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Disgaea 6 Complete Game: The nightmare of perfection and a statistician!


Disgaea has always distinguished itself from other strategic RPGs because of its incredible spectacle. Its franchise has historically pushed things to the limit with ridiculous characters, strategies, and incredible damage totals. We’re happy to report that Disgaea 6: Complete maintains this pattern and, somehow, manages to turn the heat up even more.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny was initially released for PS4 & Nintendo Switch in Japan. Disgaea 6 Complete includes all supplemental content (DLC), mainly consisting of item packs and missions that let you access the protagonists of earlier games in the series.

How well did Disgaea 6 sell?

How well did Disgaea 6 sell?

The Disgaea series has sold over 5 million copies, and Disgaea 6 is expected to be among its most popular installments.

Will PS5 have Disgaea 6?

Will PS5 have Disgaea 6?

On June 28, 2022, Disgaea 6 Complete will be released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, & PC. The Nintendo Switch supports the core game. In Japan, you may already purchase the PS4 version.

Disgaea 6 Complete: The Role of Zed

Disgaea 6 Complete: The Role of Zed

Disgaea’s narrative never takes center stage; instead, it acts more as a means of transportation from one battle situation to the next. However, the way the story is set up is perfectly enough. You take on the role of Zed, a zombie seeking revenge against the God of Destruction, a nearly omnipotent deity, for some scarcely remembered wrongdoing. Zed wants to become strong enough to attempt to stop the God of Destruction from continuing to destroy the Netherworld, a realm populated by demons.

The key word here is “try,” Zed has attempted this numerous times and likely died thousands, if not millions of times. However, because he is a zombie, it always succeeds. Instead of the three-headed hellhound, one might expect, Cerberus, a dead, zombified pug, first assists him in this endeavor. As the more outrageous’s straight man people you meet along the road, such as Misedor, the extraordinarily wealthy king of humanity, or Melodia, a vengeful princess fascinated with the notion of love, Cerberus is invariably entertaining.

Disgaea 6 does a superb job at avoiding overwhelming players despite having a relatively high learning curve. Each new concept or twist is introduced gradually, and the complexity of each level is gradually increased. Similarly, Cerberus will frequently provide clarifications or explain new capabilities in the Pocket Dimension, your hub area, between encounters as things come online.

New Character

You will travel through several worlds before facing a boss after your journey. Each world typically begins by introducing a new character who will join you and deliver a little tale; it’s nothing revolutionary but frequently humorous and generally satisfying.

Disgaea 6 is almost flawless as a strategic RPG, with crazy depth and infinite replayability. If you didn’t know, the Disgaea series’s primary campaign is a warm-up for the infamous endgame and the content-filled Item World.

Any item in the game, such as a potion or a sword, can use in the Item World to fight through a series of encounters to raise its overall level. The sadistic cycle then continues as this item levels up, enabling you to take on Item World levels of more incredible difficulty.

Disgaea 6 Complete: Martial Dimension

Disgaea 6 Complete: Martial Dimension

This Martial Dimension, ridiculous location completionists can brag about clearing, is a new feature in Disgaea 6. It consists of a series of brutally challenging combat Trials, the first of which has enemies at level 3,000 and the last of which has adversaries at level 66,660,000. We completed the primary campaign at about level 8,000 for comparison. In case you were wondering, Disgaea 6 raised the level ceiling to 99,999,999.

The grind in Disgaea is something that some people may disagree with. This game is about crushing; it actively encourages you to grind and gives you the resources to do so. You urge to reincarnate your characters, which resets their level to 1 and grants them better base stats. Combat can automate, or sped up, and the scenario can repeat.

The menus could be much better, and it takes a lot of micromanagement to keep a more expansive cast of characters outfitted with the best equipment. Although this has been an issue with the series. Since the first game, it would have wonderful if this part could have partly automated.

That’s not for everyone, but for certain wounded people (like myself). You can essentially automate a level, leave your console on, and watch the levels come in. It’s a cycle that strangely never becomes boring, or at least not quickly.

Disgaea 6 features

Along with the Item World, Disgaea 6 features other series traditions like the Assembly, which lets you control various systems, and a separate Cheat Shop. That allows you to exploit the game in multiple ways. Cheating is explicitly encouraged in a game about demons that takes place in hell, and it’s pretty fantastic.

Disgaea once more raises the bar when it comes to combat mechanics. As you would expect from titles with a similar focus, there are hundreds of jobs available to unlock, each with talents, advantages, and disadvantages. Characters can lift and fling each other around on the battlefield to get an edge in position, and counterattacks can turn into counter-counter-counter attacks indefinitely. It’s bizarre stuff.

Geo Panels

Geo Panels, a feature that makes certain battlefield tiles affectable, frequently use in maps. The cool thing is that they affect both you & your adversaries, whether it be a buff, direct damage, or teleportation. A pleasant aspect of every confrontation is scanning the Geo Panels beforehand, sorting out potential threats, and maximizing potential advantages.

Disgaea 6 deviates from the series’ traditional 2D art style; this has caused controversy among die-hard fans. The new 3D style is beautiful, in my opinion. However, it differs from earlier styles.

Disgaea 6’s position in the series is somewhat subjective; similar to Final Fantasy. Your favorite version is likely the first one you played. In our opinion, the series’ best entry continues to be Disgaea 1 Complete. The charming cast of characters and countless quality-of-life improvements in Disgaea 6 Complete. It makes a close second in this humble author’s opinion.


For fans of the show and those looking for their dose of strategy RPGs, Disgaea 6 Complete is the ideal package. It won’t win over players who have abandoned earlier games, but that wasn’t the developer’s original goal. Disgaea 6 offers an enriching experience to its specialized fans, who wouldn’t want it any other way despite some rough spots.

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