to release in 2024. but there is a deadline to complete it; The deadline is critical for release.





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