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Thor: Love And Thunder Movie – A Spoiler-Free Review!

Thor: Love and Thunder reviews are primarily for those who did not purchase advance tickets in advance. Big films like these are perhaps as robust and long-lasting as Thor himself.

These early reactions, however, may just serve to entice fans to wait for Thor: Love and Thunder’s Disney Plus launch. And, while these aren’t a bucket of cold water, they do a fantastic job of adjusting your expectations.

When compared to Thor: Ragnarok, many reviews appear to regard Thor: Love and Thunder as “more of the same.” While we still believe it is probably a good thing, it appears like everyone is operating on autopilot. Thor: Love and Thunder now have a 71% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Also, with 78 reviews collected and more on the way. As a result, it appears that the critical reception is highly mixed.

A Deep Narrative To Follow

Thor: Love And Thunder

Thor: Thunder and Love pick up the saga of the Norse deity a little after Avengers: Endgame. Thor, after leaving Earth with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of that film. He goes on a series of swashbuckling adventures with his newfound allies as he starts on a voyage of self-discovery. Sadly for Thor, nothing can replace the vacuum in his spirit that he has been unable to fill since his breakup with Jane Foster eight years ago.

Thor’s never-ending search for a new sense of identity. However, is put on pause as Gorr the God Butcher appears as a new cosmic menace. Gorr, a formidable antagonist seeking vengeance against the universe’s gods, unavoidably gets into conflict with the god of thunder. Thor enlists the assistance of King Valkyrie and Korg to face the MCU’s latest supervillain. Also, Foster, to Thor’s amazement, carries a reconstructed replica of his previous hammer Mjolnir. The trio embarked on a cosmic mission to prevent Gorr from carrying out his grand plan and destroying the cosmos.

Two Hours Of Runtime

Thor: Love and Thunder’s duration of slightly under two hours guarantees that the primary plotline is short. Love and Thunder, like Doctor Strange 2, rushes through its first act to get to the meat of its story. Viewers don’t need to spend 20 to 30 mins catching up with Thor and the Guardians. Also, the film’s fast first act allows it to focus on Thor and the company’s goal to stop Gorr from killing any more gods.

However, like with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Thor 4 rushes past critical plot moments in order to get to the core of the action. The opening half of the film is a breathless journey across numerous locales with a cast of people and subplots before Thor even gathers his team. It isn’t until the second hour of the picture that things quiet down. This allows the story the opportunity to breathe before it settles into the adrenaline trip that it becomes.

Gorr’s Backstory

Thor: Love And Thunder

Gorr’s past, as well as his acquisition of the Necrosword. The weapon that bestows Gorr with his superpowers – is likewise devoid of context. Sure, a lengthy exposition dump isn’t you gonna need to describe every aspect of his genesis story. Furthermore, considering how Gorr is presented in the comics, his history has to be tweaked somewhat to fit smoothly into the MCU. Exploring various elements of Gorr’s past before he obtains the Necrosword. On the other hand, might have enhanced his placement as a tragic villain, making him more empathetic.

Foster’s use of Mjolnir, as well as the later introduction of her heroic alter-ego. This is called the Mighty Thor – necessitates greater room to lean into. Fans of comic books will already understand how and why Foster became the Mighty Thor. And, while this storyline element is virtually exactly replicated in Love and Thunder, there’s not enough time spent on it to make it as heartbreaking as it should be. Again, an extra scene or two to emphasise one of the film’s most emotional scenes would have been greatly appreciated.

Not a Major Role Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Thor: Love And Thunder Movie - A Spoiler-Free Review!

Don’t anticipate the Guardians to play a significant role either. The debut of the motley band of cosmic misfits isn’t as significant as you might imagine. Yes, this is a Thor film. However, with their pre-release posturing as crucial supporting characters, it’s a little disappointing that they don’t stay around for much longer.

Waititi and crew announced that over two hours of film were eliminated from Thor 4’s final edit. However, there’s a case to be made that some of those lost sequences would’ve benefited Love and Thunder. An additional 10 to 15 mins would have undoubtedly resulted in a more unified plot and less of a patchwork quilt-esque plot that bounces around a little too much.

What is there about Thor: Love and Thunder that critics like

Thor: Love And Thunder

Therese Lacson of Collider frames Thor: Love and Thunder as a balm to the present muddled condition in Phase 4 of the MCU. Some of the flowers are intended for Christian Bale. “This character isn’t breaking any new ground, but it’s Bale’s scary and muscular performance that makes it stand out. Bale is no stranger to playing villains. However, the way he skillfully balances Gorr’s past misery with his angry murder of Gorr’s present makes him a joy to behold.”

Lacson also lauds Waititi’s writing contributions, calling them “eccentric and amusing, with bits of comedy, and a big dosage of heart and some sorrow. It’s a familiar recipe when it relates to Waititi’s stuff, but not one that has outgrown its charm.”

More crucially, Lacson concludes. “So, while there may be issues about the film’s pace or poorer first half, Thor: Love and Thunder rediscovered precisely what enchanted me about these MCU movies.”

Does Thor get a love interest in Love and Thunder?

“Thor: Love and Thunder,” the fourth solo film starring the titular Norse deity, follows true to its title by delving into the romantic lives of several of its main characters. However, the Asgardian commander Valkyrie stays unattached.


Thor: Love and Thunder is a charming and fanciful superhero adventure that comes just short of being a genuinely terrific Marvel film. It has all the characteristics of a solid MCU big-screen offering: spectacular action, plenty of comedy, a heaping helping of emotion, and plenty of shocks, particularly in the film’s post-credits sequences. And, with an all-star ensemble in top form, there is plenty here for both casual MCU fans and avid Marvel comic aficionados.

Unfortunately, a handful of serious obstacles preclude Thor 4 from joining other MCU films. Notably Thor: Ragnarok, is in Marvel Studios’ “best of” class. Love and Thunder suffer from a convoluted storyline and a disservice to its major villain. Both of which might have been resolved with the addition of more scenes and a longer length.

Thor: Thunder and Love From a narrative or character reinvention standpoint, it isn’t the unexpected thunderbolt that Ragnarok was. And, if the god of thunder returns for an unprecedented fifth solo film, it’s possible that Thor may need another makeover to stay relevant in the ever-changing MCU. For the time being, Thor’s next rollicking adventure brews up a very entertaining storm – which will suffice for fans of Marvel’s cinematic monster.

Thor: Love and Thunder hit theatres on Friday, July 8 in the United States and most other territories. The MCU film will be released in the United Kingdom on Thursday, July 7, while it is already available in Australia.

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