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Shot Scope V3: The GPS Golf Watch Review!


The Shot Scope V3 is a GPS golf watch with 16 club tracking sensors. Using these, you may track your club distances and game statistics and examine distances to the green and hazards on the course. It’s safe to say that this watch has exceptional statistic-storing skills and provides a comprehensive understanding of your golf game’s strengths and flaws.

From driving to putting, the watch can track every facet of your golf game over time and show you where you excel and where you need to improve. The watch’s battery life, charging speed, and screen’s clarity and usability are just a few useful features.


Shot Scope V3

The Shot Scope V3 has an oblong-shaped screen, and the glass is toughened mineral, so it will be scratch resistant but not to the extent that other watches currently provide. The watch is available in black, grey, red, or teal. And The size is 39 x 34 x 10mm. The silicone strap is readily adjustable and feels nice on the wrist.

The memory in pixel technology utilized here makes the 1.3-inch display suitable for outdoor usage, and its crisp 176 x 176-pixel resolution adds to its appeal. For many golfers, the lack of a touchscreen is a plus. This implies that you may operate the button controls while wearing gloves and that it won’t unintentionally detect a touch in a pocket or beneath your clothing. Since the gadget is waterproof, you may play games in the rain without worrying.



You needed a golf GPS watch to monitor distances to various portions of the course, such as the distance to the front, center, and back of the green. Even though this watch isn’t as sophisticated as some others, it offers additional benefits. The distance to dangers and layup locations will also be visible. You can view the distance to the front and rear of hazards and which side of the fairway they are on. The distance to doglegs was the only thing that wasn’t provided.


It’s so cliche and tiresome to tag shots and putts. Therefore, ShotScope has intelligently developed a mechanism (only on the V3 shot-tracking model) that detects the club you’re using, eliminating the need for you to tag putts or the hole’s location. On the golf course, there is no player contact necessary because it is entirely hands-free.

Strokes Gained Analytics

Strokes Gained evaluates a golfer’s performance by considering the hole length, the shot and putt lengths, and the kind of lay on each shot and putt. This performance is compared against a predetermined dataset, such as tour players.

Every shot on a Map

View your round on a course map using the mobile app or the web dashboard if you prefer a larger view. You may zoom in to see each hole or watch the entire round in one shot. This perspective of your round offers a unique image and may be shared on social media!

Pre-Loaded Courses

The V3 watch has 35,000 courses pre-loaded, so when you arrive at the course, all you have to do is switch it on, select your mode, and start playing. The three settings are PRO Mode, GPS, and GPS + Track. GPS calculates yards without gathering any information. PRO Mode collects your shot information without providing yardages. GPS and Track perform both.

Smart Mobile App

Use the free mobile app or web dashboard to get over 100 data on your clubs, tee shots, approaches, short games, and putting. The dashboard enables further in-depth examination, but the mobile app offers an excellent overview of the facts. There is no recurring subscription required to utilize the mobile app or dashboard.

PinCollect Technology

This allows PinCollect to note the pin’s location and V3 to generate precise statistics on approach play, short game, and to put. The exact pin position is provided by PinCollect technology for improved approaches, quick games, and putting statistics.


Shot Scope’s statistics allow you to learn more about your game, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance your score or handicap. The dashboard offers filters for what you wish to see, allowing for deeper game analysis. Statistics may be filtered by the club, distance, round, year, and more.

Mobile App


The app is one of the primary justifications for purchasing a watch like this. While other watches on the market offer capabilities comparable to those of the V3, the V3 records your game and provides you with statistics, which is the primary distinction.

Features Of App

  • Round Overview.
  • Club distances.
  • Fairway & greens in regulation.
  • Hole overview.
  • Free Firm Updates.
  • Tee, approach, and short game stats.
  • Complies with golf’s rules.
  • Automatic shot detection.
  • Interactive features: Medals, Leaderboards, & Course Hub.
  • 3 golf modes.
  • Social Share Feature.

Price & Availability

Shot Scope V3

As a successor to the V2, released in 2017, the Shot Scope V3 golf watch was introduced in the US, UK, and Australia in the summer of 2020. As of the most recent pricing, ShotScope V3 costs $229.99 in the USA and £169.99 in the UK. Purchasing Shot Scope V3 is possible by clicking the button below:

Reasons You Should Buy

Shot Scope V3
  • Easy set-up
  • Accurate GPS
  • Battery Life 10hr+
  • Collects every shot
  • Everyday watch mode
  • Pin tagging
  • Superior Course Mapping
  • Comfortable watch
  • Free firmware updates
  • Daylight readable color screen
  • Improvement information in the app

Reason You Shouldn’t Buy

Reasons You Shouldn't Buy
  • No Full Bird’s-Eye View 
  • You Can’t Track beyond golf
  • No Live Scorecard
  • No Granular Stats View on App

How To Set Your Shot Scope V3 for the First Time?

  • Step 1: Install the mobile app
  • Step 2: Complete the Steps of the tutorial on the app
  • Step 3: Connect to Shot Scope
  • Step 4: Check Your course maps
  • Step 5: Search, Subscribe and Add a course
  • Step 6: Sync The Course Maps & Data

How To Set Your V3 Watch before you play for the first time?

  • Step 1: Charge your Shot Scope V3
  • Step 2: Install tags
  • Step 3: Set up Your ‘MyBag’
  • You’re All set to Play Your First Game

What’s the difference between shot scope V3 and G3?

The new G3 does the same as the V3 but without the shot-tracking feature. The V3 is a GPS watch and shot-tracker with 16 club tags. Both Shot Scope provides golfers the most precise yardages they can get their hands on since they are accurate to within 30 cm, compared to the industry standard of 3 to 5 meters.

How long does the battery of Shot Scope V3 last?

On the golf course, V3 will last 10+ hours in GPS or GPS+Track mode, which is plenty for two rounds. When worn as a regular watch when off the course, the V3 will last more than ten days. The V3 rapid charge function makes it quick and straightforward if you need to recharge between rounds.

How does performance tracking work?

16 tracking tags for V3 are included and screwed into each club’s end. The tags and watch strap have technology that enables them to “speak to each other” and identify the specific club used and its location on the course.


The Shot Scope V3 is a dedicated golf monitoring watch with a club sensor and in-depth game analysis, but it does not provide a live scorecard while you are playing. It is a reasonably priced, very accurate golf tracker that includes post-game stats, making it a watch that may help you improve your game.

The GPS tracking capabilities on your wrist can improve your game while also adding to the enjoyment of your rounds. You may identify your game’s areas of weakness and focus on those during practice; this will help you decide where to save your shots. The modern golfer, whose free time and patience are constantly decreasing, will be drawn in by the watch’s sleek appearance and how effortless the entire procedure is. Although it isn’t flawless, frequent use over time might eventually uncover lower scores.

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