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Make your gaming more immenseful with Asus ROG Delta S Animate!

Asus ROG Delta S
Asus ROG Delta S

The Asus ROG Delta S Animate headset has a quite distinctive design, at least in the realm of gaming headphones. It’s available in black with deep D-shape ear cups, but it’s the front-facing mini-LED AniMe Dot Matrix displays that truly stand out. It, like the other Animate items in the range, projects entertaining animation effects.
The headset is relatively light and comfy for lengthy gaming sessions, but the $250 price tag may be difficult to stomach unless you’re a fan of the LED displays.

Design of Asus ROG Delta S Animate


In terms of design, the ROG Delta S Animate is rather simple. The single-colored mini-LED Animated film Dot Matrix display panels on the outside earcups are the most noticeable change. Previous variants, such as the ROG Delta S, had RGB lighting and curvature on the outside of the cups. The Delta S Animate features a very simple design.

With a weight of 310 grams, the ROG Delta S Animate is super comfy enough to last for up to 45 minutes of games. The first impression of the headset is that the D-shaped leather ear cups will adequately cover the ears without pinching or squeezing the face, and they did not disappoint. The headset is also available with mesh fabric cups and leather inner linings.

The ROG Delta S Animate‘s band is similarly composed of light protein leather, and its extenders are of metal and plastic. The outer earcups, on the other hand, are of plastic, which presumably contributes to the overall lightweight. The matte texture creates a simple aesthetic that complements the AniMe Matrix patterns. When you turn off the AniMe Matrix, a lot of the flare disappears, and you will instantly begin to wonder about the $250 price tag.

On the rear of the left earcup is a toggle switch. You may also enable Soundwave mode, which synchronizes the motion of the mini-LED lights with the noises in the area. It also contains a removable microphone and volume wheel in the left cup.


ROG Delta S Animate

While the mini-LED AniMe Dot Matrix patterns are entertaining, they are not visible when gameplay or listening to audio. That’s unfortunate. It detracts from the cool element of this headset, as opposed to the accompanying ROG Strix Flare II Animate gaming keyboard, which displays distinctive lighting effects.

They are customizable with the ROG Armoury Crate driver program, which is available for download after purchase. There are various preset settings, as well as the ability to create your own AniMe Matrix effects.


The associated USB-C cord on the ROG Delta S Animate headset is 1.5 meters long and constructed of rope material. An extra 1m USB-A cable is supplied with the headset for compatibility with all types of consoles. However, it is a little too short for most setups to have comfortable gameplay. A PC arrangement is at least near enough for there to be no serious problems with extension.

Features of Asus ROG Delta S Animate

ROG Delta S Animate

The functionality of LEDs comes to life with the ROG Armoury Crate driver software.

After installing the relevant drivers, users may change the look to their liking, with effects such as a meteorite, ROG inspiration, Space, Halloween, and Cat. I tried out the Space and Love effects, which move to the handset instantly when you hit apply.

Unless you choose “sync effect to the other side” inside the profile, the effect will be displayed on the left cup and the regular ROG logo on the right. After configuration, the effects will appear on the headset whenever it is connected to a device.

It also contains extra downloadable effects, such as astrology-themed and New Year’s themes. You may also add your own designs to the content library and generate their bespoke effect frame-by-frame inside Armoury Crate.

GIF files can also be uploaded to test results. I experimented with the latter and obtained a semi-decent outcome from a fireworks GIF. Of course, the result was not as detailed as the photograph itself, but I could see the stream and bursts of fireworks.

There is also the option to disable the AniMe Dot Matrix effects via the on-headset switch, which is handy.

The sound quality of Asus ROG Delta S Animate

ROG Delta S Animate

The ROG Delta S Animate headset performs admirably in terms of audio, due to its Hi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DAC and 50mm speakers. There isn’t any problem setting the PC to level 50 volume for pleasant listening to all media, gaming, music, and movies because the form of the ear cups guarantees noise cancellation.

This allows you to catch various details while playing games like Destiny, like foes laughing when the character died, and the hustle and conversation of the marketplace. This Headset can hold all types of songs, with robust bass on the EDM rhythms and soothing harmonies and melodies in jazz.

The ROG Delta S Animate‘s default settings should be enough for most conventional listeners. However, Armoury Crate provides an audio profile with a number of options that may be changed for optimal sound. Sound optimization, virtual surround sound, reverb, equalization, bass, boost, voice clarity, compressor,  microphone, noise gate, flawless voice, and A.I. noise cancellation for phone conversations are among the possibilities.

The default sound optimization option is “communication”.  The FPS option in sound optimization is the favorite of many gamers, as it is unquestionably the loudest and richest for all mediums. It produces the most audible detail.

The sound quality of this headset is quite similar to that of its predecessor, the ROG Delta S. In terms of specs, the headphones are essentially identical, while the Delta S has a distinct design. They have a competitive price of $195, especially considering that Asus is also offering Armoury Crate visual and audio modification software for this headset.


In terms of sound, the ROG Delta S Animate is a great headset. It will get players through games pleasantly and with a sound that most listeners would enjoy. While the audio is adequate on its own, the software provides an exceptionally beneficial boost. Keep in mind that the sound options, unlike the visual settings, do not transfer to other devices without reinstalling the app.

This headset’s lightweight and comfy design is a great benefit. The AniMe Dot Matrix effects can be enjoyable for a short period of time, especially if have an interest in designing your own original designs. However, there is a significant likelihood that the novelty will wear off fast, especially for die-hard gamers.

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