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Best secure E-mail service provider for enhanced security and privacy!

email service provider
email service provider

The finest secure email service provider makes it simple and easy to enhance the security and privacy of your e-mails. When it comes to popularity and convenience of use, major e-mail providers such as Google and Microsoft are unrivaled.

However, these services have a far toward to go before we can say that it’s secure. E-mail communication is not generally protected end-to-end. Encryption can be easily summoned by government authorities in the event of a legal dispute.

There are a lot of other privacy and security concerns to address. Third-party email service provider. Such as Gmail, can monitor your private e-mails to deliver more tailored adverts. However, many e-mail companies provide enhanced security.

In this post, we will look at some of the best secure e-mail providers on the market right now. These are ideal for conducting internal corporate conversations and collecting sensitive data from other users.

ProtonMail – Best price-to-privacy ratio

email service provider

ProtonMail, founded in 2013 by CERN researchers in privacy-friendly Switzerland, quickly became the most popular and finest secure e-mail provider.

This open-source service adheres to stringent no-logs policies and employs end-to-end encryption. Users could even send encrypted communications to recipients who do not use ProtonMail. All of their servers are kept in a nuclear bunker more than three thousand feet underground.

ProtonMail does not have a desktop user and instead relies on a web-based user that is compatible with all major browsers. After years of using Gmail, it feels awkward and out of date, but you will get used to it. When it comes to mobile devices, you may get apps for both Android and iOS.

ProtonMail’s Plus plan, among other things, provides 5 GB of storage and 5 e-mail aliases, as well as support for your domain. Meanwhile, the $24/month Visionary plan includes 20 GB, 50 e-mail alias, multi-user assistance, and ProtonVPN. Likely, it will also contain the future ProtonDrive storage solution.

There is also a free version, but it only allows for 500 MB of storage and 150 messages each day.

If you don’t regard ProtonMail’s disadvantages as a deal-breaker and aren’t concerned about having no backup in situations you forget your password. This encrypted e-mail is an excellent option.

Startmail – Best email service provider for desktop-only

email service provider

If Startmail seems unfamiliar, you may be familiar with their other initiative, It’s an engine that doesn’t collect any of your information. Startmail essentially takes the same core values and applies them here.

Startmail is one of the safest e-mail providers available. It integrates easily PGP, allowing you to connect safely with other people who have PGP enabled. The limitation is that PGP is only applied on the server. So this isn’t the true end-to-end solution that other providers boast about. It’s also possible to enable two-factor authentication to assure that your e-mail remains secure even if someone discovers your password.

The major advantage is that it successfully incorporates burner e-mails into its way of operation. You can easily and quickly add more aliases, for example, if you’re enrolling somewhere and need a temporary address.

While there are no specific mobile apps available from StartMail, the website is 100 % responsive and functions well on most devices. Furthermore, with complete IMAP and SMTP compatibility, you’ll be able to access your e-mails via your preferred service. Although this mailbox is only available for free. You do get a full 7-day trial that includes all of the platform’s primary features.

Tutanota – Best email service provider for any system

email service provider

To begin, Tutanota uses AES and RSA encryption rather than PGP. Both employ the same techniques, but the latter adds a layer of protection by merging symmetric and asymmetric keys. Tutanota, on the other hand, encrypts the sender and receiver’s names as well as the subject line. Users can choose between TOTP (authenticator apps) and U2F for two-factor authentication (YubiKey).

This private email service provider takes privacy very seriously. To protect you, IP addresses and e-mails are removed from the heading metadata. There is also a stringent no-logs policy, although Tutanta’s otherwise clean reputation is tainted by Germany’s membership in the 14 Eyes intelligence alliance.

Tutanota has a web-based app as well as programs for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. They are free of advertisements and simple to use, including the private Calendar. Furthermore, you may quickly synchronize them all.

Customized domains, 1 GB of storage, 5 aliases, and e-mail support are all included for $1 per month. With an extra dollar, your storage expands to 10 GB, which costs nearly twice as much as Hushmail subscribers.

You may also try out the free version, which comes with 1 GB of storage, a calendar, and only one user. However, there will be no customer support alternatives.

Zoho Mail – email service provider for B2B

zoho mail

Zoho Mail is not frequently listed as the finest secure email service provider. However, this has little to do with its quality; rather, this supplier is favored by commercial clients. However, it is also beneficial to individuals, so we have included it on the list.

This service includes secure data centers that require biometric authentication to access. There’s also virus and spam prevention, as well as end-to-end encryption.

This secure e-mail enables two-factor authentication (2FA) for added account protection. Users have the option of using Zoho’s authentication app, an OTP, a QR code, or Touch ID. You can also use OAuth 2.0 to access your inbox from other apps. Zoho Mail is available as a web app or as a smartphone app.

You receive the apps and other IMAP/POP clients, a 250 MB file capacity, and many domains for a dollar a month. Power users can pay $4 per month for Mail Premium, which allows them to send 1 GB of files, store 50 GB of data, backup e-mails, and employ white-labeling. There is also a 15-day free trial available.

You could also use Zoho’s free edition. Although it provides 5 GB of storage, the attachment size is ten times that of the cheapest package. Furthermore, you can only utilize the web application, which makes checking your e-mail on mobile a pain.

CounterMail – Advanced security features

email service provider

CounterMail, which was founded in 2008. They have kept the same website design but have come a long way to be the top secure email service provider. And, because of its security-first strategy, it may be the most secured of them all.

CounterMail employs industry-standard PGP encryption. They go the extra mile, though, by developing RAM-only servers that do not store anything. Furthermore, CounterMail protects against man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks by including AES and RSA algorithms alongside the SSL layer. You can utilize a USB key or the Time-based One-time Password method (TOTP) with a third-party authenticator software for 2FA.

Even though CounterMail probably surpasses even ProtonMail in terms of user engagement. This secure e-mail service is available as a web app as well as through third-party email apps such as Android, iOS, and other IMAP/SMTP clients. The web app design is obsolete, but it provides a variety of customizing choices.

CounterMail’s 7-day free trial should be sufficient to see what it has to offer. You can, however, only send and receive e-mails from secure e-mail and VPN users, such as yourself. Additionally, the max attachment size is 3 MB, and you cannot use CounterMail on third-party mailing programs. A two-year subscription costs $3.29 per month and includes 4 GB of storage. Which can be increased by 1.75 GB for a one-time $89 price.

Posteo – Cheapest and most secure email service provider


Posteo is a German-based secure e-mail service company that caters to both corporations and individuals.

TLS with Excellent Forward Privacy, HTTP Strict Transport Security HSTS, SSH, and other technologies are available to protect your e-mails while they are in transit. Encryption isn’t enabled by default, but it’s simple to enable with the Mailvelope software. Because it’s open-source, you’re not putting your data in the hands of an untrustworthy source. You may also use it to add PGP, which is the best way to safeguard your emails.

There are also advantages that other email service providers may envy. They, for example, support the POP, SMTP, and IMAP protocols. As a result, you can retrieve the emails from your computer.

The main disadvantage is that Posteo currently lacks desktop and mobile apps. This necessitates the usage of the web client. This could be a problem because certain mobile web browsers crop the window. Furthermore, because there is no real-time chat or ticket system, you will leave waiting for some time before assistance arrives.

Although there is no free version, for a small monthly price and some minor modifications, you can receive one of the most email service providers on the market.


Considering how frequently we email these days, it’s a good thing to look at some of these programs if you value any type of security over your privacy on the internet. Some come with a free trial or free version, which is sufficient for personal usage.

However, if your firm relies on transmitting personal information, having an encrypted method to transfer those facts over could be beneficial.

Completely free email companies such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook do their utmost to encrypt data, but you should question whether they truly prioritize your security.

Of course, no internet product is ever completely secure, so it’s critical to remember the basics and utilize a VPN as an added layer of protection to make it extremely tough for someone else to get illegal access.

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