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Stray- A game with a cute stray cat!


Although quiet characters are nothing unique in video games, the Stray cat game takes the idea in an intriguing direction. From your vantage point, about one foot off the ground, this cyberpunk world full of robots changes into a massive jungle gym. Part platformer, part classic adventure game.  Although you can see the absurdity of placing yourself in the hands of an ordinary cat, Stray exploits that furry vehicle to create a truly gripping tale and provide some enjoyable action along the way. Though not all of its concepts are successful, you can’t get over the warm, fuzzy sensation it will give you in the first few charming minutes.

The initial novelty of playing as a cat in Stray cat game quickly gives way to the startling insight that humans frequently act like cats in video games. Our natural tendency is to explore, especially in platform puzzlers like this one, finding unconventional ways to climb buildings. For example, leaping on furniture to see which things we can move. Simply said, stray gives us the ideal shape for the task by making such acts seem more natural.

It’s essential that your moggy has a certain feel to the animation, and it’s immediately apparent that a lot of observation went into it. The thin ginger cat is a member of a small colony of cats living in an abandoned industrial area that nature has long since taken back. Your group is waiting out a storm in a concrete shelter as the game begins, and you can start some play battling or mutual sniffing & smearing there. If you appreciate cats, Stray should get you at “meow” since these encounters are full of instantly recognizable characteristics like how the ears swivel and spin and the stretch routines.

What is Stray have to do?

Stray the story of cat

The gameplay’s emphasis on cats is only a minor portion of what makes Stray successful. The game’s distinctive atmosphere, which makes it a genuinely transportive experience, is the show’s true star. It’s simple to block out the actual world as you stroll about the virtual one, thanks to the game’s astounding techno soundtrack and meticulously drawn cityscapes awash in fading neon signs.

Ico feels like a direct ancestor of Stray. The game doesn’t have a morose tone, but there is an undercurrent of melancholy in the lonely robot world. Players can view a possibly apocalyptic environment via curiously earnest feline eyes while using the feline viewpoint. Apartment complexes in disrepair are transformed into cat towers having lots of ledges to leap on and crevices to discover. The game is about a creature discovering a way of surviving and flourishing in any environment, despite the game’s tragic backstory.

The navigational aids serve to highlight that notion. Instead of offering gamers a jump button and making them go through challenging platforming puzzles, Stray adopts a parkour-style of mobility similar to that of Assassin’s Creed. By clicking the X button when it shows on the screen, players may go from one surface to another. As a result, the cat can move with agility and precision while securely scaling structures. The goal of the game is to pique your interest and prod you to investigate fearlessly. When you are investigating, there is no danger of dying from a careless jump.

A companion with your Cat!

Stray Companion

B-12, your equally cute floating robot sidekick that hangs out in your bag, helps you from the less paw-friendly duties. B-12 stays with your cat Stray for most of the game, and the bond that develops between them is an excellent foundation for the overall storyline. It’s as B-12’s story as it is the cat’s; in fact, it’s much more so, making your pet frequently seem more like a furry character in someone else’s story. Scripting for B-12 and the other robots you encounter is more than competent enough to make up for your purr-weak protagonist’s conversational abilities, so that’s not necessarily negative.

The interactive spotlight isn’t only on B-12; you will like it when originally pointless cat movements periodically get into useful game features. For instance, you could need to wake somebody up by knocking something from a shelf above them or convince somebody to open a door for you. Later, you will discover that the meow button you are pushing endlessly without effect up until that point may suddenly notify a guard of your existence. Which is dangerous if you are not adequately hiding in a cardboard box. Remember, none of these techniques are brutal or intricate, but they are all amusing.

In-game tasks for stray

In-game tasks

The task was to get a Jacket and Hat

You’ll get a task to look for Clementine, one among Momo’s Outsider companions, when you enter Midtown. She is currently a wanted person in Midtown. Therefore, you’ll need to find her by giving different robots her picture and address. One of them will eventually admit that she is at the house, and after speaking with her, she will tell you to meet Blazer, a person who can help you enter the plant to obtain the Atomic Battery. However, you must first get him a worker’s jacket and hat to use as a disguise.

A clothing and hat store is one of them. In front of the clothing store is a pink robot, and once inside, you’ll discover a sour shopkeeper wearing an orange laborers jacket. The hat store to the right of the enormous hologram is where you can find the worker’s hat. But you can’t enter yet, though, since it is being restocked.

How to get a Jacket- Stray mission

When you enter the clothing store and approach the jacket, a suggestion to “Steal” will appear. However, if you do it right away, the business’s owner will approach you and scold you. If you go there, you can engage with a boom box in the changing rooms, but you’ll need to acquire a cassette tape to occupy the business owner.

Three juvenile robots screaming at surveillance cameras are at the bottom of the stairs in the house, along with a heap of cassette tapes on the floor. Whenever you try to grab one, you’ll get into problems, and the robots will offer you a cassette in return for helping them turn off the cameras.

How to deactivate camera’s

Go up and leap upon the cameras below to disable the first two cameras. They’ll hit the ground as you leap right back onto the ledge. Rinse until all three cameras break, then head back to the robots to retrieve your tape. The third camera is possibly on a different floor up. You’ll see they are playing loud, bass-heavy music that not all robots will enjoy.

Return to the store and insert the tape into the boom box to get the jacket. The owner will then begin to move toward the dressing room to switch it off, allowing you to take the jacket. Don’t reveal to him your stolen things because when he discovers the jacket is missing, he will crack a remark about stealing.

How to get Hat- The stray mission

You’ll quickly find out that one of the employees is taking a break at the bar if you talk to the hat shop owner and the employee standing next to him. You may find him napping if you enter the pub and walk to the rear. You can wake him up by knocking a carton of empty bottles upon him if you start jumping on the shelf above and land there. To assist his friend, he will stagger back towards the hat shop.

In Midtown, you may leap inside and hide in any number of Neco boxes, including one right next to the hat shop. It’s time to think outside the box since the owner will yell at you if you try to enter the business. Jump inside the box being brought inside the store after the two robots fight over drinking while at work. Jump out and take the hat from the store window as soon as the robot turns to leave. To the left of the hat, the exhibit is a little grate that you may knock over to get out of.

Go back to view Blazer once you have the cap and jacket. He will tell you to climb into a box and bring you into the building.

Does Stray cat game require PS Plus to play?

Certain fortunate PlayStation users can play the recently launched Stray without a paid PS Plus membership. Perfect! This week, Annapurna Interactive’s eagerly anticipated cat-RPG “Stray” was available for the PS4 and PS5.

Is Stray enjoyable?

The entertaining and endearing adventure Stray cat game follows a typical orange tabby cat as it seeks to escape a cyberpunk metropolis with a peculiar robot populace and a curious lack of people.

Does Stray deserve purchase?

Fans of the genre will be amazed and charmed by Stray’s gameplay, characters, and environment if the game’s evaluations can be trusted. For those still debating whether to purchase the game or not and those who have already done so, a PlayStation Plus subscription is well worth it to check it out first.


The furry gimmick Stray isn’t just there for the memes. Its gameplay, centered around cats, gives the adventure genre a new angle and emphasizes exploration inspired by curiosities. Although several gameplay concepts seem constrained and underdeveloped, the game’s endearing cat interactions make up for these flaws. Stay for the culturally conscious sci-fi tale about how humans are the builders of their destruction, but come for the cute furball hero.

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