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Marvel at Comic-Con 2022- Arrival with some anticipated panels!


The comeback of a Marvel Comic-Con board is arguably the main event of Comic-Con 2022. As the MCU announcements trickle out for all future Marvel films and television shows, Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige has a proven record of controlling Hall H and Comic-Con in general.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no live broadcast available, but you can count on news to spread quickly after it is released. For instance, during the 2019 Marvel Comic-Con panel, Mahershala Ali was revealed as the new Blade, Natalie Portman confirmed Thor: Love and Thunder, and even a Marvel Fantastic Four movie was in the works.

After a two-year absence, Marvel is back to the event, and it already appears they will cover a large area. Here are the key initiatives and ideas Marvel will be showcasing at Comic-Con, in addition to the numerous announcements and revelations they’ve made previously.

Date and time

The Marvel Studios session will take place in Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con.

1 pm PT/4 pm ET on Thursday, July 21st; Friday, July 22nd; and Saturday, July 23rd, and at 11 am PT/2 pm ET on Sunday, July 24th. 

Next Adventure of Captain America

Comic-Con 2022

Viewers can anticipate a demonstration of devotion for Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson when the new Captain America is a demonstration of commitment from the Marvel Comic-Con 2022 panel. Everyone who has seen The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is aware of this reality, but clumsy twitter posts from The Hollywood Reporter may have caused more misunderstanding.

The tweets did not mention Mackie’s role as Captain America, only that it was unclear whether Mackie would wear the shield in Captain America 4, which has a director. As a result, Chris Evans, the real Steve Rogers, proclaimed that Sam Wilson was Captain America. Maybe the new Cap gets some new armor? We’re not sure, though, as we’re at only a “we discovered a director” stage.

MCU big-bad in Ant-Man 3

Comic-Con 2022

Marvel films occasionally only live up to the caliber of their antagonists, and one such villain is about to be released. In Ant-Man 3, released on February 17, 2023, Jonathan Majors will essentially repeat the significant role of He Who Remains.

This time, a character variation, Kang the Conqueror, will appear in Majors. Kang is a significant component of the MCU, in part because of his connections to Reed Richards. And because Kang has a distinctive appearance, fans are eager to see how the MCU might introduce the character.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania’s production wrapped up in November last year. As a result, it is the reason it will partially reveal Kang’s appearance. It would also be nice to see actual footage from the movie, mainly if it showcased Bill Murray in his yet-to-be-determined villain role.

I am Groot

Comic-Con 2022

I Am Groot, a collection of animated shorts that follows Baby Groot will be the MCU’s next project soon after Comic-Con. Even though the upcoming endeavor isn’t the most important, it should be enjoyable. Vin Deisel once again provides Baby Groot’s voice as he matures and travels the galaxy. It is currently unknown if either of his teammates or connected characters will make an appearance.

I Am Groot still might provide answers to queries about Groot’s ancestry. However, it won’t receive as much attention as other upcoming series during Comic-Con 2022. Moreover, there is a lot of ambiguity around him in the MCU. It feels like a fair bet that there will be some new information or a first look.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Comic-Con 2022

The MCU film has a stranglehold on fans’ curiosity following the release of Thor: Love and Thunder are Black Panthers: Wakanda Forever. Marvel has already revealed that this movie will get a lot of buzz at Comic-Con 2022. Many people have extraordinary feelings toward Black Panther. Therefore, they are understandably concerned about the follow-up.

The film’s handling of the terrible demise of Chadwick Boseman is the main worry surrounding it. Filming was plagued with delays and difficulties. Marvel made the hugely contentious announcement that they would not be recasting T’Challa. Additionally, given that Tenoch Huerta’s casting and attire have recently been published, fans should anticipate him being introduced as Namor at the event.

X-Men and Mutants

Comic-Con 2022

The X-Men and the Fantastic Four are popular subjects that MCU fans are eager to learn more about, along with how and when it will feature mutants. Fans have scrutinized every project as the potential trigger for their arrival since briefly promised this years ago. Until they are formally revealed, it will continue as it did with WandaVision.
It’s noteworthy that Ms. Marvel is inhuman, not even a mutant, in the comics. Yet, some theories claim that perhaps the Damage Control drones are indeed the initial step toward the Sentinel program. Here’s hope fans won’t wait too long to learn more about an X-Men movie and Disney+ series, as they would undoubtedly steal the show at Comic-Con 2022.

Fantastic Four

Marvel at Comic-Con 2022- Arrival with some anticipated panels!

During Doctor Strange in the Universe of Madness, John Krasinski appeared briefly as Reed Richards from Earth-838. Many first believed he would continue to portray the part for the remaining MCU films, but rumors and conjecture suggest otherwise. Naturally, fans of the project Fantastic Four are also eager to learn more about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.
Jon Watts left his position as Fantastic Four’s director public in April. There is a lot of stuff to divulge, plus Comic-Con 2022 is the ideal setting for it because the cast, director, and release date are still unknown.

Where is the Comic Con 2022?

Convention Center in San Diego
San Diego Comic-Con is back after a few virtual and scaled-down events. Comic-Con 2022 edition from July 21–24, bringing some of the most eagerly awaited TV shows and films to Hall H and the show floor.

Will Marvel attend Comic Con in 2022?

From July 21 until July 24, Marvel will be back at San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel Studios appears to be returning to San Diego Comic-Con 2022 this year. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announced that the company will be present at San Diego Comic-Con this year during the press conferences for Thor: Love & Thunder today.


The primary event at Comic-Con 2022 may be the return of a Marvel Comic-Con board. Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige does have a track record of managing Hall H, and Comic-Con in general as the MCU announcements for all upcoming Marvel movies and television shows trickle out.

The year 2022’s San Diego Comic-Con is almost approaching, and Kevin Feige has announced that Marvel Studios will be there. As you might expect, online rumors about what will be presented have circulated. While some of these rumors are simply outlandish, some are educated guesses that will surely come true. bizarre

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