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Get these best ROG Phone 6 Accessories to increase productivity!


Smartphones are the portable gaming systems of the modern-day, although some are more designed for play while traveling than others. It’s a primary focus for the Asus ROG Phone 6 accessories. It has everything we’d want in a top phone, whether we’re gaming or not, including a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip (the same one found in Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra and one that can compete with Apple’s A13 Bionic and some Intel laptop CPUs), 16GB RAM, 512GB storage, and a sharp 6.78in screen with a higher-than-strictly-necessary 165Hz refresh rate.

It has more attachments than any phone we’ve ever seen, including a specialized clip-on controller and fan to keep it cool when things got hectic, which is indicated by the second USB-C connector halfway up the left side.

Asus has taken extreme measures to keep the processor cool, reworking the internal design of the previous ROG Phone and providing the AeroActive Cooler 6 attachment to significantly lower temperatures. The USB-powered gadget employs thermoelectric cooling, which reportedly achieves a remarkable temperature decrease of 25 degrees above phone-only cooling.

Handful and Gretel

Get these best ROG Phone 6 Accessories to increase productivity!

The ROG Phone 6’s size and weight are the first things that you notice about it. You’ll need large hands, or you may use two, to operate it efficiently because it is tall and thin. The software has a one-handed option, but it’s not very good.

A little amount of data, like the time, battery life, and caller ID, can be seen on the Pro’s tiny screen on the rear (the regular ROG Phone 6 does without it, in favor of a light-up ROG logo). But you have to tap to activate it; it isn’t constantly on. It distinguishes this phone as a gaming phone by sitting apart from the camera module.

Naturally, the focus here isn’t on photography. The main 50MP camera produces well-balanced images in decent lighting and can also record 8K video at 24 frames per second if you’re OK with that. The front-facing camera can capture a respectable selfie, but the ultrawide lens has relatively little value.

ASUS ROG 6 Wired Gaming Earbuds

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Accessories

The wired USB-C connection of the Asus ROG Cetra gaming headphones stands out and may make them. The ROG Cetra headphones offer a few extra capabilities to help you concentrate on having the greatest gaming experience possible in addition to the advantages of USB-C connectivity. The preferred choice for the Nintendo Switch and certain recent Android devices.

Although the inline controls have a very cheap feel and the buttons are not tactile, they function as intended. Although Asus advertises the lighting as a subtle effect that “adds a fashionable touch,” we believe it to be a bit silly and excessive, but this is the design for many gaming-focused goods.

To provide a secure fit for your ears, the Asus ROG Cetra comes with a broad selection of silicone tips and fins and one set of foam ear tips. Whatever alternatives you choose, you can store them in the convenient travel case that the headphones come with.

ASUS ROG 6 Kunai 3 Gamepad Accessories

Get these best ROG Phone 6 Accessories to increase productivity!

The ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad is a terrific controller. If you enjoyed playing games on your phone and own an ASUS ROG 6 phone. It probably isn’t for you if you use a different device or are a casual phone player.

Yes, it can connect through Bluetooth to various devices, but its most practical setting is the handheld mode. Is only accessible on ROG phones that can fit within its casing? Gaming on a tablet is more pleasurable because of the responsive inputs and comfortable Kunai 3 controller. Still, it’s intrusive. It’s large, complicated, and annoying if you play most of your games during a brief commute.

The Kunai 3 was influenced by the Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch. A d-pad and a joystick are on the left controller, while a fourth joystick and a cluster of four buttons are on the right. It’s okay.
Both controllers contain two bumper buttons on the top and conveniently accessible “Rear Control Keys” on the rear. It’s properly dispersed. Although the bumpers and cluster buttons are small, I’ve never caught myself pressing the wrong input by accident. It’s efficient.

Long and light in weight, controllers. They can grab the controllers firmly and sustain the weight of the ROG Phone 6. Additionally, holding it is cozy. While playing games. It seems appropriate.

ASUS ROG 6 Delta S Gaming Headset Accessories

Get these best ROG Phone 6 Accessories to increase productivity!

When you look at the specifications, the headphones enable everything from 7.1 surround sound to MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) high-resolution music. Which only strengthens the positive initial impression. For audiophiles, this is a great bundle overall.

But how does the Asus ROG Delta S headset feel to use? To help you determine if it is the correct purchase for you. We’ll go over everything you need to know about it. Including the devices it can connect to, the audio quality, and much more.

No matter the volume, the Asus ROG Delta S pumps out a full, rich sound that is impressive in its clarity. Whether you are playing games or listening to your music collection. This is among the top alternatives in its price category for the level of audio quality it can provide,

with 50 mm neodymium-magnet drivers, compatibility for high-resolution MQA files (supplied by services like Tidal), and quad DAC technology that processes four different tone ranges individually


Phone 6 Accessories

specially made for the Asus ROG Phone 6. Cool look and attractive design All buttons and ports have an excellent touch and distinct colors. Thanks to precise cutting.
Your phone will have the highest level of impact resistance because of its four distinctive shock-absorbing corners, which also offer the most protection against edge impacts. This will allow you to use your phone without a worry in all circumstances.
It is less prone to yellowing than regular materials since it uses high-quality Aguila raw components.

Which Rog phone is the best?

The Trusted Reviews Awards 2021’s Best Gaming Phone category was won by the Asus ROG Phone 5. The device took first place after receiving a rating of 4.5/5 in our thorough assessment. The phone received excellent marks from reviewers for its unusually high, 144Hz screen, dependable battery life, and a strong assortment of accessories.

What is the ASUS flagship phone?

With a long history in gaming, ASUS’ third-generation gaming flagship is all about luxury and performance. It has a massive 6,000mAh battery and a Snapdragon 888 CPU with up to 18GB of RAM, and even when used to the very maximum, it lasts two days.


It turns out that gaming phones and gaming PCs are rather similar. Once you get past the irritating branding, you’ll discover a powerful collection of parts that work well in most situations.

The ROG Phone 6 Pro is easy to use despite being weighed down by additional software, and the attachments indicate that considerable consideration has been given to actually utilizing it for gaming.

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