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New WhatsApp iOS update includes upgraded coloured chat bubbles and disappearing messages!


WhatsApp has submitted a new update on iOS for testing purposes exclusively. This new WhatsApp update will be out for all after some duration of this beta version’s release. WhatsApp always surprises its users with innovation and new WhatsApp Update. After the update, we realize that, Is this was also possible while chatting with someone? WhatsApp never misses an opportunity to thrill and excite us with its new features. The all-new beta WhatsApp Update is about the change in the color of chat bubbles. In August 2021, WhatsApp has introduced the new feature of disappearing messages. But, the time duration for these disappearing messages was on a default setting. It means that the duration of the message to disappear is unable to be set by us. With the new update, the duration of disappearing messages will be set according to our will.

So we can say that, the new update of WhatsApp for iOS beta version. It allows to change the color of chat bubbles, it also includes the customization of chat timer for disappearing texts

What are chat bubbles?

Chat bubbles refer to the floating bubble which we see when someone sends a text or message to us. With the help of this floater, we can chat and share details with other persons without opening the app. The Chat bubble overlaps with other apps. So, we can do multi-tasking using chat bubbles.

New Chat Bubbles look more adjusted at this point.

New Chat Bubbles are bigger at this point.

Chat Bubbles comes in 4 Colors

WhatsApp Chat bubbles

It’s additionally conceivable that those new Chat Bubbles will be now accessible in the following 2.21.200 update on the App Store.

WhatsApp Updated Chat bubbles

New WhatsApp iOS Update: Disappearing messages

In August 2021, WhatsApp also introduced the feature of disappearing messages. This feature was found on Snapchat, Telegram, and on many other apps too. Disappearing messages means the message which you have sent will disappear after a fixed time. Earlier, the limit of disappearing messages was unable to change but with the new Update iOS beta version, we can change the limit for this from 24 hours,  7 days or 90 days.

With the help of this feature, if you text or message an individual or in a group, Text will disappear after the prescribed time.

For extra security and limit, all new messages will disappear from this talk for everyone after the selected range. Anybody in the chat can change this setting – as per the report of WhatsApp.

Enable and change time of disappearing messages in WhatsApp Update


  • 1: The first thing we have to do to enable disappearing messages is to open the chat or group with who we want our messages to disappear
Disappearing whatsApp
  • 2: After opening the chat or group, we just have to click on the name on top.
  • 3: After Scrolling down, tap on “disappearing message”
  • 4: Tap on “ON” to enable disappear message for that particular group or person for which we need the message to disappear.
  • 5. Default setting of Disappearing messages is 7 Days. But with the new Beta WhatsApp Update, the Duration of disappearing messages can change. It can change to 24 Hours, 7 Days or 90 Days.

Other news about WhatsApp in future.

Texting app, WhatsApp might be intending to dispatch another update soon. The organization is relied upon to present the transfer of chats across various stages: iOS and Android. The exchange of chats has been especially hard for WhatsApp users moving from iOS to Android or the other way around. The new update, when dispatched will facilitate the transfer of chats and reinforcements just as helpful. WhatsApp with the forthcoming element permits admittance to the app on various gadgets, even without the essential gadget.

WhatsApp has tried the new cross-stage usefulness and will be made accessible in a future update. This new element will permit users to move visit history from an Android Mobile to an iOS Mobile or the other way around. This new component will be useful for users needing to move to another OS. Prior, the users had to utilize External apps to move the chat history. In any case, the messaging application clearly stated that this violates the terms of service.

WhatsApp Update will shortly get these Instagram-like Message responses highlighted. It will essentially allow users to respond to explicit pictures as pictures, like what is presented on Facebook and Instagram. The element will carry out both on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp App.

When you send a reaction, you can select any emoji from the list of emojis.

Messages can have an unlimited measure of responses, yet if you have more than 999 responses, you will peruse “999+”.

Everyone can watch who responded to a message.


The WhatsApp Update contains features like change in chat bubbles and Change of duration of disappearing messages. As these features are for beta users, there might be some difficulties and some of the features may not be utilized or enjoyed by all the users. But, we can say that WhatsApp will bring innovations and new WhatsApp Updates to make our lives easier.

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