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Should You Buy a Refurbished Phone?


Refurbished phones can be the greatest way to reduce your next phone’s cost. But what exactly is a refurbished Smartphone, and what are the risks to be considered?
While researching online, you might have seen the late-model phones advertised for have seen late-model prices. A throwback to simpler times when phones did not outprice TVs and laptops. You haven’t time-traveled. Buying the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxys new is as expensive as ever.

Compared to mid-range competitors launched the year following, last year’s flagship handsets frequently provide greater performance in practically all categories (camera, power, display, battery, etc.) and at a fairly similar price point. So why do people not buy used? These phones are probably refurbished if they are sold at a low price.

What are refurbished phones?

Refurbished Phone

You can discover a smartphone labeled with a Refurbished tag in its name when you visit your Amazon or Flipkart website. This will clarify what a “refurbished phone” is if you’re unsure what that term implies. Refurbished phones are more affordable options than older smartphones that can have minor damage or open the box. On the purchase page, you can see phrases like “renewed,” “pre-owned,” or “reconditioned.” Since they may use interchangeably, their meanings are the same.

All of these statements indicate that you are not the phone’s first owner and that it has had other owners. The owner may have returned it to the retailer or network provider. The phone couldn’t even break because many purchasers return the device after only unboxing it if they don’t like it. Other times, the issue can be anything like a manufacturing flaw in the phone.

There is also a category called “manufacturer refurbished,” which is different from what local repair shops make. This means that the manufacturer will repair the phone with original components, certify the device’s functioning, and renew the device in “like new” conditions, which the original equipment manufacturers do. This is what most people look out for, and buyers prefer these refurbished smartphones.

What is the difference between an old used phone and a refurbished phone?

refurbished phone

Before we continue, it would help to briefly clarify this because there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. And resellers, who may or may not genuinely repair the equipment they offer, do not help.

When you purchase a used item, such as on eBay or another marketplace, you are effectively gambling on the item’s state and whether it will function well or not. Depending on how old the gadget is, the warranty term (often a year or two, although warranties are seldom transferable beyond the original purchaser) may be up, and the battery life will have suffered.

On the other hand, refurbished phones could be nearly brand-new or barely worn. This can result from a mistake or the expiry of a contract (or corporate lease). The buyer may have brought them back to the merchant. Some resellers rebuild phones using brand-new parts to return them to like-new condition, like Aznu in the UK.

Pros Of Refurbished Phones

 Refurbished phones save your money.

The opportunity to save money is the most convincing argument in favor of purchasing a used phone. For instance, Apple offers discounts on refurbished iPhones that often equate to 15% off the list price of a product. Even though these are not at all generally the most recent models, you can often find the flagship models from the previous generation at these prices and benefit from the fact that they are essentially brand-new, come with all the original accessories, and come with the same one-year warranty as if you were purchasing them brand-new. Installed batteries,

Suppose you don’t mind a little wear on the device. Then there’s more money to save from musicMagpie, Decluttr, SmartFoneStore4GadgetsBack Market, and even Amazon, All of whom have graded tiers where you can opt for pristine.

Refurbished devices are good for the environment.

Everybody has seen the news. Various sections of the world are already starting to experience alarming effects of climate change, and the present scientific projections don’t seem hopeful. The amount of energy and resources need for tech manufacture, and delivery is one of the causes of this.

Buying a refurbished phone rather than a new one is better for the environment since it extends the life of an already existing product. The world wouldn’t be saved by one refurbished purchase. But if enough people switch to refurbished handsets, it will undoubtedly help.

Cons Of Refurbished Phones

Battery life may be shorter on some devices.

New batteries are sometimes installed in refurbished phone dealers. But it’s not always the case. As devices have been used for many years may already lose some battery capacity. Be careful to check listings to see if it’s mentioned. This is not a defect; rather, it is a result of the chemical makeup of battery cells, which deteriorates with time.

Refurbished phones don’t have as good of warranties.

Guarantees and warranties for refurbished phones sometimes differ from those for brand-new ones. Although purchasing a used item can save you money, you should ensure you understand the repair’s quality and the guarantee that will cover any potential problems. Checking the warranty length and determining if it is long enough for your comfort is a key part.

A new phone may carry a warranty that lasts for an entire year. On the other hand, a refurbished unit of the same phone may only get a 90-day warranty. Some people are comfortable with that 90-day. While others are convinced everything will go great through day 90, the device will suffer distractive day 91. It is impossible to predict what issues you might have with a phone


As you can see, refurbished phones are a great option if you desire high-end devices but are unable to afford the costs they often charge. Nowadays, there are surprisingly few negatives as long as you buy from a reliable source. Just remember to verify the battery and, more significantly, the length of the device’s security updates as stated.

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