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Add Google Calendar gadget in Gmail!


To manage time effectively and to be in contact with everybody, you really want a spot where you can check emails just as manage with your calendar. In Gmail, you can add Google calendar in your Dashboard window to check your calendar as necessities are and to avoid any pre-scheduled arrangements. Gmail Lab hosts experimental features that are not enabled naturally for all Gmail’s users. You can add Google Calendar to your Gmail via Gmail Lab with these means.

Gmail has been presenting many elements, which are of incredible use to its users and easy to understand. Numerous new features have been presented by Gmail and made accessible to its users in Gmail Labs. Google Calendar is a feature that is additionally accessible in Gmail Labs. These are significant features, which can end up being helpful to a regular Gmail User and can investigate a greater amount of his Gmail Account. These highlights when enabled can be seen in the left sidebar of your Gmail Account.

Add Google Calendar in Gmail

  • Open Gmail settings of your Gmail Account from the dropdown menu by tapping on the gear symbol in the upper right corner of Gmail’s main interface.
Google Calendar in Gmail
  • In Mail Settings, you want to go to Labs Tab. You will see the beneath the screen:
Google Calendar in Gmail
  • Presently it is possible that you can search in the box given by entering “Google Calendar gadget“, or you can look down to track down it.
  • Presently click on Enable button other than both the devices and snap on Save Changes.
Google Calendar in Gmail

Preview the Google Calendar

The Calendar gadget ought to be shown in the base left of the Gmail window.

  • If you don’t see it, click the three dots button at the lower part of the screen.
Add Google Calendar gadget in Gmail!

To arrange and utilize the Google Calendar gadget lab

  • Click on the Options button to see and configure the different choices for the gadget.
  • From here, you can show the smaller than normal calendar, choose whether to show previous events, and select which calendars to show.
  • If you need to make another event in your calendar, enter the Add button.
Add Google Calendar gadget in Gmail!


The Google Calendar gadget lab gives you a see of your Google Calendar from the Gmail interface. It can show upcoming events from different calendars, and furthermore allows you to add new events utilizing the Quick Add feature. You can likewise decide to show a mini date-picker if wanted. The incredible thing about this lab is that it gives you visibility of your calendar without expecting to leave Gmail.

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