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Blackview bl5000 – The best affordable rugged smartphone you can get!


Blackview, one of the more adventurous rugged smartphone providers, came up with the answer in the attempt to discover a new niche. The Blackview bl5000 is a tough gaming phone because… well, why not? After all, it’s reasonable to expect field employees and warehouse operators to engage in some light gaming during their downtime. At least, we assume, that is the reasoning behind the release of such a gadget.

Pricing and availability

The Blackview BL5000 is available for $299.99 from Blackview’s site. In both situations, the price does not include shipping charges or other associated fees; we highly recommend that you read our guide on purchasing gadgets in China to learn more about what to anticipate.


blackview bl5000

The BL5000 has a modern look that is reminiscent of the Nokia XR20. 

Influenced by devices such as the Asus ROG Phone 5 and the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, the BL5000 foregoes the industrial design of its more conservative peer group in favor of a more daring arrangement, in which two triangle-shaped glass islands are placed to provide a comfortable space for pointer finger during play sessions.

There’s also a glowing blue NFC light, which may or may not be appealing to the intended demographic. Moreover, Blackview included raised edges to protect the device from falls.

Metal bars, which were visible on the edges of most competing cellphones, have vanished. They help to accentuate the device’s toughness on the outside while preventing engineers from lowering the handset’s size. The BL5000, on the other hand, includes a rubberized plastic body, which gives it a more component surface. The curving sides are the key element that significantly increases grip.

A Type-C connection with a cover and one speaker grill is located on the bottom edge. There’s also a twin 5G SIM card slot, a volume rocker, and a power button that serves as a fingerprint reader. However, there is no specific button, which is common on competing tough smartphones.

Hardware of Blackview BL5000

Despite marketing as a gaming phone, the BL5000 nevertheless employs a Mediatek Dimensity 700 5G system-on-chip. This scarcely qualifies as a gaming element and certainly does not compete in the same class as, for instance, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ or the Snapdragon 690 5G. In terms of gaming performance, our benchmarks reveal that it is just marginally better than the Nokia XR20’s entry-level Snapdragon 480 5G processor.

Other features include 8GB of LPDDR4x memory space and 128GB of system storage with quicker UFS 2.2 data transfer technology. The existence of a “1217 super-linear speaker, along with 0.9cc-equivalent speaker chamber, creates Intelligent PA enormous volume of a wide range,” according to Blackview marketing literature. The BL5000 only has one speaker, therefore it will always be a mono-product, no matter how you pitch it.

We haven’t been able to confirm a 3D copper pipe liquid cooling method. According to Blackview, it may drop the temperature by up to 8.5 degrees. Given the rules of thermodynamics, any excess heat must be expelled, and because it lacks an active cooling mechanism, we can’t expect much.

When it comes to the image sensors, it does truly measure up. The front camera is a 16mp Samsung S5K3P9SP04-FGX9 with a Sony IMX362 12mp rear camera sensor, while the back camera is a 16mp Samsung S5K3P9SN. The latter was discovered on the first Samsung Galaxy Fold, which was released in 2019, and the Sony one is identical to the image sensor in the Google Pixel 2.

All of this is supplied by a 5.28Ah battery charged by a 30W fast charging power supply unit. A right-angle, L-shaped USB cable was given by Blackview.


blackview bl5000

The Blackview BL5000 is only ideal for mild casual gaming, according to the statistics. It is noticeably slower than the Dimensity 800 and Helio G95 processors found in the Blackview BL6000 Pro and Ulefone Power Armor 13, respectively. That begs the question: why didn’t Blackview go with the quickest system-on-chip? Ulefone’s variant is somewhat more expensive. However, it has twice the storage memory and a battery with more than times the capacity.

The phone, unsurprisingly, runs Android 11. It is, however, partnered with a proprietary Blackview UI dubbed DokeOS 2.1, which claims to “provide the most professional gaming experience” by including specific gaming features like mistouch prevention, barring incoming calls, blocking pop-ups, and allowing full screen in landscape mode.

There is no microSD card reader. Therefore, you will be unable to expand the internal storage beyond 128GB, which is quite ironic owing to the target audience. The air pressure sensor, which might be beneficial when trekking, will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

Pro Gaming System of Blackview BL5000

The Blackview BL5000 offers a game-featured UI and wallpapers to help you get began. Furthermore, it offers specific game modes — mistouch protection prevents you from accidentally abandoning the gaming interface; pop-up and call block allows you to concentrate on the game with no distractions. When the phone is in landscape mode, the game image fills the entire screen with no black bars on the sides. There’d be no reduction in visual enjoyment.


Gamers expecting the BL5000 to be a powerhouse will be disappointed, but given its low price, this should come as no surprise. Instead, you get a highly powerful 5G smartphone with an elegant design and camera sensors capable of producing stunning images on paper.

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