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Set up and use Netflix Party aka Teleparty!


It’s not generally conceivable to head to the cinema with friends or go round to a buddy’s place to enjoy some TV together. That is the reason Netflix Party was invented, just now it’s called Teleparty. If you didn’t give it a shot during some lockdown then TeleParty is a method of watching Netflix together while remaining separated, all from the comfort of your particular home. The justification behind the name change is that the service has now expanded so you can watch Netflix as well as Hulu, HBO Max, HBO Now, and Disney Plus with friends as well. Netflix Party is still near, yet for certain updates. It is a free extension for the Google Chrome browser that permits you to start, pause and respite a movie or show so you can watch it at the same time aggregately with friends and family. Wondering how you can set up the Netflix party(Teleparty) and use it, here’s how!

Understanding Netflix Party!

Watching Netflix along with a synced playback and shared gathering chat. That is Netflix Party(Teleparty) basically. The service capacities as a free Chrome extension, which suggests anyone with an active Netflix subscription can use it. Netflix Party is just accessible on Chrome browsers on desktops or computers or laptops. However, the good news is you can take it to a big screen.

Set up and use Netflix Party

There are a couple of things you ought to plan for before beginning a Netflix party:

  • Ensure subscription: Every one of your friends welcome to the party will be approached to access from their own Netflix accounts. So before you pick the movie, run a fast survey to ensure everybody is subscribed. Remember that a functioning Netflix membership can be shared across six devices however only two simultaneous streams are permitted.
  • Controlled playback and host: Settle on who controls the playback. A host can decide to be just one with permission to quickly forward and rewind. Except if the host chooses this alternative, each invitee will have the authorization to control playback. However, this may mean you end up with such a large number of popcorn refill breaks, though.
  • Customizing chat: Netflix Party licenses you to customize the chat with user images and innovative nicknames. Utilize this chance to make it fun! You can likewise share GIFs, emojis, and even screenshots to communicate yourself in the chat.

Shared streaming isn’t restricted on schedule, so you can watch Netflix together online for quite a long time. Netflix Party(Teleparty) coordinates the movie or TV show you’re watching in HD quality, guaranteeing all of you shares comparable Netflix minutes and can examine them on the spot. There’s no restriction concerning the number of people who can watch Netflix on the once with the Netflix Party Chrome extension. Some sources mention a host can invite 5 million people —  so you don’t actually have to stress over this.

What Netflix Party allows us to do?

Set up and use Netflix Party

This allows all of us to watch simultaneously through your singular accounts. It likewise incorporates a chatroom bar down the side of the screen.

Here you can type messages to ‘chat’ with your friends – comment on the film/TV show, ask them how they are, talk about the weather, send embraces or say whatever you like. Normally, you can send GIFs, emojis, and screengrabs as well. There are no voice or video-based chat alternatives, however at that point that would distract from viewing.

There is a limit to the number of people that one Netflix Party(Teleparty) can hold however it’s an incredible 1000! You can Netflix Party with anybody across the globe yet remember that a similar TV show or film probably won’t be accessible in each country.

Additionally, those aware of protection will be satisfied to realize that all chats are deleted from the Netflix Party servers toward the end of each Netflix Party.

Devices comaptible with Netflix Party !

The Netflix Party(Teleparty) expansion just deals with PC and desktop computers, the two: Macs and PCs. That implies you can’t at present utilize Netflix Party on iPads, games consoles, or on your TV. Netflix Party isn’t at present possible on Android or iOS.

With regards to video quality, it’s important that Netflix Party streams might be at a maximum HD resolution with Google Chrome. Go with Microsoft Edge for 4K support.

Step 1 : Install and Set up Netflix Party

This is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers like Brave and Microsoft Edge. You’ll have to install one of those browsers to set up Netflix Party. For more convenience, we’ll simply utilize Google Chrome.

  • Launch Google Chrome on your Mac or PC.
Set up and use Netflix Party
  • Explore to Netflix Party in your browser.
  • Enter the Install Netflix Party to be taken to the extension’s Chrome Web Store page.
set up Netflix party - Teleparty
Set up and use Netflix Party aka Teleparty! 11

  • Click Add to Chrome, then, at that point, hit on the Add expansion.
set up Netflix party - Teleparty
Set up and use Netflix Party aka Teleparty! 12

Step 2 : Use Netflix Party

Since you have the extension installed and Netflix Party is set up, it’s an ideal opportunity to really utilize it.

  • Dispatch the Netflix in Google Chrome.
  • Sign in if you want to.
set up Netflix party - Teleparty
  • Begin watching a TV show or movie.
  • Snap the Netflix Party button towards the upper right corner of the browser.
set up Netflix party - Teleparty
  • Enter the checkbox if you need sole control over the video, then, at that point, hit on the Start the party.
Set up and use Netflix Party aka Teleparty!
set up Netflix party - Teleparty
  • Enter the Copy URL.
  • Send the link to your other party members. They need to host Netflix Party installed on their browsers, as well.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Share_Party_Link.jpg
  • Type in the message field to send messages to each other as you watch the movie or show.
Set up and use Netflix Party aka Teleparty!

Presently, you simply watch a movie or TV show with friends and chat with each other while you’re doing it. If you checked the box in the Netflix Party extension, you will have full oversight over stopping, playing, and cleaning through the video.

Quick fixes if Netflix Part isn’t working!

Before you take all your dissatisfaction, check these three simple fixes for Teleparty:

  • The NP Button not being active: There’s one somewhat confusing thing about Netflix Party. The NP button will not be active until you begin streaming. This implies your friends can’t go along with you while you’re looking through the dashboard or watching previews. You should really hit Play so the NP button changes from gray to red.
  • Restarting Chrome: Stop all active Chrome tabs and windows, and afterward open it once more. The stunt is somewhat an easy decision however since numerous users report it’s been useful, we suggest you attempt it as well.
  • Extension settings: Snap-on the NP button, then select the Manage Extensions. On the Settings page, switch “Permit access to file URLs.” Go back to Netflix and give it another attempt.
Set up and use Netflix Party aka Teleparty!

Is Netflix Party safe? 

Since Chrome add-ons are regularly the resources to take advantage of malicious code, many peoples are having second thoughts about whether it’s protected to utilize Netflix Party. The short answer is we don’t know the first thing. However, there are a couple of things you can do to remain erring on the safe side.

As an issue of first significance, you should observe that Netflix is a free third-party extension for Google Chrome, and it’s not been made by Netflix. Truth be told, Netflix will assume no blame for it. So prior to installing the NP extension, we suggest you actually take a look at their Privacy Policy. Here are the key bits of knowledge if you set up Netflix Party:

  • Request that your friends not share the link anyplace openly.While there’s no password protection, anybody with the link could join your Netflix Party.
  • Set parental controls for kids. In their Privacy Policy, Netflix Party expresses the users ought to be 13 or more older. So ensure you’ve enabled parental controls if you have a younger kid with admittance to Netflix.
  • Set up with the tracking. This utilizes trackers that can analyze your browsing history. The service doesn’t submit to the famous “Don’t Track” highlight, so it’s basically impossible that you can disable the tracking. However, not a major issue if you’re alright with designated advertisements.

Netflix Party alternatives!

Indeed, there are a couple of comparative services you can use for Netflix binge-watching together. Also, not just Netflix! For example, you can get a Meta stream and live chat with friends while watching Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and then some. The interaction is basically something very similar. Download the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox, host a party, and invite your friends by sharing a connection. When you begin streaming, the video and a dedicated chat will appear in a different window. Once more, it’s a third-party add-on, not related to any of the streaming stages.

If you need a local solution, look at Hulu. The service announced they will be quick to dispatch a local Watch Party highlight. It covers a gathering chat and shared playback constrained by all invitees. Anybody with an ad-free Hulu membership ought to have the option to utilize the component at this point.


Netflix Party(Teleparty) helped ease the severe lack of socializing most of us needed to manage during the truth of the coronavirus. Watching TV and chatting is one of the best approaches to spend time with friends especially during a pandemic. Despite the fact that many people are returning to in-person gatherings and movie theatre screenings, it’s as yet a decent method to spend time with friends if you miss your friends who are many miles away.

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