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Duda website designer-Make your own website!

Duda website builder
Duda website builder

Are you want to be a good website designer, and want to build your own business. So, the Duda gives the platform to us. Duda is a main website design platform for web experts and offices, all things considered, with strong group cooperation and client the executive’s devices for building and managing websites at scale. This platform empowers you to build feature-rich websites that are impeccably fit to the desktop, tablet, and mobile and automatically upgraded for Google PageSpeed.

Duda is a well-known website builder, launched in 2010 which allows us to create fast, modern, and mobile-friendly sites. Give pay particular attention consideration to the mobile-friendly aspect. Not similar to some of the opposition, that doesn’t mean ‘we have a few mobile-oriented templates’ arranged formats’ – Duda was planned all along with full help for building quality responsive sites.

Duda is a design-centered web designer ideal for the individuals who need a cleaned, alluring site, yet need their template to do the majority of the work. You can construct rapidly, make widgets, and personalize your site – however, you’ll pay for the honor. Duda’s somewhat pricier than contenders, with plans beginning at $14 each month.

Media Library of Duda

media of duda

A Media library is a place where you can obviously upload your own pictures, and the good fact about these all the photographs are stored in an archive, which means you don’t have to transfer them at various times in the situation that you use a similar picture in more than one put on your site. Video can likewise be added to your site, as long as it’s facilitated on YouTube, Vimeo, or Daily Motion.

Duda comes with a good of picture editing tools. You have various Instagram-like filters, and access to standard picture change tools (like brightness, gamma, exposure, and so forth). There are even text, stickers, and paint tools accessible. It’s really amazing

Positives and Negatives about Duda

Helps users to think on new ground and add more special functions to their websites – very few builders make personalization this simple.
You get a respectable degree of creative control, however, it’s inside as far as possible.
Duda is best for those who aren’t built confident about design but still want to build the best website.
This is for those developers who want to make effortless websites. Moreover, it is so simple to build your websites in Duda.

Costly cost plans and no free arrangement.
The least expensive plans cost $14 each month when it is charged yearly.
Despite the fact that Duda’s plan highlights a lot, it doesn’t give numerous strong site features.
It is quite expensive with fewer tool features, so this isn’t the best option for you.

Price and Plans of Duda

Duda website designer-Make your own website!

Duda gives us the three categories of price plans. We have to choose from the range of $14 to $44. As we know that Duda is the one expensive website builder. If you are paying it annually then it costs $14 per month. Duda also provides a custom plan for those who built hundreds of o websites for a custom quote. This feels sad that it has no free plans. But the $22 per month plan gives us the $ 14-day free trial. You can save up to 25% by using an annual plan instead of a monthly plan.

Duda gives us the price per month (billed annually) for basic, team, and agency plan as $14, $22, and $44 respectively. The monthly price of these three basic plans is $19, $29, and $59. So, it is up to you to choose your plan as per your need.

Basic Plan

Ths basic plan is for personal websites. Those who don’t need extravagant features or client-centered services. All the basic features include personalization tools,multi-language tools, a connected content library, premium images, etc.
In these basic plans, Duda gives us a limited version of Duda’s content library. This helps you to manage images, files, and basic business information from one location.

Team Plan

The Team plan is best for freelancers who are working for clients, and maybe running a little team – you can also add four team members to work at the site with you. This is the only plan which offers 14- a day free trial. You can try out the tools for free.
The team plan includes user and permissions for clients and also for team members, marketing materials, site comments, etc.
The team plan gives us more control over your site as compared to the basic plan. You still only get one website on the team plan. But you add extra sies for$13 per month each.

Agency Plan

The Agency plan is best for bigger scope projects where you really want to construct different websites. There are up to 10 members. This plan gives you every one of the features of the Team plan.
The agency plan includes instant websites, widget development, and API integration (limited).
The tools of agency plans support your business. It helps to provide a unique feature for your clients. The Agency Plan includes four websites. But, you can also add extra by paying $11 per month.

Easy to use

Duda is easy to use when it is tested by clients. The signing up session is easy. It includes name, e-mail, password, website address, and phone number. It comes third -ranking in websites builder. But, we wish the signing up process ended up with an e-mail and password. It gives you various structured templates. You don’t need to be a designer to build your website on Duda. The blogging feature in Duda is pretty much good. You can add a featured image as per your choice. And also gives various editing tools. You can keep a font size, type, links bullets numberings. Thus, the various features of Duda make you feel easy to use and build your own website.


Thus, the overall information we get from the data is that it is mobile-friendly ad easy to use. But it is quite costly as compared to the various competitors. It gives us the various templates already designed and various tools to build or edit your websites. It provides us with the subscription in three categories. But it is a sad truth that the free trials in Duda are hardly available.

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