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LG Gram 16 – An ultralight laptop with 12 Gen Core i7 Processor!


An LG Gram 16 2022 improves on the excellent laptop it replaces, the 2021 model. Despite a slight increase in weight, LG was able to reduce it. A substantially quicker 12th intel Core CPU and sharp LPDDR5 memory make up the processor nowadays. Additionally, PCIe Gen 4.0 has been updated for the storage subsystem. Windows 11 is made the standard operating system in the meantime.

This function can be equally beneficial, slightly perplexing, or downright scary. The Gram 16 is marketed as a premium device, yet it is still somewhat expensive compared to the Apple MacBook Pro 16. Its pricing is lower, and its battery life is better than its larger brother, model LG Gram 17, making it a more sensible choice overall, particularly as a work laptop. Several other upgrades include an anti-glare Oled screen, a full HD webcam, and LG Glance.

Price and Availability

LG Gram 16

The LG Gram 16 2022 includes a complementary 16-inch USB-C portable display, the Plus View, with a suggested price of $299.99 and perfectly matches the laptop until the end of July 2022. The 16GB of RAM, Core i7, and 1TB SSD are included in the model, which cost £1549.98.

Other alternatives include a Core i5 CPU, 512GB SSD, 8GB or 32GB of RAM, and a color selection between silver aluminum and obsidian black. A 2-in-1 LG Gram 16 is again anticipated to be released later this year, and Windows 11 Pro also is available as a premium upgrade.


The Core i7-1260P compares favorably to the AMD Ryzen 9 5900H featured in the tiny PC Beelink GTR5 in single-thread performance. Its compact factor and multi-thread functionality are excellent; it is on par with the XMG Pro 17, a mobile workplace laptop that employed the far more power-hungry Core i7-10870H CPU. This means that in productivity scenarios such as word processing and online browsing, the Gram 16 will become more responsive than most other gadgets in its category.

The benchmark results show a very fast notebook without an integrated GPU. It won’t be as quick as a specialized GPU like the RTX 3050, but it should be plenty for casual gaming or running AAA titles at low or medium settings. The Samsung SSD further demonstrated its speed with continuous read/write speeds of approximately 5GBps and over 6.3GBps in CrystalDisk Mark.


LG Gram 16

Because of its genuinely astounding lack of weight, the Gram 16 appears to break the laws of gravity. When you see the design of LG Gram 16, your hand and your eyes seem to anticipate something different from how it feels in your hands. LG adheres to the same restrained design aesthetic as other high-end Asian laptop producers such as Fujitsu and Dynabook. Its primary target audiences, business travelers and digital nomads, should appreciate its conservative stance.

LG engineers took considerable pains to create a lightweight and compliant notebook with MIL-STD-810g. Considering that the Gram 16’s bezel is skinny from all sides and that it was able to integrate a full HD webcam and IR capabilities and two speakers on the top one, it’s even more impressive.
The LG Gram 16 2022 seems to be the lightweight laptop in its class, while the LG Gram 17 is slightly heavier and weighs roughly 150g less. It is mind-blowingly amazing that this weighs far less than 13-inch Apple MacBook Air and is comparable to the highly regarded Dell XPS 13.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Although the touchpad is decent, there is enough room on the keypad deck for a larger area. It has Microsoft Precision touchscreen support, is slick and sensitive, and can be clicked on throughout its whole surface with a quick and silent response. It’s still a decent touchpad. However, I would rate it as excellent if it had been more significant.

Battery Life

LG Gram 16

Although the Evo platform tends to maintain power requirements low, the 16-inch screen does require a significant amount of power. Its 80 Whr battery is greater than what you’d find on similar notebooks. The Honor MagicBook Pro takes 0.138Whr per minute, which is more than the LG Gram 16. In other words, the LG Gram 16 would have an additional 35 minutes of battery life if it had the same power efficiency as its competitor. The 65W Type-C Power Supply adaptor in the form of a vintage power brick powers the battery.

Despite having the exact specifications as the LG Gram 16, LG revealed that the LG Gram 17’s battery life would be shorter. Although having the same number of pixels, expanding the screen by an additional inch does have a detrimental effect.


LG Gram 16

The touch-enabled IPS LCD display works with LG’s bundled active pen and supports it. To use the pen for signing a new in tablet mode on this huge 2-in-1, though, you must lay it on a desk. You can’t comfortably write on this slate with one hand while holding it in the other. The writing surface is more natural with a 16:10 aspect ratio than it would be with a 16:9 laptop.

Windows 11 Hello offers password-free login through a hidden camera and facial recognition. It performed well and swiftly.


Three of LG’s apps are included. The Smart Assistant, which enables you to modify the Gram 16 in descriptions, comes first. The second is Virtoo, which works similarly to Microsoft’s Your Phone and lets you connect your phone to your PC. The third is the LG Glance, which makes use of Miramatrix technology. The last app, which uses the integrated full HD front view camera to track your glance, is the one that most excited us.

It offers a variety of capabilities, including the ability to switch active Windows to another display. Additionally, it also lets the laptop know if the user is there. Unfortunately, it only functions when you are plugged into the mains and can even warn you if someone is looking over your shoulder by detecting a new pair of irises.

Purchase it if

The lightest laptop with such a big screen is what you desire. Nothing compares to the LG Gram line regarding weight per inch. The Gram 16 hits the ideal mix among battery life with screen size. Extra points are awarded for the 16:10 aspect ratio and resolution higher than full HD.

A Windows laptop featuring exceptional battery life is what you need. The Gram 16’s battery size is one of the few places where they can improve it. The maximum battery size allowed on flights is 100 Whr, but this laptop only has 80 Whr. The LG Gram 16 has an extraordinary battery life because of Intel’s power-efficient Evo platform.

Don’t purchase it if

You like to play video games with lots of visuals. The Gram 16’s Iris Xe graphics processor is excellent for playing well-known games at low resolution or for casual gaming. It will struggle if you try to move it to the laptop’s native resolution, nearly twice as high as full HD.

You’re searching for A++ post-purchase assistance. The LG Gram 16 provides a basic 12-month warranty that cannot upgrade if your needs change, such as if you’re a corporate user or independent contractor. It would be nice if LG could provide a choice.

How long will it last?

LG Gram 16 exhibits slight bending and flexing but is constructed of high-quality components and can sustain regular laptop misuse. It has all the newest parts and is well-equipped, so it should provide years of reliable service. As usual, the standard industry warranty of one year is inadequate.


In 2022, the LG Gram 16 will be a fierce competitor to well-known competitors such as Apple MacBook Air and the Dell XPS 13. It is more portable than any of them. Also, LG Gram 16 offers more visual space, appealing to creatives, data crunchers, and other professionals.

LG Gram 16 has many advantages, including 16:10 dimensions, a WQXGA screen, a dual SSD option, and great light. Additionally also have excellent battery life, excellent overall performance, and an exclusive numeric keypad. However, LG Gram 16 has many disadvantages as well. The disadvantages include average audio clarity, bloatware, speakers that fire downward, and solder RAM. Moreover, the keys on the keyboard might be a bit thicker, and almost no post-purchase assistance.

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