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Xenoblade Chronicles 3-A fresh release on the Nintendo Switch!


Fans were ecstatic when Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was revealed during the Nintendo Direct in February 2022. The announcement surprised everyone by coming out of nowhere, but in the best way conceivable.

The third installment of the Xenoblade Chronicles series will be set in the same universe as its predecessors but on a different planet called Aionios. There won’t be a necessity to experience earlier games in the series because there will be a brand-new plot and characters.

The new title has no direct connection to the first two books; instead, they are set in other eras or planets. Despite the setup’s complexity, the quality of these games’ story and mechanical design makes it worthwhile. Here is what researchers know about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in case this is your first or third foray into the land of Aionios.

Release date

Release date

The existence of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 came as a surprise. But what was maybe even more exciting was just how soon able to play it. Initially scheduled for delivery in September 2022, but in the game industry first, Nintendo tweeted that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 arrived two months sooner, on July 29, 2022. Whatever the cause, fans are undoubtedly pleased that they may now purchase the game earlier than anticipated.

Nintendo did not state what caused Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s earlier release date. Fans aren’t complaining about being able to see the game earlier than anticipated; that much is certain.


Nintendo owns the whole Xenoblade series and the studio Monolith Soft. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is thus exclusive to the Nintendo Switch gaming system. Precisely like all previous games in the series. Users wouldn’t hold their breath for a future port of this game to any other platform.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Story

Players will assume the roles of leads Noah and Mio as they travel across the Aionios universe. Keves and Agnus call this place home, two countries at war. Because their team includes members from both sides of the border, they appear to be on the run from both nations. The group is instructed to go to a location named Swordmarch. A mysterious speaker encourages them to “fight the real enemy and restore the natural order.”

The six main protagonists are all soldiers born to fight and only have ten-year lifespans known as “terms.” According to the most current Direct trailer, Mio only has three months remaining in her tenure, and the characters are worried about what it means for them to have such impending expiration dates.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is marketed as the conclusion to the Chronicles trilogy of video games by Monolith Soft and Nintendo. The trailers make it quite evident that life will be the main focus of this entry.

Six Main Characters

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Characters

Similar to previous games, most of the characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be the party members traveling with you across Aionios.

Every character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has unique talents, and to play well, you must use their Combat Role and class. Attackers strike their targets hard, but themselves will also be targeted. Defenders can deter attacks and sustain many hits. Healers can restore health points, boost stats, or resurrect companions in the meanwhile.

You will need to deploy six major characters wisely in combat, but you may also enlist the help of several additional heroes.

The main cast of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will consist of six characters. Three each from Knives and Agnus. As follows:

  • Noah
  • Mio
  • Lanz
  • Eunie
  • Taion
  • Sena



The battle mechanism in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 appears to be the same as that in its predecessors. Your character will automatically attack an adversary when they are close enough. However, you can also use powerful arts to enhance allies, heal them, and deliver even more damage.

The Nintendo Direct from June 2022 also included characters named “Heroes” that may join the group in addition to the prominent six cast members. Ashera, Valdi, Riku, Manana, Fiona, Alexandria, and Gray were only a few of the game’s numerous heroes. Only one hero, each with a unique class, can assist the group simultaneously.

So can presume Coleman’s understanding of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 means her character Princess Melia Antiqua also appears in the forthcoming game. The character debuted in the Future Connected add-on for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition.

It’s likely that characters from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, including Pyra, Mythra, Nia, Dromarch, Poppi, Zeke, and Pandora, will return in the forthcoming game, given their lifespans.

With these Arts, you may also create combination attacks, which enable you to increase the damage by using a series of attacks. Along with the three primary character classes of Attacker, Defender, and Healer, there are additional sub-categories to diversify the attacks and abilities further.

Additionally, Nintendo has unveiled a brand-new ‘interlinking’ element for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, in which characters combine to become an incredibly potent Ouroboros form.

You will travel around a sizable open environment filled with different monsters when not engaged in combat. One can converse with shops to buy and sell goods, do side quests, consume food to gain temporary advantages, and create gems to boost your skill levels.

Those are the primary characteristics that Nintendo has so far made public.

Multiplayer or Single Player?


Like its predecessors, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will be a single-player game. There’s little chance this game will feature any multiplayer aspect until Nintendo announces some surprise bonus option or a minigame. This is a narrative-driven, character-driven JRPG created for you to enjoy along with the game’s fantastic cast of characters.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Music

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will have a “unique” touch, according to Monolith Soft, including using a flute as the game’s main tune. According to director Tetsuya Takahashi, the flute is one of the game’s central themes. The ceremony performed by Mio and Noah, who goes by the name Offseers resembles a sending from Final Fantasy X.

Yasunori Mitsuda, famed for his excellent video game soundtracks on the Xeno franchise, including the original Xenogears, is the composer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Yasunori MitsudaManami KiyotaACE, Kenji Hiramatsu, and Mariam Abounnasr are the composers of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3.



Pre-orders for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 are available for the regular $59.99. A Special Edition only sold through the My Nintendo Store and is limited to two copies per account is now available. Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a steel bookcase, and a hardcover artbook are included with this edition.

Will there be a Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

Its attention is still mostly on what will happen soon. On July 29, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was available on the Switch, two months ahead of schedule.

Is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a sequel?

Nintendo claims that the plot of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will connect the futures of the worlds shown in the first game with its sequel, Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Will Xenoblade 3 be the last game?

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is marketed as the conclusion to the Chronicles trilogy of video games by Monolith Soft and Nintendo.


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an activity role-playing game created by Monolith Soft and distributed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It is a piece of the open-world Xenoblade Chronicles franchise.

It’s tomfoolery and different at first; however, after steady battling, it passes on a little, and the game continually advises you to swap classes to even out everybody’s skills.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will command the gaming community’s attention, serving as the centerpiece of a Nintendo Direct live-stream event.

Although there are no overt plot connections between the different games, they have several common themes, and all bear the “Xeno” prefix, which Takahashi has alternatively interpreted as a way to distinguish his games and a symbolic depiction of the series.

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