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August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?


August Smart Lock was among the absolute first brilliant locks on the market, and it has shown to be a wise investment for the people who are looking to get their smart homes. The association as of now has a wide extent of products, including the August Smart Lock and the August Smart Lock Pro. Which of the two would it be advisable for you to purchase? Let us see!

Main Differences between Lock and Lock Pro:

The Main Differences Between both Lock Pro are:

  • August Smart Lock has an exceptionally moderate and minimal design, while August Smart Lock Pro looks more elegant and modern.
  • The August Smart Lock doesn’t accompany the latest August Connect Wi-Fi connect, though August Smart Lock Pro does.
  • August Smart Lock can be somewhat “buggy” in some cases, though August Smart Lock Pro likewise works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

August Smart Lock !

This Lock has a cutting-edge look. The all-aluminium lock measures 4.8 by 2.6 inches and resembles a metal pill. At the point when you install it on the interior part of your deadbolt, it doesn’t look excessively large, yet it stands apart notwithstanding. This Lock is one very much designed lock that comes in two colours: silver and dark grey.

Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro


This Lock allows you to open the door without fumbling for your keys. All things considered, you can utilize your smartphone to do the work. This smart lock joins itself to your current deadbolt, without replacing it. You can in any case utilize your current keys to get inside.

Previously, you would have to hide a key under a mat or an outdoor potted plant to ensure you can in any case open the door in the event that you lost or forgot to remember your key, or in case you need to give someone access while you are away. Notwithstanding, this is a hazardous practice since thieves and burglars can track down that key. With the August Smart Lock, you can take into account the keyless section to your home utilizing only the August app.

Auto lock and DoorSense

Smart Lock accompanies DoorSense and auto-lock highlights for your true serenity. You would now be able to quit wondering over whether you have locked the doors in transit out. August will advise you if the door is opened or on the other hand in case it is slightly open. It can likewise lock your doors naturally.

Get a log of who goes back and forth

The August app will appear you a list of people who locked and opened your doors. It will likewise show you whether your door has been opened physically, or by utilizing an entry code.

Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro

Compatible with connected devices

Smart Lock works with different products from a similar producer. You can interface it with the August Doorbell Cam Pro and the August Smart Keypad. You can likewise get the August Connect, which permits you to control your smart lock remotely.

What you would like-The Pros

The Lock allows you to hide your keys and simply utilize your smartphone to open your door. You can likewise give a temporary password to the delivery guy through text message in case you are not home to receive the package. Moreover, you can open August when you are inside the Bluetooth range.

This lock has an advanced and sleek design that is both stylish and compact. It is exceptionally direct to install, and you would love the DoorSense include that will advise you if your door is ajar.

Needed Improvements

This Lock can’t open the door or work with other associated devices except if you purchase the Wi-Fi bridge that would enable third-party incorporations and remote access. It is additionally extremely noisy when you activate the lock. Fortunately, you can purchase an August Smart Lock + Connect combo.

Additionally, the lock utilizes Bluetooth for its auto-open component. A few users say that there are times the Bluetooth association couldn’t discover the lock, so you will be at the door and still can’t get in.

Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro

Rating and reviews

The third-generation August Smart Lock gets a rating of 3.8 stars out of 5.0 on Amazon, with checked buyers adulating the way where it fills in as a splendid lock, just as the company’s customer service. Some basic reviews talk regarding how the DoorSense include was buggy, yet that has been corrected by an over-the-air update that made the August more reliable in deciding whether your door is locked or is open. There were additional complaints about how the associated highlights didn’t work unless you have the bridge, and how the lock encounters network issues.

The Smart Lock App

Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro
August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?

Activity monitoring

Track activity and consistently realize who is coming every which way at your doorstep with a 24/7 Activity Feed.

Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro
August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?

Guest access

Grant unlimited digital keys substantial for few weeks, a couple of hours, or a couple of moments. Never stress over lost, stolen, or copied keys again.

August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?
August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?

Total control

Lock and open your door, control keyless access, and keep track of who goes back and goes from any place.

August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?
August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?

Status updates

Just August has DoorSense™ that checks the situation with your door and advises you if your door is safely closed and locked.

August Smart Lock Pro

This Lock has a couple of stunts at its sleeve. Generally, notwithstanding, the Pro version delivers a great deal of the elements that users have come to love in the third-generation August Smart Lock.

Before we delve into that, let us take a gander at the most obvious difference: the Pro version has a circular shape as opposed to the pill shape of the August Smart Lock. It has a measurement of 3.4 inches, and it is 2.0 inches thick. All things considered, it looks big, yet with an aluminum finish, it appears exceptionally elegant and present day.

August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?

What else is different?

Like the third-generation August Smart Lock, the Pro version works with a buddy mobile app, can lock or open your doors consequently, and has the DoorSense highlight.

Be that as it may, the Pro version accompanies the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge as a component of the package, which fairly clarifies why it is more costly. You would require the Wi-Fi bridge for the savvy smart lock to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, just as have the option to work the lock remotely.

Fortunately, if you right now have the Smart Lock, you can simply purchase the Wi-Fi bridge and get these components. Be that as it may, the Pro version is viable with Apple HomeKit and works with Z-Wave in addition to the device. This is something that the Smart Lock third generation doesn’t have.

Rating and reviews

The Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi bridge flashes a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Amazon. Positive reviews talk concerning that it is so natural to install the lock, and how great the HomeKit integration is. In addition, you will love the way that the auto-lock include is customizable.

Nonetheless, there are complaints that the auto-open element isn’t dependable. This implies that you could be leaving home thinking that August had locked your door when it truly didn’t. Fortunately, the good news is that the company has fixed this issue and the auto open and auto-lock include works all the more reliable now.

August Smart Lock vs. August Smart Lock Pro: Which is Best?

A side-by-side comparison

To make it simpler for you to see the similarities and differences of these two smart locks, here is a next to each other comparison:

Model August Smart Lock Pro August Smart Lock 
Price $199.99$106.74 
Bluetooth Yes Yes 
Wi-Fi Yes Yes 
Apple HomeKit Yes No 
Z-Wave Plus Yes No 
Use your phone as your key Yes Yes 
Auto-Unlock Yes Yes 
Auto-Lock Yes Yes 
DoorSense Yes Yes 
Amazon Alexa compatible Yes Yes, with Bridge 
Works with Google Assistant Yes Yes, with Bridge 
Remotely control your lock Yes Yes, with Bridge 
August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge enclosed Yes No 

There is a straightforward method to transform your old appliance into keen ones. You simply plug it into a smart plug and start controlling it utilizing your smartphone. The August locks do likewise for your present deadbolts. You can fit it in, interface it to other associated devices, and control your deadbolt from your smartphone.

Since both the Smart Lock and the Pro version don’t replace your deadbolt, you can in any case utilize your current keys to open the door. Yet, between utilizing your keys or utilizing your phone to open your door, you would definitely think the last is more convenient. You can likewise utilize your voice to open the door.

The August Smart Lock is an affordable device that sells for a great cost. Be that as it may, it doesn’t accompany connectivity, and you would have to purchase the August connect bridge separately in order to enjoy the smart features. The August Connect will put you in a difficult spot.

In the meantime, you can get the August Smart Lock Pro that as of now incorporates the Connect bridge and some additional provisions, like similarity with Apple HomeKit and the ability to utilize Siri for voice commands. You likewise have the choice to get just the Pro.

Regardless of which package and combinations you pick, you can get a magnificent brilliant lock with August.


August as of late announced a few new smart locks, including a Gen 3 and Pro version of their unique smart lock. Since investigating the new choices is confusing, each one has its unique features.

Smart locks are an upgrade to your current door lock and have added components like a keyless section, visitor access control, and automatic lock and open capacities.

With August, you are consistently in control of your front door, regardless of where you are, directly from your phone. These smart locks work to help you with keeping the miscreants out and let your loved ones in.

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