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GameMaker Studio 2 Review-A video game creation software perfect for beginners!


Problem vary with consumer-level video game creation software. The tools won’t give you the advanced abilities required to enhance your future profession if they are too easy. But you’ll become irritated and give up if the tools are too complicated. GameMaker Studio 2 finds the perfect balance by embracing beginners while leaving nothing on the table for those with the time to completely commit to their independent game goals. In our GameMaker Studio 2 review , we perfectly dind out why it is the Editors’ Choice selection for consumer video game production software . This is because of its outstanding outputs, which speak for themselves.

The process of selecting the most refined game engine might be challenging for developers who are just entering the field. In this Gamemaker Stusio 2 review, we’ll try to address many problems with GameMaker, one of the most widely used game engine. So you can decide if it’s the best game engine for your project.
You’ve likely tried GameMaker if you’re a games writer who secretly aspires to be a developer.

Above all, GameMaker is an engine for beginners: artists, authors, non-programmers, and those with ideas but no programming experience . For those with no idea where to begin. GameMaker is much more than that, though. It is the top-of-the-line 2D engine used in top-down action games, puzzle platforms, and pixel art games.

What is the price of GameMaker Studio 2?

After revieiwing GameMaker Studio 2 , we know that is the game production software that generates indie hits like Hyper Light Drifter and Undertale. Is launching new pricing choices today that should make developing independent games even more inexpensive. YoYo Games, the maker of GameMaker Studio, now offers an upgraded “unlimited” free version of the program for amateurs. The new “Indie” price tier combines all non-console platform licenses for $9.99 per month and lower licenses for studios releasing console games.

Until today, GameMaker Studio 2 featured a free price tier primarily used to learn how to use the software. It featured a month-long time limit and required you to pay a membership (beginning at $39 per year for Mac or Windows development) to continue exploring, among other limitations. The new unlimited edition removes the time limit. But independent developers still have to pay to export and distribute their games.

Fortunately, the cost of exporting and publishing is also decreasing. For $9.99 per month / $99.99 per year, the new Indie price tier contains licenses for Mac, Windows, Android . This includes Amazon‘s Fire OS), iOS, UWP (Universal Windows Platform), Ubuntu, and HTML5..

Which Games Can Be Created With GameMaker Studio 2?

GameMaker Studio 2 review

Let’s simply highlight a few of the real, well-known, and critically praised independent video games created with this engine rather than discussing the games you may theoretically make using GameMaker. Gaiden, Blazing Chrome, Downwell, Gunpoint, Heat Signature, Hotline Miami, Hyper Light Drifter, Katana Zero, Nidhogg, Nuclear Throne, Rivals of Aether, Spelunky, Undertale, Wandersong, and VA-11 Hall-A are some of the games made with GameMaker.

Some of the most loved independent console, mobile, and PC games from recent years are included in that list. Platforming stealth games, drug-fueled top-down shooters, cyberpunk visual novels, and comedy-basketball RPGs are just a few of the many genres represented. With GameMaker, you can create whatever you can imagine.

All those games, if you look closely, are in two dimensions. GameMaker mainly concentrates on 2D games, allowing you to add some basic 3D visuals to your games. Consumer-level game creation tools rarely include 3D capabilities. It is available through Fuze4. However, you cannot export its games from the Nintendo Switch.

GameMaker Studio 2 Development

GameMaker Studio 2 review

GameMaker asks you if you want to utilize Drag and Drop or GameMaker Language (GML) when you first start a project (DnD). Feel free to test both and discover which one suits you best. GameMaker provides two comprehensive, step-by-step video lessons for creating the identical Asteroids clone game in either language.
Anyone used to creating games the old-fashioned way, through coding, ought to feel at home using GML. It can even be translated into JavaScript or C, which is why users often compare it to other languages. Although the course is beneficial, it is best to have some prior coding experience before diving headfirst into GML.

The best option for true beginners is DnD. This is the visual programming language used by GameMaker, which transforms tricky if/then statements into understandable blocks. DnD provided far less control over your game in the past than GML. But today, you can make a complicated game without writing code, owing to various predefined behaviors. That is true, yet even this “basic” language may rapidly become complex. You continue to produce a lot of assets and conduct a lot of math. You control the frame rate, shape the spacecraft movement mechanics, select variables for randomly generating pebbles, and start explosion animations for the Asteroids video game.


According to Seth Coster, CEO and co-founder of Butterscotch Shenanigans, GameMaker excels at creating 2D games. Using GameMaker, Coster, the co-creator of Crashlands and Levelhead, went from having no programming experience to working as a full-time developer in just two years.
He believes that GameMaker is the most excellent tool for creating 2D games of any genre.
Co-creator and developer of Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter Teddy Diefenbach, as Teddy Dief, concurs that GameMaker excels in “straightforward 2D game development”. And also praises its “direct control over how sprites are drawn.”

GameMaker is also an easy engine to learn because it uses a plug-and-play method that requires essentially no code to create games.
According to Game Maker Studio 2 reviews and sources, “GameMaker removes much of the overhead from putting up a project.” With more general-purpose 3D engines. You may have to choose complete tool-set modes to set up the in-engine tools you need to start making the sort of game you desire. But the most common things you’ll need to deal with — objects, sprites, noises, and so on — are easily handled by GMS2’s 2D toolset. So you often aren’t designing tools to build more tools. The majority of what you need will likely be there in front of you,


The fact that there is no free version of GameMaker, even though it is designed to assist beginners in getting started quickly, is one of its greatest ironies. For instance, Unity places a revenue ceiling for the free commercial game creations it permits. With GameMaker, it is not the case.
But hobbyists and educational users will point out that it costs money.Although the price of game creation tools has significantly lowered over time, it is still useless if you don’t have much extra cash

While some programmers laud GameMaker’s flexibility, others criticize YoYo Games’ technology for being behind the times in 3D. GameMaker “lacks solid support” for 3D projects, and that it is “far stronger in 2D than 3D.”

Peterson adds, “3D is conceivable, but there are no tools for dealing with 3D assets (models, textures, animations, and so on). And because GMS2’s UI cannot be modified, no one can create tools to plug in to make 3D projects more manageable.

Can you code with GameMaker Studio 2?

Thankfully, GameMaker makes learning to code much more straightforward than expected. There are many materials available to you whether you’ve previously experimented with their GML Visual coding system and made your first game or if you want to jump right into coding using GameMaker Language.

Is GameMaker Studio 2 good for beginners?

Absolutely. In our Gamemaker Studio 2 review, it is one of the more accessible game engines for beginners is GameMaker Studio 2. All its users are encouraged to utilize it quickly, and it has a strong community available to help by offering lessons and guides.


By welcoming beginners while leaving nothing on the table for those with the time (and money) to engage in their independent game dreams fully, GameMaker Studio 2 hits the perfect balance. Concluding the GameMaker Studio 2 review , we say it is a Editors’ Choice option for consumers because it has amazing outcomes.

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