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Hydrow Rowing Machine Review- Bring the gym to your home!


If you are looking forward to stepping up your fitness journey, you might have come to know about Hydrow. If you are planning to buy it, here is everything you need to know about the Hydrow Rowing Machine review.

Hydrow Rowing Machine

If you’re looking for a high-end at-home rowing machine, the Hydrow is a great choice. The Hydrow combines elegant gear with live streaming exercises. It comes with a monthly subscription charge along with the cost of the machine. Its top-notch instructors and competitive leaderboards keep you motivated. The firm gives back to the community by donating to the nonprofit for every 60 days you participate. The Hydrow is far more fashionable than the rowers you’re used to seeing in the gym. It has rounded sides, a 22″ touch screen at the front, and no chain or water drum. Bruce Smith, the brand’s founder and a former coach of the US National Team, drew on his years of experience to design this machine with computer-controlled resistance and a specifically constructed seat.


  • Offers frequent live classes, competitive leaderboards, and racing challenges
  • Smooth, comfortable, and quiet operation
  • Sleek design with a large, bright screen
  • Excellent classes and instructors
  • Supports Bluetooth headphones and heart rate monitors


  • Expensive
  • Limited selection of workouts not using the machine
  • Class membership costs extra
  • Can’t play your own music

Price and Setup

This smart rowing machine is one of the most costly machines on the market, but it’s also one of the most attractive. A five-year structural frame warranty is included, as well as a one-year components warranty and a one-year labor warranty. This covers the handle, strap, seat assembly, screen hinge, screen, and other electronics. You must pay an additional fee for class membership, as is common with smart fitness machines. Hydrow’s monthly membership allows you access to live and on-demand workouts. It also allows you to establish unlimited user accounts for everyone in your family and track your workout history and progress.

After the delivery team installs the machine, connects it in, and turns it on, all you need to do is to connect it to your Wi-Fi and set up an account. To begin, locate the power switch in the front and turn it on. Then, to connect to Wi-Fi, follow the on-screen instructions. There is also an Ethernet port if you prefer a connected connection. You’ll need to wait for it to install the latest software updates before you can create an account once it’s online. For the leaderboard and social features, you must create a public username when creating an account.

Design and Features

Hydrow Rowing Machine

The Hydrow has a lightweight and stylish aluminum and steel frame. It sits on soft, rubberized feet to protect the floor from scratches. It measures about 86X25X47 inches and weighs 145 pounds. When the machine isn’t in use, Hydrow sells a kit that allows you to store it upright to save space. It has a soft, padded seat and adjustable footbeds. It has a maximum inseam of 36 inches and can support individuals weighing up to 375 pounds. Moreover, it uses electromagnetic resistance drag.

For each rowing session, you can choose the drag level from 1 to 300. By default, the drag level will be set to simulate the sensation of being in a two-person boat. You may adjust it yourself. The 22-inch touch screen of the machine tilts 15 degrees up and down. Thus, allowing you to customize your viewing angle. Furthermore, it also pivots 25 degrees to the left and right for comfortable viewing in non-machine classes and folds flat for storage. Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitors and headphones are compatible. There are front-facing speakers beneath the display, but you can’t use them to listen to your own music. The playlist is chosen ahead of time by the instructor leading the workout.


The Hydrow user interface is well-organized and simple to use. Home, Library, Feed, Racing, Progress, Profile, Help, and Settings are the eight categories at the bottom. You can scroll down to view various training plans, forthcoming live rows, featured rows, tutorial videos, and much more from the Home screen. Tuesday through Saturday, the organization gives two live rows per day. There are plenty of prepared workouts accessible on demand if you can’t locate a live session according to your schedule. You can search for on-demand workouts by the athlete, duration, workout kind (drive, sweat, breathe, warm-up, cool-down, journeys, learn to row, and on the mat), and location (Boston, Miami).

Hydrow shoots its rowing exercises on two different waterways depending on the season. It shoots on the Charles River in Boston in the summer and Indian Creek in Miami Beach, Florida in the winter. Scenic unguided workouts filmed on different streams in California, Florida, London, Massachusetts, New York, Scotland, Texas, and Vermont can be found in the Journeys section.


The Feed tab is built up as a social network tab, displaying completed rows from other Hydrow users. You may see their workout data, give them a thumbs-up, and leave a remark. Also, you may view any likes and comments you have got on your exercises.


You can invite other users to be your partner and engage in weekly challenges against other doubles teams on the Racing page. Each week, there are two challenges. A minutes challenge and a meters challenge, both with leaderboards. In the Minutes Challenge, you and your companion get awards for the total amount of time you both spent rowing during that week. Both of you can each compete in a highlighted weekly race for the Metres Challenge. Your meters from that workout will be combined together.


You can check your training history and metrics for each session under the Progress page. This includes time, meters, estimated calories burned, and average split time. A calendar with blue circles around all of the days you’ve rowed is displayed. You may also see your active days, meters rowed, and calories burned for the previous week, month, or year. One of the best features of Hydrow is that for every 60 days you are active, the company will donate to It is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people all over the world. A Hydrow water bottle is also available after rowing 100,000 meters. On this tab, you may keep track of your progress toward these goals.


You may switch profiles, log out, and access your public and private information under the Profile page. Here, you can also disable or enable the feature that broadcasts your workouts to your social feed.


You may watch Hydrow 101 videos on how to row, set your drag, maximize your output, navigate the interface, use the leaderboard and racing features, and maintain your Hydrow on the Help page.


Connect to Wi-Fi or Ethernet and add Bluetooth devices on the Settings tab. You can even adjust sound and display brightness, modify the system date and time, factory reset the computer, and see system information on this tab. Moreover, you can message the company by pressing a chat bubble in the upper right corner of the interface from any screen.

How is Hydrow Rowing Machine different to other rowing machines?

During the testing, this machine felt very different from the other rowers in the market. On this machine, the need to tug on the handles is absent, the glide lends itself to a superior rowing technique. Instead, your natural impulse is to use your legs more.

Working Out With the Hydrow Rowing Machine

Hydrow Rowing Machine Review- Bring the gym to your home!

When you select an exercise, you will see a brief description of the activity. You will even see the maximum rhythm, strokes per minute, and a list of the songs you’ll hear. Moreover, you get Bluetooth headphones and a heart rate monitor button on this preview screen. You can simply click them to connect your accessories. You may alter the sound and drag settings using another button. Hydrow has a few sound profiles to choose from. Along with this, it even has more music, original mix, more athlete, and athlete-only modes. Press Row to begin the workout after you have adjusted the parameters and connected your accessories.

Rowing Session

At the bottom of the screen, you can see several facts and metrics during the workout. This includes your 500-meter split time, strokes per minute, total meters covered, estimated calories burned, and heart rate. It also shows how much time is left in the workout. The leaderboard is on the right side of the screen. You can filter it by gender and age group, or hide it if you’re not interested in competing. A settings button is present above the leaderboard. It allows you to modify the volume and drag, alter the sound profile, and connect accessories.

You have a third-person perspective of the coach during the rowing exercises, so you can see them rowing and easily follow along to match their stroke pace. The majority of the workouts are filmed live on the water with the instructor in an actual boat. The water is flat at times and rough at others. Birds, maritime life, other boats, and bridges are all common sights for coaches. The trainer always explains the information on the screen at the start of a workout. Hydrow Rowing Machine suggests a short cooling period after completing a rowing workout. It provides a variety of mat-based classes to complement your rowing exercises. Functional movement, mobility, pilates, strength, and stretching programs are available. The majority of the mat courses are only 5 to 10 minutes long, while there are a few 30-minute mat classes.

Is Hydrow a decent workout?

Rowing is tough, so if you are rowing effectively, using the correct technique, it is the most efficient all-over body workout. Using 86% of muscles in one session with a 70% aerobic, 30% strength ratio. A few minutes of rowing is much harder than running or using a bike. It requires huge lower body strength, a strong core, and decent upper body strength to row with power. If you let your mind wander during a session your split time will drop.


With many gyms still closed as a result of COVID-19, almost everyone is looking for types of equipment to work out at home. If you’re looking for a connected workout machine, the Hydrow is a good option. It’s high-end equipment that lets you watch live and on-demand rowing sessions guided by top instructors. With leaderboards and weekly challenges, it adds a competitive element to your exercises. Hydrow Rowing Machine is more attractive and provides a smoother ride than competing machines. But its library of mat-based workouts needs more work. However, if money is no object and rowing is your preferred workout, the Hydrow is well worth considering. The sessions are more rustic and less professional than other online class-based workouts. The equipment is attractive and provides a pleasurable rowing experience.

If you have any questions, ask us in the comments section below.

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