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Samsung Galaxy S23 – Everything We Know So Far!

Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23

The Galaxy S23, the next entry in Samsung’s flagship series, is likely to debut later this year with a pack of new features, along with a brand-new design, updated CPUs, new camera systems, and even some new colors. You may also look at the Galaxy S22 line’s specifications and features for reference.

The Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S22 Plus seemed iterative rather than inventive among this year’s launches; the Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, single-handedly brought the Galaxy Note back to life. Rumors about the Galaxy S23 are few right now, but we decided to compile some of our wishes for Samsung’s next flagship, particularly the normal and Plus editions. So far, here’s all we know about the Galaxy S23, as well as our wishlist.

Samsung Galaxy S23 – Release Date & Price

Samsung galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will most likely be unveiled in February 2023. We say ‘probably’ not because of any leaks. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S23, new units in the line have been revealed around February for years.

To be more exact, given prior performance, the Galaxy S23 might arrive in mid to late February. However, we’re not sure. Given the exclusions to the February launch, we can’t even be positive it will arrive that month. However, it appears quite likely to arrive during the first several months of 2023.

As for the pricing, it may be close to the Samsung Galaxy S22, which starts at $799 / £769. That’s the same launch pricing as the Galaxy S21. Thus Samsung may choose this 3 years in a row, albeit the price may climb somewhat.

After all, that’s just for the regular model. The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus starts at $999.99 / £949 and the Galaxy S22 Ultra costs $1,199.99 / £1,149. Thus the successors to those phones might be priced similarly.


Samsung galaxy S23

While there haven’t been many Samsung Galaxy S23 leaks. We have heard a few things, like the possibility of a 200MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. There’s a considerable possibility this is genuine, considering the report comes from a reliable leaker. Also, Samsung has previously revealed a 200MP camera. However, that’s a pretty early leak, so we’d take it with a grain of salt.

This camera speculation has acquired credence when a recent report claims that Samsung is working on a second-generation 200MP sensor that will be used in the S23 if everything goes well. According to another source, Samsung may choose the older ISOCELL HP1 sensor rather than the second-generation ISOCELL HP3.

If you’re interested in what this sensor can do. Samsung has shared a video showing the 200MP HP1 camera sensor in action, taking a shot of a cat and then blowing it up to suit a 28 × 22-meter canvas draped off the side of a building. It’s difficult to tell for certain via a YouTube video and not in reality. However, the visual appeared to be remarkable. Individual cat hairs appear to be picked out in the details.

Telephoto Sensor

There will be no modifications to the telephoto camera on the less expensive variants. According to GalaxyClub’s sources, the Galaxy S23 & S23 Plus will also include a 10MP telephoto camera. Which is similar to the S22 and S22 Plus. This does not rule out additional possible modifications to the zoom camera. However, it is unlikely that nothing will change if the resolution sensor remains the same.

Selfie Sensor

Another, more practical, camera rumor indicates that the selfie camera will have a 12MP resolution, up from 10MP on the S22, which would be a little but welcome boost. However, another rumor says that the Galaxy S23 will not include an under-display camera.


Samsung Galaxy S23 - Everything We Know So Far!

A quad-curved S23 Ultra screen doesn’t make much sense on a phone with an S Pen pen integration. Since you need as much flat canvas as possible to doodle on. Therefore that portion of the Galaxy S23 series display speculations might be talking to the smaller S23, and S23+ cousins. If the Galaxy S23 and S23+ inherit Samsung’s 108MP camera sensor, as its predecessors currently do with the same 50MP sensor, their rears would seem distinctive, but it remains to be seen if their fronts will be unconventional and curved on all sides.

The S23 Ultra is expected to use the same 6th-generation OLED screen as the S22 Ultra, since the 8.5-generation tech, which might feature long-life dual-stack OLED panels that consume 30% less energy and are substantially brighter, may not be available for mass production at launch. However, with the Galaxy S23 and S23+, Samsung might use its low-cost LTPO display technology, which can offer a 10Hz-120Hz variable refresh rate rather than the 48Hz-120Hz range of its predecessors, saving on battery consumption when not required.


Samsung Galaxy S23 - Everything We Know So Far!

IceUniverse’s sources claim that Samsung’s rumored ability to produce a quad-curved display has been confirmed and that such a panel may be used for the first time on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Since phones like the Honor Magic with its tri-curved screen and the quad-curved Xiaomi concept seen in the video above have already been released, there is little question that if a company with the engineering capabilities of Samsung Display sets its minds to it, it will prosper in constructing a phone panel that slopes on all sides.

To this stage in the rumor mill, we don’t know what a quad-curved “waterfall” display would bring to the table other than improved aesthetics, but it might hint at a radical Galaxy S23 revamp. This is consistent with the anticipation that the S23 series, or at most its Ultra member, will have an under-display selfie camera with an all design.

A new Galaxy S23 Ultra conceptual design video by Technizo fleshes out how a massive sensor may look next to the other camera equipment on the rear, but don’t expect a 200MP one.

Samsung Galaxy S23 – Specifications

Samsung galaxy S23

In other news, a report claims that Samsung may employ a MediaTek processor in the Samsung Galaxy S23 line. At least in some regions of the world. This would be a significant departure from past models, which had always featured Snapdragon or Exynos CPUs – frequently both, with various areas receiving different manufacturers. However, two more sources have subsequently indicated that a switch to MediaTek is doubtful, so for the time being, we’d say it’s improbable.

Ever since, another leak has stated that Samsung would employ Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets across the board, rather than Exynos in some countries. This appears to happen so that the business may concentrate its chip-making efforts on designing a new proprietary chipset for use in a future Galaxy S model.

Obviously, none of this is a guarantee, but Samsung may still be eager in boosting its Exynos brand. Perhaps the only thing we’ve seen is that Samsung may internally refer to the Galaxy S23 as “Project Diamond.” Previously, some assumed this codename alluded to a third foldable, however according to DSCC analyst Ross Young, this is not the case.

Samsung Galaxy S23 – Battery

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is powered by a 3,700mAh battery, which isn’t very enormous given its relatively small 6.1-inch screen. The Galaxy S22 Plus & S22 Ultra perform better, with capacities of 4,500mAh and 5,000mAh, respectively, although even those capacities are underwhelming.

So, with the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup, we hope to see larger batteries in all models, especially the base handset. One thing that isn’t increasing as phones grow better is battery life, which we’d like to see.

Is Android better than Apple?

Both Apple & Google have excellent app shops. However, Android is significantly stronger at app organization, allowing you to place key apps on home screens while hiding less useful programs in the app drawer. Furthermore, Android’s widgets are far more helpful than Apple’s.


Let’s be honest: the Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S22 Plus are rather dull. They have a similar look to their predecessors, with few additional features. The most significant upgrade is “nightography” for low-light images. Although all of Samsung’s efforts were obviously towards the most costly Galaxy.

The Galaxy S23 series is likely to be the most significant improvement to the S-line in a long time. Much as the iPhone 14 variants are to be the most significant upgrade in iPhone-with-Face-ID history. To compete with the iPhone 14 models, Samsung will have to bring its A-game, and it appears that it will. As the Galaxy S23 Ultra is expected to feature the largest camera sensor on a phone. Also, an under-panel selfie camera, while the S23 and S23+ could feature a new waterfall display design, top-tier 5G connectivity, and updated OLED screen technology.

If Samsung continues to provide the same advantageous terms as the top Galaxy S22 Ultra deals. Then the Galaxy S23 models would be a zero to upgrade to.

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