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How to fix Android Auto in the Samsung Galaxy S22?


Samsung’s Galaxy S22 smartphones have undeniably outstanding, with the powerful S22 Ultra presently placed first on the list of the best phones of 2022. However, for all of the S22 series’ benefits, one flaw has dogged the line’s devices since launch: wired Android Auto connectivity has ranged from bad to utterly unusable for many users. You may count this writer among them, as he was compelled to return to a prior device owing to the slideshow-like Android Auto performance on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which often froze, stuttered, or slowed while in use. This was especially annoying while Google Maps navigation, resulting in a few missed turns.

While Google attempted to resolve the issue with the Android Auto v7.7 update, it introduced additional problems for previously unaffected individuals, with several users reporting black displays after connecting.

The v7.7 upgrade was not rolled out to this writer’s smartphone for whatever reason. Possibly due to its geographical area in Australia, leaving its Android Auto software at v7.6. Of course, even if the v7.7 update had been installed, there’s no assurance it would have resolved the issues.

Thankfully, Samsung Galaxy S22 users may bypass Android Auto v7.7 and go right to a beta version of v7.8. You don’t even need to be a part of Google’s beta testing program to participate.

Sideload the newest beta version of Android Auto’s APK (Android Package Kit) to do so. Installing the software entirely solved this issue for you; indeed, it was shockingly simple to do so. Here’s how to restore Android Auto on Samsung Galaxy S22.

Android Auto in the Samsung Galaxy S22: Installing an APK on an Android device

Android Auto in the Samsung Galaxy S22: Installing an APK on an Android device

If you’re the worrying type, you should back up the Samsung Galaxy S22 before installing an APK with an unknown source.

The APK we decided to install is a legal beta version published by Google LLC, and it has been certified safe by its reputed host site, APKMirror, and we’re convinced it won’t harm our device.

To install the latest Android Auto 7.8.1222 beta, click on this link in your smartphone’s web browser. But then touch on the enormous ‘Download APK’ button. You may notice below the button reading, “A more current upload may be available.” But for the time being, stick with Android Auto 7.8.1222 because we can personally vouch for its effectiveness.

A pop-up warning you that “this file type may harm your device” and that you must “only download the above file if you believe its source” will display. Because we’ve previously installed this APK and verified that it’s secure, click ‘Download’ to start installing the 35.58MB file.

If it’s the first APK, you’ve tried to install it on the S22. A pop-up will display asking you to grant your browser permission to proceed with the installation. The installation will be complete in seconds after you permit it.

Android Auto in the Samsung Galaxy S22: 7.8 Android Auto (beta version)

Android Auto in the Samsung Galaxy S22: 7.8 Android Auto (beta version)

This method should have installed the 7.8 beta android software Auto, replacing any previous versions you may have had installed. Restart your device to ensure that it is successfully installed.

After it has completely restarted, go to your phone’s ‘Settings app then scroll to the bottom to ‘Advanced Features.’ Then, tap on ‘Android Auto’ to access the app’s settings, and afterward scroll down to the bottom of a page to see the version number. If you installed Android Auto properly, you should have seen Version 7.8.122233-release.daily also as the current version on your phone.

That’s all there is to it! Installing this version restored our S22 Ultra’s terrible Android Auto performance, restoring the app to its previous brilliance. Go to your car & test it out to see whether it works for you.

Since this is a beta edition of Android Auto, the device will most likely auto-update to just a newer version whenever released to the public. Of course, you can stop it by accessing the Android Auto listing here on Google Play Store. Then hit the three dots symbol in the top right corner and deselect the ‘Enable auto-update choice.

However, we suggest leaving it on during the time being because Android Auto is due to undergo a major revamp in the coming months that will include an enhanced interface that automatically adapts for all car screen sizes.


Not everything has gone well for many Samsung Galaxy S22 range customers attempting to link their brand-new phones to Android Auto. Instead, many users say that USB cords merely charge the phone instead of attaching this to the system as they should. We’ve been hearing about this issue since the S22 launched in February. Although some affected customers were able to get things functioning by fiddling with the cable. A more permanent solution appears to be on the way thanks to a new update.

The most recent update (v7.7) to the Android Auto software fixes the cable problem & enables the Galaxy S22 to connect regularly. The update is presently under beta testing, but you may save the wait by downloading it manually from APKMirror.

Sadly, this new release isn’t a universal cure-all. Some S22 owners are now getting a dark display on Android Auto after an apparently successful connection. This includes those who were previously unaffected. It’s unclear what’s going on here, and from what we can gather, Google still needs to correct something.

To make matters worse, the difficulties aren’t limited to the Galaxy S22. Google Pixel customers have also complained about it (across multiple Pixel models). They also appear to get it slightly worse – not only does the screen go black when removed from Android Auto. But it also occasionally reboots. Strangely, despite a few comments saying otherwise. The issue presents a tag as “Fixed” on Google’s Issue Tracker. We’re hoping that indicates an actual repair is on the way because this headache is just getting worse.

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