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The Best Google Home compatible devices in 2024!

Google devices
Google devices

The best Google Home compatible devices work in tandem with Google Assistant to build a simple smart home system for your home, apartment, or another living area.

You may use your voice to communicate with any of the gadgets on this list and couple them to your smart home if you’re using the Google Nest Mini, Google Nest Audio, Google Nest Hub Maxor any of the best Google Home speakers. The best Google Home compatible gadgets are also the greatest Nest-compatible items, as the names of Google’s smart home products imply.

Google Home is more than simply a speaker with an internet connection and a voice assistant. It also functions as a smart home hub. Google Assistant on Google Home and your Nest Hub can also operate smart home devices, so here’s a list of amazing Google Assistant-compatible products.

You may also program routines such that an action from one device causes a response from another. For example, turning on your front door’s August Smart Lock Pro can turn on your entryway’s Philips Hue lights, saving you from fumbling about in the dark when you come home.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Google Home Compatible Devices

Have you ever woken up at night wondering if you secured the front door? With its compatibility with the August Smart Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Google Home can provide you with peace of mind. Simply asking Google if your door is locked will yield the answer — and you may lock or open it with your voice. The August Smart Wi-Fi Smart Lock also assists you in keeping track of visitors to your house by allowing you to unlock the door wirelessly for a dog walker or delivery while you are not present.

The August Smart Wi-Fi Smart Locks is the greatest smart lock on our list and one of the finest Google Home compatible gadgets. It’s also an improvement over its predecessor, the August Smart Lock Pro. The new model has everything customers liked about the August Pro: A straightforward installation procedure, features like DoorSense, and compatibility with a wide range of other smart home systems, like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Xfinity. Furthermore, the August Wi-Fi allows you to maintain the keys from your current lock.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Google Home Compatible Devices

The $99 Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is a music speaker, screen for your Google Assistant requirements, and communication hub. It also monitors your sleep. When placed at your bedside, the improved Google Nest Hub employs the Soli radar detecting chip to determine how well you sleep. It’s a bit disturbing, but the contactless tracking capabilities will make you forget about it.

Soli’s abilities also let you utilize air motions to stop and play YouTube movies or snooze an alarm. These motions do not always work, but they are valuable when they do. In terms of sound, Google increased the bass by 50% this time around, and it is an improvement over the first-generation model’s complete lack of bass.

Nest Thermostat

Google Home Compatible Devices

You can use Google Assistant on Google House to adjust the climate in your home, switch between heating & cooling modes, and more. As a result, it is compatible with a Nest Thermostat, a device from Google-owned Nest that offers smart devices apart from thermostats.

Say “Make it warmer/cooler” / “Raise/lower the temperature” / “Raise/lower the temperature 2 degrees” / “Set the temperature to 72” to modify the temperature. You can also say “Turn on the heat/cooling” / “Set the thermostat to cooling/heating” or “Turn the thermostat to heat-cool mode” to change heating or cooling modes. Say “Set the heat to 68” / “Set the air conditioning to 70” to change the mode and temperature.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo is among the most popular security camera systems, owing to the vast choice of devices available for a customizable system, as well as free online video storage for up to five cameras for seven days.

The Arlo Pro 2 is a wonderful mid-range camera system since it has rechargeable batteries for quick installation and 1080p video. For those who desire 4K, there’s the Arlo Ultra. Arlo can detect motion, has night vision, and can sense sound.

Google Chromecast with Google TV

Google Home Compatible Devices

One of Google Home’s best capabilities is the ability to play and control video on select devices with your voice. The $50 Google Chromecast with Google TV, which is one of the greatest streaming devices we’ve ever tested, is the ideal method to accomplish this connection with a TV you already possess.

This streaming stick offers a few benefits over others. It supports two essential content services that competitor smartphones do not. It’s also a Chromecast device, so you can easily beam pretty much anything to your TV. Google Assistant’s abilities are also at your disposal.

Lifx Mini Smart Bulb

The Best Google Home compatible devices in 2024!

Lifx manufactures some of the finest low-cost smart home gadgets compatible with Google Assistant. Because all of its lights are Wi-Fi connected, you don’t need a specific bridge to use their smart capabilities. The Lifx Mini smart bulb, for example, is ideal for use in smaller settings such as bedside or desk lights. Its tiny form is multifunctional, and you’ll most likely want to buy more than one.

Furthermore, the Lifx A19 and Lifx+ can also generate stunning color effects, such as a candle flicker, a strobe, and synchronization with music. The Lifx+ even features infrared technology for a night vision camera.


To optimize the potential of your smart home, consider purchasing a smart speaker with a microphone before purchasing one or more of the best Google Home compatible devices. Any of the top Google Home speakers would suffice, but Google’s own Google Nest Hub is a fantastic place to start.

The Google Nest Hub is among the best smart displays. You may use it as an all-in-one smart home hub to play music, monitor security camera feeds, video chats with family and friends, and manage all of your other smart home gadgets. It can handle group video conversations with Duo & stream Netflix. It can also monitor your sleep.

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