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Can students and tutors get Office 365 for free?


You can accomplish more with Microsoft Office 365 big props to its cutting-edge Office apps, innovative cloud services, and top-notch security. Microsoft provides the tools necessary to design inclusive, learner-centred classrooms and opportunities for all scholars. Office 365 Education, which offers access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, as well as additional classroom tools, is available to educators and students at qualifying institutions. To start immediately, eligible scholars and teachers shall enter a valid school email address. Here you will get your answer regarding the query about access to Office 365 for free for students. Check this out!

The cost is not the only thing that needs to be considered. If you use this program for education, you also need to consider the time required to use and learn it properly. Not only should there be ample time for the tutors to learn all the tools available, but there must be ample time to learn the tools needed to teach others how to use the software by teachers and scholars.

More about Microsoft Office 365

Can students and tutors get Office 365 for free?

Office 365 functions everywhere like you do. Building your curriculum on Android, iOS, or Windows devices is seamless and simple thanks to well-known applications and constantly available files that are updated in the real zone. Employers value various skills and applications that students learn in the classroom when using Office 365 Education. Prepare youth for their futures by teaching them how to use Outlook, Word, PPT, Teams, Access, and OneNote today, free for eligible students which are school-going and teachers about their education who outperform the required criteria.

What is included in Office 365?

The cloud-based productivity platform Microsoft 365 uses. You can get the following with a Microsoft 365 subscription:

  • The most recent productivity tools include OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and many others.
  • Installing on Macs, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • OneDrive cloud storage of 1 TB.
  • Upgrades and feature updates are not available elsewhere.

Microsoft Office 365 Educational Plans

Give teachers and students the ability to unleash creativity, foster teamwork, and offer a straightforward, safe experience in a single, cost-effective solution tailored for the classroom. Additionally, students have free access when they purchase Microsoft 365 for teachers, faculty, and staff. All the plans were created with education in mind and are brimming with tools that enable teachers and students to succeed more wherever they teach and learn. Some of the plans are explained below:-

Microsoft 365 A3

You can instruct and learn from any location with a user-based licence that includes everything in the Microsoft 365 A1 licence, along with extra features like bookings and live events. Additionally, the A3 plan offers cutting-edge management, analytics, and security.

Microsoft 365 A5

Add Microsoft’s most advanced security, mobility, management, and conformance to your school subscription and prioritise safety with Microsoft Defender. Contains all of Microsoft 365 A3’s teaching and learning tools.

Microsoft 365 A1

There is a straightforward one-time per-device solution to support all students using desktop applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Minecraft: Education Edition, and other programmes. Additionally, this licence offers cloud management via Microsoft Intune for Schooling, which can manage your devices from a single dashboard, saving you time.

How to get Office 365 for free for students?

Office 365 is free for students

  1. Go to the Office 365 page on Microsoft’s Education site – it’s accessible in numerous nations worldwide.
  2. Enter your schooling email address and snap ‘Get started.’
  3. Office 365 Education information exchange.
  4. From the following screen, finish up your name and date of birth.
  5. Search your email for a confirmation code, then reorder it to this screen.
  6. Following a couple of moments, you ought to be diverted to, where you can access all the suitable web applications. Assuming you’d like, you can also download the desktop version of each.

Benefits of Microsoft 365 to students

Microsoft 365 Education provides school administrators, teachers, IT personnel, and students with the software solutions they require to boost classroom productivity, achieve objectives, and save time and money.

Encourage cooperation and teamwork.

Teachers and staff have a central hub for online communication and collaboration thanks to Microsoft Teams. Using a common toolkit to share and communicate both inside and outside of the classroom, you can cater to the needs of individual students.

Safe and secured platform

Utilize a single dashboard to manage users, data, and devices. Protect your identity, apps, data, and devices with machine learning-enhanced intelligent security. Control data governance, archiving, and discovery.

Open up students’ imaginations

While assisting students of all abilities to become more independent through intelligent learning tools, encourage creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving with immersive and engaging apps.

Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft office 365

Office 365 Education, which offers free access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, as well as additional classroom tools, is available to educators and students at qualifying institutions. To get started right away, enter a valid school email address. Additionally, you could sign up for a free Microsoft 365 education trial if you work for an academic institution. You can purchase Microsoft 365 goods at academic prices after Microsoft confirms your school’s academic eligibility.

Non Eligibility Criteria for Microsoft office 365

  1. Non-e-mail-related criteria for eligibility include
    • You have been inactive on another Microsoft online service for more than 1 year.
    • An account has been inactive for 12 consecutive months.
    • You have been a member of another online service for over 2 years.
  2. You can still use Microsoft Office on any other platform if you want to, so don’t worry.

Verify your school’s academic eligibility

For most situations, you will get instant approval or denial of your school’s eligibility when you sign up for a free trial and complete the eligibility verification wizard with your school’s domain.  In some circumstances, operators need more details to complete a manual eligibility review, so they’ll get in touch with you and send you a questionnaire to fill out. It might take this review up to ten business days. They send you an email informing you of the results of our review of your school’s eligibility information.

Before entering a domain, you can close the academic verification wizard and begin using the trial subscription. However, until you finish the verification process, you are not qualified for academic prices.

How to check the status of your school’s academic eligibility?

You can always check the status of your school’s academic eligibility after registering for a Microsoft 365 Education trial.

  • Visit the Microsoft 365 administration area.
  • Locate the Billing card on the home page.
    The status of the verification process is indicated on the billing card. One of the following statuses is displayed on the card: approved, pending, declined, or add your domain.

Is there a Office 365 free version available of Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is accessible free of charge on Android and iOS. The Office versatile app includes less practical variants of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Is Google Docs better than Word?

Here Google Docs wins the victory. You can open PDFs in Word on your desktop, edit them, and afterwards save them as PDFs once more; you can’t do this in Google Docs. Overall, Google is the winner because it gives you more record layout similarity. Be that as it may, Word might be your go-to assuming you require PDF editing.


Students and tutors can get Office 365 for free. For free access, it is mandatory to qualify for signing up for a student account with the company and receive a one-time password. Once the one-time password is sent to your email address, check that once and verify and then you can access Office 365 without restrictions. You won’t have to worry about your requirements being locked because you forgot your password. Students and tutors who subscribe to Office 365 get an annual subscription to Office 365 for pre- and post-education, which includes all the latest versions of Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and gives you access to the online versions of Office to enrich your educational purpose.

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