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Honour yourself with the Best Honor smartphones!


Honor made a name for itself as Huawei’s less expensive, youth-oriented division for years, but now that Huawei has sold it, Honor must go it alone as an independent company. This presents both challenges and opportunities, as Honor is now free of the US trade restrictions that have hampered Huawei’s ability to manufacture phones, and Honor devices can now ship worldwide with full Google software.

As a result, the phones on this list are a bit of a mixed bag. Two models from each of the Honor 50 and Magic 4 series, which are the first to ship worldwide with Google.

The other phones in this chart were released during the ban, so even though the hardware is still new, you won’t be able to use Google apps or access the Google Play Store, limiting you to Huawei App Gallery apps or.apk files downloaded using Huawei’s Petal Search tool. These are still good phones, but they have significant limitations, so make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into.

Honor Magic 4 Pro

Honor Magic 4 Pro - Honor phones

The Magic 4 Pro is a full-fledged flagship, with top-of-the-line specs in nearly every category.

That means a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, a 120Hz LTPO OLED display, and 100W wired and wireless charging. A triple-lens setup, including a powerful 64Mp periscope lens, demonstrates the camera’s commitment.

This isn’t a perfect phone, though. Unlike some similarly priced competitors, there is no IP rating, and minor flaws, such as uncertain performance with unofficial chargers, irritate. Honor’s commitment to only 2 years of software updates also falls short when compared to other flagships.

However, this is Honor’s most impressive phone, and with strong specs and a reasonable price, it’s well worth considering.

Honor 50

Honor 50

The Honor 50 is the company’s first global phone since becoming independent, as well as the first to include Google support.

The Honor 50’s design and display are its main selling points; it looks and feels wonderful, and it’s both slim (7.8mm) & light (175g). The phone’s curved 120Hz OLED display also is one of the best you’ll find at this price point.

The 108MP rear camera is quite good, but the other rear lenses fall short. The selfie camera, on the other hand, is still good, and at 32 megapixels, it’s one of the higher-resolution front-facing cameras available.

Honor View 20

Honor View 20

The Honor View 20, which was first released in China in late 2018 and then globally in early 2019, is currently at the top of the list.

This was among the first smartphones with such a punch-hole front camera and a 48MP rear camera, so it’s definitely a piece of history. However, it’s also a good phone in its own right.

Some may find the phone back to being unattractive, but others may not mind – or even enjoy it. At the end of the day, you’re not going to be looking at it all that much.

Honor 20 Pro

Honor 20 Pro

The Honor 20 Pro is arguably Honor’s most ‘premium’ phone on this list, as it is at least the top-end version of the 20 lines (which, confusingly, does not include the Honor View 20).

The phone has four high-quality cameras on the back, including one of the first macro lenses on a smartphone, and it also has a fantastic front-facing camera. It’s also a stylish phone with adequate specifications and features.

Sure, it’s a little more difficult to find than the non-Pro version (lower on this list), but if you want a great Honor phone, it’s definitely worth looking into.

Honor 9A


The Honor 9A’s best feature is without a doubt its battery life; getting a 5000mAh battery at such a low price is a huge plus. The eye-catching exterior design is also a plus.

Because of the low price, the camera is hit-or-miss, and it’s yet another Honor phone without Google Mobile Services.

The Honor 9A is still worth considering if you’re searching for a basic phone for your day-to-day activities and aren’t bothered by the lack of Google integration.

Honor 50 Lite

Honor 50 Lite

The Honor 50 Lite is significantly less expensive than the Honor 50. If you can afford it, the upgrade is worthwhile; if not, the 50 Lite is a suitable option.

The large 6.67in the display (even if it only has a 60Hz refresh rate) is welcome at this price point, and you also get a decent 64Mp main rear camera and incredibly fast 66W charging – genuinely impressive at this price point.

There’s no 5G support, and the design isn’t quite as good as its sibling, but for the price, it’s not bad.

Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G

Magic 4 Lite 5G

When it comes to performance, the Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G – also known as the X9 5G in some markets – is a standout 5G device.

There’s a lot to enjoy here. It has a good battery life, a large screen, and solid performance in addition to 5G connectivity.

It’s a shame that the massive screen is LCD rather than OLED, but at these prices, compromises must be made somewhere, and that’s where the 120Hz refresh rate was sacrificed. Inconsistent cameras, as well as the decision to ship the phone with the now-outdated Android 11, hold it back a little more, but this is still a capable low-cost mid-ranger.

Is Honor better compared to Huawei?

There is no clear winner in this Honor vs. Huawei battle; it all comes down to personal preference. Honor could be just what you’re looking for if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful. Huawei phones are a good option for those looking for something more high-end.

What is the difference between Honor and Huawei?

Honor is a Huawei subsidiary, and the two companies have a complementary relationship. Users intend to keep this relationship going indefinitely. Honor products will not be branded with the Huawei logo because Honor is now its own brand. Under the Huawei brand, Huawei has previously released Honor devices.


Honor is a smartphone brand controlled by the Shenzhen municipal government. It is majority-owned by a state-owned enterprise. Huawei Technologies used to own the company.
With its in-built GPU Turbo technology, as well as a spacious screen and dedicated Game Suite features, the Honor Play is a fast and affordable Android phone that will appeal to gamers in particular.
The Honor 50’s design and display are its main selling points; it looks and feels great, and it’s both slim (7.8mm) and light (175g). The phone’s curved 120Hz OLED display is also among the best you’ll find at this price point.

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